Shop Rework

The latest week we’ve been working on Shop rework scatches/preparing new graphics to provide a much nicer experience while spending your Gold in exchange for some valuable products.

So, today we’ve given the shop a much-needed remake. You will now be able to find your favorite products and boosts much more easily, as well as quickly see what the best deals are at any given time!

New Shop

New Shop

New Shop – Gold Packages

We’ve created a new Gold Package/product for all players that haven’t bought any Gold Package yet, cutting the Price by -50%! We’d like our players to get the best possible experience playing the game and having the chance to try valuable products that can generate great boosts fighting in War Zone and Boot Camp as well!
…So make sure to check it out :) And while you are at it, we’d like to remind you that our offerwall section has been optimized and should provide far more options for you to earn some extra gold for FREE! Just click on the ‘’free gold’’ icon within the shop to access it.

We are constantly working on further improving the game – the following weeks will be packed with bugfixes, balance and progression improvements and other cool new updates! Stay tuned J

Have a great day!

War Clicks Team

Updates 16th-20th March

We’re glad to let you know that we’ve almost completely reduced connectivity/server issues with a bunch of optimizations the past week, and are now able to focus on bug fixes, improvements, and progression improvements to the game!

In the last few days we deployed several fixes to a few bigger bugs some of you were experiencing extremely rarely, as well as other, less noticeable improvements:
– In some rare cases users suddenly lost ALL of their support units. This was related to some specific use of the sacrifice function and has been fixed. In case anyone experienced this and still lacks the units lost, please send us an email at with your estimate of how many support units you lost, so we can confirm and re-add them.
– Saving issues when activating 30 second Double DPC upgrade during a boss fight. This has been resolved, and the fix also helped us improve saving fallback in some other potential cases!
– In case you somehow „over-click“ (i.e. Via your own autoclicker) the 10clicks/second limit and get progress reset on a PvP battle, the game will now give a descriptive note to make you aware of why any progress was reset.
– Spin The Wheel double click prevention was added on the handle bar, to make sure you can see what you’ve won
– changed the misleading „seconds left“ on support attacks to „attacks left“
– various other massive optimizations of our backend services handling data calculations and storing to further improve our stability and reduce any connectivity or long loading issues to a minimum

We’ve also made some improvements to how our offerwall section is displayed, as well as we’ve worked with our providers to improve the fill and variety of offers for you! So if you want to make some extra gold for free, make sure to check for new offers daily (You’ll find the offers button within the shop.). Not only it helps support your fighting efforts but also continued development of the game :)

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Updates 13th-16th March

During the past few days we were resolving several bugs and issues, mostly related to performance, slow loading times and connection errors – all of these resulted in more random issues/bugs/rare occasions popping up and were crucial to get sorted and improved. So most of the notes here might be a bit boring for some of you as they are more of a technical nature, but we fell it’s important to realize the scale of the „backend updates“ we are resolving and why some bugfixes and improvements had to be put on hold slightly:

  • vastly improved loading/server response time within the game. All those pretty stats and leaderboards started taking a huge toll on the performance of the game and needed some rework of how it’s all handled.
  • Invasion minigame could take several seconds to open for some countries, now it should be super quick!
  • We have resolved the issue with weekly competitions not giving out all badges to users in some cases -> this will now work properly starting with the next competition (Monday 19th onwards)
  • as Part of competitions optimization, we have also made a change where country competition badges will only be given to players within that country who participated/played in that competition week. Giving badges to all (even players no longer playing) was not only a bit silly, but also caused a huge toll on our servers.  Continue reading

Bugfixes and improvements – 13th March 2018

  • Loading time when switching zones is no longer fixed – it will now last as long as the request lasts, in most cases under 0.5 sec
  • Improved several issues with in/out of focus and other issues related to “game init” – less blank screens when switching, and no freezing of tents or making WZ unit unclickable.
  • Fixed issue when getting back in focus and clicking on buy unit would reset that unit buy – issue was that first click triggered game re-init. Now the first click action is simply not registered as an action, thus preventing this occurrence.
  • Changed colors on competition tab to make it more visible
  • Fixed “All achievements completed” bug when they were not actually finished
  • Daily mission issue of getting ‘2 same missions to chose from’ resolved
  • Daily mission widget issues with closing fixed


We expect to deploy a lot more additional bug fixes and improvements throughout this week for improved experience. We will also be working on several updates for improved progression and feel of the game in the coming weeks!

