Development Updates – 15th August

In the past week we have gotten rid of various bugs, display issues, small improvements – most notably:


  • resolved some renown reward addition issues (which actually caused another bug where more gold was given out during the weekend for renown rewards, until it was fixed)
  • IE sacrifice unclickable issue resolved, duplicated daily mission choice resolved
  • a discount has been added to the bribe option and the final autoclicker upgrade found in the shop



We will be rolling out several progression / balance improvements in the following week, from finally revamping the Convert rewards in Boot Camp to scale properly, balancing War Zone better, adding various other improvements to the game etc. We also will be looking at some loading/server issues some of you have been experiencing at times, which make it a bit annoying at times! We’ve got a huge list of things we want to work on in the following weeks, so expect a lot of these to be sorted.
Finally, we would like to thank everyone for your feedback and suggestions – mainly on where you think the game does currently not provide a great experience, which for most seems to be the „early game„ as it losses excitement at points. We will be addressing this with not only improved presentation and features, but importantly also look at various gold boosts/upgrades and improving gold-collection. Delivering a great, fun, exciting experience to everyone (at any game-point) is something we’re striving towards and where we will be putting a lot of our focus on in the following weeks!


Thanks for your patient!

Have fun :)


Development Updates – 9th August


We have just pushed several updates, bug fixes/improvements to War Clicks:

resolved an issue where renown goal rewards caused some potential unit/upgrade loss, as they weren’t immediately considered on state update (i.e. Buying 25 units, and it reverted to 23 units bought)

Resolved some potential cycle gain display issues on Boot Camp tents (e200, stuck animation...)

Fixed a case where farm icon would not show

Fixed an issue where out/in focus could create doubled events in Boot Camp (buy 1 unit, but ti buys twice, trainers  pop up open/close immediately)

Improved some settings that potentially caused 403 errors if you had game opened for several hours

Ranks and Renown  information popups improved design and with more information on future rewards

Changed chat date format

added some missing click sounds, and some other minor display fixes

Fixed an issue where in IE you couldn’t click on “sacrifice” or “farming” after losing a Boss battle
Thanks to everyone for your feedback and help with reporting any issues and giving out suggestions. A lot more updates, improvements and bug fixes are comings in the following week as well 😉

Have fun playing! :)


Current BugFix List

Below is our current list of urgent bugs that needs to be smashed immediately. We believe most of the bugs should be fixed in the following days/week.  We’re aware of some other not so urgent bugs that will be done afterwards.

Feel free to leave your opinion, discuss about the improvements, some other annoying parts or just check what will be done soon.

So, here is the list of Bugs we are focusing in the following days:

  • Tutorials after Deploy/Privatize to help clear doubt about their effects
  • Invasion Help Texts Update
  • AutoClicker available inside the Shop
  • Add missing Flags on sprites
  • In-game Chat – new clearer date format
  • Prevent Fuel buying (from Army setup) if over 90% Fuel owned
  • Ranks/Renown – Show 5 upcoming rewards for reaching the goals
  • Convert- Update outdated formula that better matches War zone progression
  • Daily Missions- same type of missions popping up in the same window
  • Daily Missions – Score missions progress not calculated correctly
  • Daily Re-supply Truck – add battle/level requirements
  • Sounds – add click sounds on places where missing
  • Optimizing Asset sizes
  • In/out of focus issues
  • Round up issue Rank/Renown bar
  • PvP Skip – complete faster
  • Achievements – Double check on Air/Land/Sea battles

Quite a few updates, some being quite impactful

Last week week we’ve deployed quite a few updates, some being quite impactful (in order of most to least recent):

  • PvP support unit losses no longer added wave by wave, but only calculated overall for each unit type. Before you could’ve lost up to 5×3% of a unit in each PvP battle, this has now been maxed to 3% overall.
  • Added a multiplicative 1% DPC and 2% Support Power multiplicators to every PvP upgrade, which will help negate support unit losses, and actually help towards progression and increasing your long term damage output. This will also make Support Power a LOT more useful across all stages.
  • Deploy/Privatization sometimes causing some icons to disappear temporarily
  • Boss battle type now works properly with support power
  • Added a “time to deploy” information to the deploy screen, allowing you to make easier decisions of what actions to take
  • Other minor changes, bugfixes and improvements

War Clicks team

Deploy Troops New Timer

Yesterday we wanted to deploy several fixes/improvements, namely “Time to deploy information”, and “renown” issue on in/out of focus, changed a bit how video icon flickers to make it a bit less annoying.

However, during final testing of “Time to deploy” we first based it off fixed “10%” change increments, which was a bit weird/seemingly buggy experience at bigger increases. So tried to make it more dynamic and useful so that it’d starts of at 10%, 20%,… but when it reaches 100% the increments become 200%, 300%,.. when a 1000%, they become 2000%, 3000%… etc.
This change was a bit more time consuming than we thought, so ran out of enough of time for a proper final test.
So we will be deploying all of these updates today. And then throughout the day probably get a few more updates out.

