Competitions & new mechanics

Competitions after rework will work a bit differently. To make things more interesting we are changing some fundamental mechanics of how score is calculated. From now on, score will represent some sort of combined progress of both WarZone AND BootCamp. Damage done in WarZone will still remain as basis of the score, that will be multiplied by a certain factor based on your BootCamp progress. This change will go well in hand with the overall improved connection between the two worlds and make the competition between players a lot more interesting, as it won’t be as linear anymore!



To help us get rid of some scaling and performance issues down the road, we will also be limiting display of past results of competition to last two. We will see if we can in some better way display all past competition results later on, but in the current implementation it is simply not a workable way as it could cause us a lot of issues down the road.

What is in the current considered as “score”, will now basically become damage done in WarZone. So still a relevant statistic, but the new overall score will now represent the overall progress of a player much more better,, as it connects both worlds and makes up for a much more interesting competition!

Minor recent updates + new upgrades added

Hey everyone!

Although we are focusing on the rework (which is coming together on-time, and we should have the final ETA early next week), we have done a couple of smaller changes recently:

  • We’ve added an array of new late-game upgrades to BootCamp, to speed up late progression. Players in the 1065+ range might notice a few of their old upgrades gone, as they were replaced by new upgrades added before them – but you should be able to rebuy them pretty much instantly in most cases, as well as have more new ones placed ahead.
  • We’ve done some improvements to progress saving on BootCamp, specifically regarding Converting and deploying, which were causing occasional issues with some upgrades not saving
  • some other optimizations to timeouts handling in Bootcamp, which should cram up your browser ram a bit less (optimizations with the rework will be far far more noticeable though :))
  • We’ve limited the past stats of weekly competitions to last 2 (+ current) competition, as the amount of data we were regularly recalculating has been spiraling out of control – and most of the past ones, it not many were interested in anyway. We will likely re-add a history of past competitions at a later date though.

PayPal issues RESOLVED!

As some of you might noticed PayPal was unavailable for the last 12 days due to some issues we were resolving, so we’re  glad to say that it is working properly again!
Due to the long off-time we decided to lower prices for all Gold packages for today and tomorrow, for everyone missing this payment processor in those days.

Sale 15.11. & 16.11.

Sale 15.11. & 16.11.

Recently, we’ve added Paysafecard as alternative to Paypal, so for everyone who was looking to use PaySafeCard, now you have a chance for doing so.

Thanks to everyone for your patience and understanding during these last weeks!

WarClicks is growing – 75,000 players!

WarClicks’ playerbase is growing! We’ve reached a new milestone – 75,000 players!
As you all might already know, we have BIG plans for further development – a reworked version (completely revamped graphics, complete WarZone overhaul, and overall improvements and optimizations) is coming soon (within weeks!), with a lot of new players joining WarClicks in the following months as well.

75,000 players

75,000 players

What does this mean for all of our current players?
More new players will help you progress through Country Invasion – more bases destroyed, the more rewards you all will get! New players also mean new competition – so stay active and keep fighting if you are to keep your position.

In the following days we will release more updates about the current development and all the changes coming to WarClicks with this major update. To see what is changing and better understand the updates make sure to check them out regularly as we’re posting new images and updates every few days!

WarClicks Team

Boss fights – what losses are you willing to take?

When it comes to the upcoming rework, one of the final pieces of the puzzle are Boss Fights. They are not being added for the sake of just improving WarZone, but also introduce some new mechanics, an extra connection with BootCamp and expand the arsenal of progression strategies.

The one thing the current version is really missing, are “stepping stones” or progression obstacles to make WarZone feel much less linear. Making it feel more fun and make users think how to tackle these big challenges was one of our main goals here. We initially wanted to achieve this with our defense mechanic, but it simply doesn’t work as we wanted to, as it’s really tricky to handle progression/rewards with it and it doesn’t really fit well into our core game loop.

Boss fights

Boss fights

So with the rework, defense will be removed, and Boss Battles are (sort of) taking its place, but in a much cooler way!

Boss Battles will be extra tough enemies (appear every 5 battles –  note that every Continue reading

Paysafecard in Gaming industry

What is Paysafecard?

