MonthJuly 2017

Things to come & development focus

Hey fellow soldiers!

We wanted to give you a quick update on things to come in the following weeks. There’s been a ton of changes in the past month already, but in August we will focus on what we feel are amongst the most pressing problems and overdue improvements to improve the gameplay and your experience!

Let’s start with a few of the smaller things that are on our top list, and have been requested by many of you:

– In-country rankings, so you’ll be able to check where your fellow (and opposing) countrymen rank. Sometimes internal competition is even fiercer than external!
–  investigation of ocassional country chat issues, messages sometimes disappearing etc.
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Meet New Investors

Some players already collected all 10 investors, and that’s arisen curiosity amongst other special investors who can provide you with additional boosts. Meet 2 of them!

-> ‘Shady Ana’ is one of the most powerful women investing in military industry, increasing production boost of every Army Contractor by an additional 150%
-> ‘Wolf of WarClicks’ – a real pain in the ass Investor always wants to turn his investment into quick profits. He adds another 300% boost to every Army Contractor

New Investors

Special Investors

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Can you find yourself in the TOP rankings?

Soldiers, can you find yourself amongst the TOP 1000 players? Simply go to the game and you’ll be welcomed with any rewards you’ve qualified for, as our first weekly competition came to an end! All active players are now getting rewards for ranking high in various fields, and why competition is now getting fiercer amongst the top players. Beat your enemies by creating your personal strategy of progressing faster and climb the rankings. We encourage you to do so! (Plus it’s very worth the rewards!)

Congratulations to all winners of the 1st Competition Round!

Congratulations to all winners of the 1st Competition Round!

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Browser game with 50.000 players!

It’s been a long way to reach this huge milestone. We’ve been dealing with various design improvements, bug fixing, planning future updates, analyzing statistics,… We are thrilled that you are supporting us and we would like to thank every single soldier playing the game and participating in our community. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit – join us on channels you are using to get latest news about the game!

Moreover, we have some plans for WarClicks to skyrocket! One of them is to put WarClicks on the biggest browser gaming platform – Kongregate. That would enable us to invest even more in developing the game on higher levels and chasing some

50000 players

50.000 players

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Small Graphical tweaks and storyline

Small graphical tweaks and storyline from warclicks

WarClicks update – Major patch notes

Following up on the weekly competitions release, we wanted to give you a more detailed look of changes since our last patch note – as there’s been many small changes in between, along with many within the competition update it self. That, and some more info on some needed changes along with the competitions that affect your gameplay.

  • various new upgrades have been added to BootCamp progression at later stages, along with some progression improvements

  • a few bugs in WarZone progression have been fixed, along with some exploit prevention for gaining a bit higher score

  • Prevention and automatic fix of some rare bug that froze WarZone for some players

  • Some basic mobile adaptation has been done that makes Warclicks much better playable on mobile devices already (far from optimized, but it’s playable for many now)

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We are happy to announce that our latest major update on WarClicks is NOW LIVE – Weekly Competitions!

Compete with thousands of other players and try to get to the TOP rankings, as it will be worth it – you’ll be given rewards that will give you a long-term epic boost in WarZone or BootCamp, depends on which category you beat your enemies in. So, if you for example get to TOP 10 players by Score, you’ll get a 9% Production Boost in Bootcamp (permanent boost). All further rewards from Competitions are
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Competitions update delayed

We have some unfortunate news regarding the newest competitions update – we were getting new updates live, but ran into some major performance issues, due to which we have to postpone it, as some things need to be optimized.

We were really looking forward to getting this out now, as it’s a really cool update – and we tried to come up with some fast improvements, but it is simply not sufficient enough to put it out without temporary issues/major slowness in latency.

We will have to rework how we handle some data first thing next week and get it out then.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused and the additional delay.


It’s been a while since we posted major update, as we were working on one that we are almost finished with – Competitions are coming to WarClicks, where you will not be able to fight for various rankings on a weekly basis. Top players (both new and old) will be able to compete every week for special badges that will not only look cool in your profile, but also give you some special boosts for your WarZone and BootCamp. This update is not meant only as a reward for your constant efforts, but also to give everyone something additional to aim for every week!

It’s coming soon, so you better start preparing your strategy of how you’ll beat your opponents and become the better player.

As you’ve noticed we are changing and improving the game constantly and this will be one of the first updates to make it more interesting, competitive and rewarding to play for everyone! Check out our the first leak of graphics(rewards) for the upcoming COMPETITIONS!

Active players will be rewarded for their activities and positions in the weekly competitions. Higher rankings = higher rewards.