Referral contest – Results

Congratulations to all Referral contest winners!
We are giving away 50,000 Gold in Total to Top 10 promotors of Warclicks from referral contest lasts from 17th -31st of Jan!


We’ve completed our 1st Referral Contest on WarClicks. We must say that we expect more players will join the competition, but seems that fewer players decided to share the word around. However, less players mean more opportunities to Win bigger rewards in 1st competition 😉

Referral contest is something that will surely come back in the following months as it might help us to grow our community and reward players with some easily earned rewards! It is a great way to collect valuable Free rewards for sharing your referral link with your friends, colleagues, schoolmates, family,…

-> Where did you promote your links?
-> Was it hard to get new referrals?
-> Would you like us to organize more Referral competitions in the future?
-> Do you have any other ideas you’d like to share with us?

…Rewards – Free Gold will be added to WarClicks accounts on Monday (5th feb), spend your rewards wisely and have fun playing WarClicks!

Referral Contest – current standings

– you still have a few days to join and win yourself some nice Gold rewards!

Everyone can join the Referral competition -there are no special requirements to join & simply no special skills needed to contribute in the current competition that will ends in 2 days – on 31st of January!

Simply use your referral link and send it to your friends, when they join the game through your link, you get yourself more chances to receive some nice rewards.

For everyone, that would like to share the link, but don’t know how or haven’t got enough experience – here is a link to get some simple promoting tips:

Current Standings:

90,000 players!

Our playerbase is constantly growing – we’ve reached a new milestone – 90,000 players! This time it took us around 20 days to reach a new milestone. We’re now closer than ever before to 100,000 players that we plan to reach faster than reaching previous milestones!

We’ve set up important campaigns to attract new players to try the game and join our unique community. With recently released new features, such as Unlocks/Autoclicker we are aiming higher and at this point we invite all our players to send us feedback/opinions on the game. What you’d like to see improved, added, Continue reading

Patches and bugfixes – 23rd Dec – 24th Jan

We’ve been doing a lot of consistent improvements and updates to the game in the last 30 days – some of the main features have received their own posts with more information, but here’s a quick recap of various small fixes, improvements and updates that were added:

  • Improved loading screen handling
  • Sorted some remaining bugs when putting game out of focus and back in that caused some display issues
  • SPW properly reducing chances if respin is won
  • New Splash pages added for you to use, along with prettified refer-a-friend section

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Unlocks & AutoClicker

Go to WarZone, open Army setup and you’ll find a new category we just added: Unlocks!

A completely new section that will add additional value to your accounts. Currently, we have five different Unlocks, four of them can be unlocked simply by progression in WarZone (Levels/Ranks) and the last one can unlocked via Gold – because it’s a kind of unlimited product, that allows the AutoClicker unlock to run on it’s own indefinitely without a cooldown period.

Unlocks & AutoClicker

Important things to understand:

By unlocking AutoClicker to your arsenal, it will help you destroy units in WarZone with less effort and ensure your mouse stays intact and you don’t get a carpal tunnel syndrome!

‘Unlock’  new products improve firing time before it overheats, reduce cooldown, firing rate. For new players we suggest to unlock products and their upgrades quickly, Continue reading


Promoting WarClicks can be worthwhile! We’re running a Referral contest starting tomorrow (17th Jan) with a big Prize Pool : 50,000 Gold (more details below).

Soon, we’ll have a list of TOP promoters of WarClicks. Who is going to be on the list?

Would you like to take part in the contest, but don’t have any experience in game promotions?

No problem, we are here to help you with some simple tips anyone can use to get started!
How to get the most out of promoting WarClicks – simple rules to follow!

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