Paysafecard is a leading online prepaid payment method in Europe and it is quickly rising also on other markets such as Australia and New Zealand.
Neither a bank account nor a credit card is needed.
Paysafe Card is a card that can be used online for multiple purposes, such as gaming, communities, music, film, telephony, internet service, travel and more. Paysafecard is supported in more than 45 countries and rising every year. Paying with Paysafecard is direct and fast. Paysafecard is available in different amounts in each country’s local currency. This allows you to buy Paysafecard in the amount you need (available in amounts of 10, 25, 50 or 100 €). For every amount chosen and paid, you’ll receive a specific 16-digit PIN, which you insert in the order form when purchasing a product.

Paysafe cards can be bought in physical places, such as different types of stores.
Find sales outlets in your area…

Paying with Paysafecard PINs

If you are wondering how you can use the remaining amounts left on multiple Paysafecard PINs – It’s simple. Just enter each PIN (one at a time) when using a paying form to use their combined value. It’s the simplest way to use up any remaining Continue reading

Daily missions and Daily Tasks

As part of the rework we’ve decided to improve how the Daily Missions work, and how they are distributed in the first place. Via the release of the new version, you’ll have a chance to pick one out of two available Daily missions that suits you best.  Strategic elements are included in this feature, so you will now have a chance to set your best tactics to climb the rankings using Daily missions. It will be all up to you -which mission you’ll choose and how much Gold you’ll receive for completing it. It really affects your predictions on your ability to complete a specific mission. So, if you for example decide to go for a harder Mission to get more Gold that day and you won’t be able to complete it, then you might not be able to complete it and receive rewards. Be smart!

Daily Missions

Daily Missions

We’ve also prepared several new missions, which we’ll add in near future updates, to avoid any unneeded delays to get the main reworked version out. But don’t worry, it Continue reading

SHOP – working on a friendlier experience

We’ve managed to finish new graphics for a completely new Shop look. The new design should result in a friendlier user experience of searching and buying products you like to use when fighting/ training units.

New Shop_preview

New Shop_preview

As a result of new WarZone mechanics, we also need to change the Shop a bit, as not every product you know now, will still be part of the game after the rework.
We needed to exclude some products:
– Unlock all Defends (can’t be used in new version of WarClicks, because Defend won’t be a feature anymore)
– Vacation mode (this feature is based on Defend, so it is removed now)
– AutoClicker (function, as you know for now wouldn’t be available in the newer version, so we need to exclude it from the Shop)

That’s just a step forward in pushing WarClicks towards a deeper level of enjoyment Continue reading

PvP battles – all is fair in love and war

Today we want to introduce you to one of the things we’re looking most forward to as part of the rework – PvP (player vs player) battles!

This rework is a perfect time for us to add to the game something that has not been done to an extent we wanted to – a bigger feel of competitiveness and strategy, as well as making the core of WarZone less repetitive and more exciting.

We have been looking at tons of options to achieve that and have after careful consideration narrowed it down to something we feel will integrate extremely well into the core experience.

WarZone is a dangerous and competitive place – not only do you fight to proceed through battles and increase your power, now every 10th battle will also be a test of your strength and how well you fair against other players.

PvP battles - choose your opponent

PvP battles – choose your opponent

In PvP battles you will get a chance to fight with one of several opponents, who will be similar to you in strength – who you choose to fight is up to you as you might have strengths over someone. To aid you in your choice basic information about the Continue reading

Boo! HALLOWEEN is here! [story ]

Walking alone on a dirty sidewalk in the middle of the night, with no battery on my phone, no cash, having nothing to eat, thirsty, exhausted, weak-willed & faint-hearted, turning into a forest, the only way to get home. And on the top of all – it’s a night of Halloween! Brrrr…

Stepping quietly, not to break a twig, going slow and ready to defend myself if someone wants to harm me here. Moving forward, still 10 minutes to my home, I started hearing something… Is this a mutated bird or something? Noo, definitely it’s an owl… Hmm, I am not sure of all that mixed sounds… No, it’s not a bird, it is moving directly towards me, breaking branches, rafting leaves. OMG, now the creature is stepping up, what should I do? Should I hide myself behind the bushes or should I run back? Only a few meters left, something is coming from the dark, I need to figure it out quickly, brain-fart, hmmmmm… What should I do, what should I do????

It’s too late to hide, the creature already noticed me, damn! There is nothing I can do now not to face it… Will I survive, will I come home safely, why I didn’t tell my girlfriend that I love her, why I didn’t take out my dog in the morning, WHY WHY WHY,… Terrified in the moment, but there is no going back I need to stand for myself whatever happened…The creature hits me suddenly: ‘’Don’t be afraid, I’m General Master Clicker, a soldier from WarClicks bringing you a basket of candies!’’ UFFF… What a relief!