Here’s a GIF of what’s it about and why it should be that useful to you :)

Deploy Timer

Deploy Timer

Development Updates – 1st August

The past week we have made some updates that might not have been so obvious:

– We have added a „Country Change“ option where anyone whose country is not selected automatically or on registering, will be able to change it within the game. This can be accessed by clicking on the flag in your profile or on the flag next to your information in the left top of War zone or boot Camp.

– For those that have a country selected, you will only see some information pop up, but we will be looking into extending this to be able to change a country after you already are fighting for one. But there are many things to consider here, so we won’t be opening this option until we have clear solutions on possible problems this might cause (i.e. Rankings, CI stats, rewards…)

  • some chat reliability updates
  • Daily task prevents opening a task if you don’t full fill the condition has been fixed
Patch Notes

Patch Notes


We are currently working on a set of smaller improvements, like adding a “time till next deploy” information within the deploy pop up to make it a lot more informative, fixing some in/out of tab focus issues, working on adding a DPC/Support power multiplier effect to PvP upgrades, working on improving Convert rewards, improving War Zone balancing, Improving some things regarding PvP battles and sorting out a set of bugs and other playability improvements.

A lot of these updates will be trickled out over the next few days, but next few in general will be filled with many improvements all around the game, so keep an eye for them :)

Claim your FREE Summer Pack before July 28th!

We’ve got a little surprise for you all:

Simply play the game before July 28th And you will be able to claim a limited-time Summer Pack!

Summer Pack contains:
– 2 days of Double DPC

– 1 day of Unlock all TCs

– And time-limited summer items (top, glasses + hat)

Summer Pack

Summer Pack

Sun glasses and the hat will keep you cool in these hot summer days, which are even hotter on the battlefield! So get yours now and chill a bit amongst all the mayhem 😉

Latest game updates

We’ve deployed a bunch of game updates during the last week:

-Fixed a bug where while clicking, autoclicker might act as if out of focus and „stacking up damage“. This made it lag and in case of Boss Battles skip the timer a bit ahead.

-The game will now properly fetch user data and re init all displays on start of BootCamp in case of a logout/auth change during gameplay (this might have happen in a logout during the gameplay)

– Game help will now open in-game. Help section will be vastly updated in the following days as well

– Fixed/improved the way council’s voting share works. Before in case of under 20 council members, or 20 council and just a few users, the game forced council to have exactly i.e. 75% of the say. Now if council by default has already the required voting power or more, no additional balancing will be done. This ensures council members always have the biggest say to make important decisions (before it could happen in some cases that non-council members actually had more say) Continue reading

Want to progress faster? Use Time Warps!

Do you ever feel that you’re progressing slower than you’d like? For players that LOVE faster progression, we created a product called Time Warp!

Time Warps are always there to help you progress through the Boot Camp faster. They are like time machines – you’re jumping into the future, gaining all Power Points during the specific period of time.

At times of a completely new world release – Boot Camp on War Clicks, we’ve added a few options of Time Warps, which stayed in the Shop for the whole time & lots of players grab the benefits of this product. We must say that generally speaking players love to use Time Warps, because they can feel the faster progression just in seconds after using a chance. So, Time Warps are close by the side of Investors, if we compare the popularity of products in Boot Camp.

As we lately test some products, we’ve seen that our strongest Time Warp (12 hours) won’t stay the strongest furthermore as players on mid/late game stages don’t find it as useful as it is at the beginning of playing the game.
So, the decision was made & we decided to create additional/ STRONGER and more powerful products! 4 & 8-Times stronger Time Warps are now released and could be used inside the Shop section. 48 & 96- hour Time Warps might help you beat some of your nearest competitors or just create way better experience of playing the game! It’s up to you!

NEW & Stronger Time Warps

NEW & Stronger Time Warps

-> Did you ever experience a boost from Time Warp?
Feel its usefulness and warp into the future now!

New Wallpapers added today!

Here’s a short update on today’s development update:

– New Wallpapers added (for Bootcamp & War Zone)
– New Renown reward display
– Starting tutorial improvements
– Competitions – profile images added on ranking lists
– Achievements – broken displays fixed

Additional Types of game Customization added!

We promised months ago that we’ll be working on adding additional elements of game customization as we found a bit more time to implement them. The time has come and we kept our promises & released new Wallpapers today!

New Wallpapers were created for both worlds: Boot Camp and War Zone, so that you guys can use them now. As we’ve been testing them for some time now, we can assure you, that using new wallpapers really adds a lot of fun to the game and improve the experience of production and fighting as well!


For now, we’ve added 3 new Wallpapers for Boot Camp and additional 2 for War Zone! We’re sharing a sneak peak of new graphics that can be used from today on! Get yours today, and feel the difference!

– Renown improvements

Reward on achieving a certain Titles in Boot Camp (Renown) have now been added. Let’s check on the example below:

Renown_upcoming rewards

Renown_upcoming rewards

‘Renown’ rewards are now displayed under Green & Gold Supply Crates, to give players a quick insight into upcoming reward they’ll get for reaching next Title – Renown.

We’ve added some smaller tutorial fixes and change the color on Tutorial confirmation messages.

War Clicks Team