Latest game updates

We’ve deployed a bunch of game updates during the last week:

-Fixed a bug where while clicking, autoclicker might act as if out of focus and „stacking up damage“. This made it lag and in case of Boss Battles skip the timer a bit ahead.

-The game will now properly fetch user data and re init all displays on start of BootCamp in case of a logout/auth change during gameplay (this might have happen in a logout during the gameplay)

– Game help will now open in-game. Help section will be vastly updated in the following days as well

– Fixed/improved the way council’s voting share works. Before in case of under 20 council members, or 20 council and just a few users, the game forced council to have exactly i.e. 75% of the say. Now if council by default has already the required voting power or more, no additional balancing will be done. This ensures council members always have the biggest say to make important decisions (before it could happen in some cases that non-council members actually had more say) Continue reading

Big progression improvement update!

We’ve just rolled out a big progression update to WarClicks, that will improve your gameplay experience and make playing a lot funner again!


While most of the changes touch the „late game“ progression, some traces of it will be found by everyone. With this change we have also remove the „reset rewards“ badges, that gave temporary boosts to players who joined WarClicks before 1st December 2017. We’re happy to say that the progression updates take the boost reduction for old players into account and for the most part you will maintain a similar level of progression getting back into the game – on top of progression/upgrades above you helping you out far better! Specifically WarZone DPC boosts were massive, so if you’re an old player that had a massive boost there you will note a significant drop in DPC there. But the battles and bosses toughness have been properly adjusted for that.

These changes mean that your progress/speed of gain in-game will possibly be a lot different than last time you checked – in some cases lowered, in some raised, depending on where in game you were. Make sure to check out both BootCamp and WarZone (especially HQ and support power upgrade in WZ!) upgrades, as you’ll likely be able to buy a ton of them from the get to if you’re at a higher stage in the game!


If you’re interested about the details (as well as some info on things we will still touch/improve) you will find them at the very bottom, but here’s a quick recap of the major progression changes – we touched as many areas of the game as possible and improved upon them.

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Patches and bugfixes – 7th – 22nd December

WarClicks Patch notes

WarClicks Patch notes

The past 14 days we’ve been consistently improving the game – bugfixes, optimizations and various other improvements.

  • Spin the Wheel gold collect bug fixed
  • Removed score from achievements as it resulted in weird scenarios/Experience as it’s now changed in both worlds
  • Press page overhaul

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Patch Notes – bug smashed


I’m happy to say that the illusive bug that’s been getting away every-time after being stomped, has finally been finished with a bug spray!

I’m talking about the sync/saving issue on BootCamp where users lost progress/PP/units bought. Thanks to several players who helped us pinpoint the issue with their feedback we managed to track it down to deploying troops – where indeed was some issue.


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Things to come & development focus

Hey fellow soldiers!

We wanted to give you a quick update on things to come in the following weeks. There’s been a ton of changes in the past month already, but in August we will focus on what we feel are amongst the most pressing problems and overdue improvements to improve the gameplay and your experience!

Let’s start with a few of the smaller things that are on our top list, and have been requested by many of you:

– In-country rankings, so you’ll be able to check where your fellow (and opposing) countrymen rank. Sometimes internal competition is even fiercer than external!
–  investigation of ocassional country chat issues, messages sometimes disappearing etc.
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Small Graphical tweaks and storyline

Small graphical tweaks and storyline from warclicks

WarClicks update – Major patch notes

Following up on the weekly competitions release, we wanted to give you a more detailed look of changes since our last patch note – as there’s been many small changes in between, along with many within the competition update it self. That, and some more info on some needed changes along with the competitions that affect your gameplay.

  • various new upgrades have been added to BootCamp progression at later stages, along with some progression improvements

  • a few bugs in WarZone progression have been fixed, along with some exploit prevention for gaining a bit higher score

  • Prevention and automatic fix of some rare bug that froze WarZone for some players

  • Some basic mobile adaptation has been done that makes Warclicks much better playable on mobile devices already (far from optimized, but it’s playable for many now)

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Quick development update

Hey everyone,
We would just like to say thank you for the patience in the past 2 week  with the various delays we have been having in getting things sorted.

Starting today, we will tend to the tickets you’ve sent and handle any refunds/compensations for lost progress in the issues in the past 2 weeks.

We will also begin working on fixing several bugs and issue and continue work on further improvements.

Development Status update

Hey everyone!

We felt like we need to give you a proper update and explanation of the past few weeks’ delays in our responses and mainly about some development delays we have been facing – slow bugfixes, lack of updates/patches and setbacks in working on additional game features and just generally making the game even funner to play.

First of, we have had some availability issues with our main project programmer, which resulted in lack of urgent bugfixes and work on new features and improvements pretty much stalled due to this. In the meantime, to keep the game and development from completely stalling, I have picked up on any urgent bugfixes and worked on updating the game as much as I could myself. This not only slowed down the pace of development but also caused a lack of progress on some other areas we want to improve and focus on in April – being more in touch with the community, improving game progression and work together with the team to discuss future updates to the game thoroughly, and give you a proper idea of where we want to head with future development.

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Server Issues resolved

You might have noticed that we had several server issues in about the past 24 hours, that caused super slow loading of the game and issue with server requests timing out.

This resulted in several what looked like bugs, issues with saving, loss of progress as it was all caused by the inability for your progress to be saved and checked properly on the server all the time and generally caused a horrible/unreliable gameplay experience as the game is dependent on server updates due to its competitive/multiplayer nature.

The issues were caused by some attacks by a user that exploited a temporary Continue reading