MonthApril 2018

350,000 players!

It seems all of our efforts are picking up the results!

350,000 Players

350,000 Players

Let’s compare some basic stats:

  Apr 2017 Apr 2018
Total Players 30,000 350,000
Most players by country (TOP 3) US, BR, IND RU, US, UKR
Gender (Male – Female) 76% – 24% 61%-39%

…That’s like a x10  increase of our playerbase!

We believe that by creating a friendlier user experience we’ll keep more players on the long run, there are also a lot of other factors that we are currently aware of and should be improved in this year, so when all pieces are put together, we believe it’s going to be a massive success!

Our developer team is motivated as we see those results and positive player feedback!
We are thrilled with what is coming to War Clicks this year, and can’t wait the next April to compare the stats!

We believe we can publish War Clicks to some more gaming platforms in the upcoming months, that should help us generate lots of exposure, new players, so we are not over yet.. Still a lot  to do in May, but we are all  looking forward to it!

Country Invasion / Part 2

Country Invasion has been a part of War Clicks since the start, but we were never fully happy with the experience it conveyed – we always wanted it to be a cool addition to the game and require some teamwork to achieve common goals. We already had huge reasons to rework it (and how) but about 2 weeks ago we asked for your opinions as well, to get a broader picture of not what just we want – but also that it’s aligned with thoughts and desires of our community – and we are happy to say that we all see similar issues and see similar solutions and ideas to make it way better!


The main issues of the existing Country Invasion (CI):

  • lack of teamwork feeling (majority of the damage done by only a few, awful new user experience)
  • lack of properly balanced rewards, especially in late game
  • fights become not interesting/boring/impossible to progress at the certain stages
  • inactive country leader problem – no option to skip bosses if the leader is inactive, lack of other commanding options/decisions
  • treasury has little to no meaning currently. No user benefits from donating
    -More users should have a say in decisions, but to keep sense of „knowing what to do“, the decisions should be at least partly centralized to the top/most experienced players.
  • No teamwork or “country” feeling. There should be fights/battles between countries.
  • very limited chat, that makes it hard to converse and is annoying to use only within CI


After taking all of that in we had discussed tons of ideas and made an important conclusion – to resolve all of the above and make CI awesome and fun to play for everyone, we had to do it right. We decided that we rather take proper time to Continue reading

Earn Free Gold

We believe that you’re in need of some more gold, right?
Do you imagine what you would do with an extra 100, 500, 1.000, 10.000+ Gold? Are your friends beating your ass in the game and you want to show them that you’re one crazy player not willing to stop fighting?

For all those reasons we’re working closely with our partners trying to create the best playing experience as possible! ‘Free Gold’ is a great way to increase your Gold balance for doing simple tasks, completing surveys, giving your opinions, installing apps, watching videos, signing up…

Do you believe sharing your opinion could help you collect more Gold? Would you spend it for Time Warps or for 2x/3x DPC items or for new Investors, Trainers or do you prefer cosmetic items and you’ll change the wallpapers in BootCamp or WarZone?

We’d love to hear what you are up to?
Lots of players are already using this strategy of gaining Free Gold by completing simple tasks and we believe a lot more will join them in the following days. There are new features coming out on War Clicks, so you’d better stock up yourself with the Gold as it will surely help you progress through the game easier!

Different ways of earning Free Gold

Different ways of earning Free Gold

So, what are you waiting for? Check out what’s there for you and keep in mind that offers are updating quite regularly, so make sure to check back often!

Customization Part1

Wallpapers, new cursors,… and customized Profiles!!
Yeah, we are already working on new customized profiles. Soon, you will be able to create your personal army character.
Here is the first preview we’d like to share with you:

Profile Customization

Profile Customization

We believe a lot of players are willing to set their outfits, soon you’ll have the chance to set up your own and show it around in PvP battles or just set it for your personal satisfaction to look cooler!

As we now have lots of players playing for weeks, months and some even for years, we decided to add some new cool feature that should enhance user experience. Customized Profiles should be Live within 10 days.

We always like the idea of letting players make their own in-game profile- character and use it in different parts of the game, so yeah we are close to implement it on War Clicks and hopefully offer our players one great experience there!

Country Invasion – Part1

War Clicks is not stopping after massive improvements in the previous months! The game is optimized as never before, and we still have lots of work to put in improving specific game features and polish the game as best as possible for all upcoming future improvements/updates.

As we love to hear feedback from players, we decided to let all players take part in upcoming Country Invasion rework.
We already have an idea of how to rework Country Invasion to make it fun, engaging, and playable for everyone/for countries of all sizes as well as to address several current issues (inactive leaders, better progression, rewards that matter to everyone (always…), how to make it more of a group effort instead of just a few individuals…)  – but would still love to give you a chance to express your opinion, desires and ideas of what you’d like Country Invasion to involve/become!

Here are just some of the topics we’d love to hear from you:
1.) What do you find most annoying in the current version of Country Invasion?
2.) What exactly would you like to add to make Country Invasion more fun to play?
3.) Do you find Country Invasion as one of the main features in War Clicks? If yes, why?
4.) What is more important to you – WarZone’s Rank or BootCamp’s Renown?
5.) Would you like to see every soldier have some power to Vote on specific country topics/ decisions?
6.) (other ideas, wishes) …

We believe together we can create one of the most addicting games of 2018! Let’s do it! :)

..and yeah, don’t forget to make use of Today’s up to 25% Extra Gold offer 😉

Wish you all great fighting,

War Clicks Team

BootCamp & game progression / balance changes

Today, we have deployed the first set of updates of major progression/balance changes, to make the game more engaging and interesting to play throughout. Mostly these changes will be noticed by new/“early game“ players and those who’ve reached the latest most stages of the game. The first set of changes is affecting only BootCamp! WarZone will be getting major changes as well, but due to the nature of it it requires more testing and fine-tuning to ensure we do not „break“ the existing experience for anyone, so changes there will be deployed next week.

After gathering statistics, feedback and a lot of testing these were the main issues we wanted to improve in BootCamp:
Too fast progression made things hard to follow/understand for most new players, as well as going through some early/mid game progression obstacles too quickly, and making the game feel “too easy”.

Super Late game was too uneventful with too slow progression and taking just too long before doing anything major again in BootCamp. Note that this is hard to balance and build “too in advance”, especially because any low/mid game changes affect the late game as well. So we first had to tackle with early/mid game, before taking that as a basis for further late game improvements. We’ve deployed the first set of late-game improvements and will be adding more in the following weeks slowly, as it’s a delicate balance we could easily break without enough testing for each.


In short, here’s the list of changes made (we’re happy to answer any further specifics or clarify something further, this is a general overview of what was changed):
First thing we wanted to improve in BootCamp was tackle with the Daily Voting for Continue reading

Premium Feature Release – Part 1

As War Clicks is getting bigger, so do all of its products & features. For a long time we’ve been listening to players wishes of having some cosmetic items in the game and we never had enough time to deliver on those wishes. Finally though, after getting through majority of the pressing bugs and issues we’re delivering you the first set of cosmetic items you can buy to personalize your experience :) We were hoping to get it out for Easter already, but it took a bit more additional work – but here it is!

We’ve added some Wallpapers of WarZone and Bootcamp and different types of Cursors as well, so that you can gain new visual experience and even gain a bit of a DPC boost with Cursors (check inside the Shop – New category; image below):

Premium _Part 1

Premium _Part 1

There aren’t a lot of wallpapers and cursors available to choose from yet, but we’ll be adding more soon! Changing Wallpapers was always one of our ideas of giving players an option to personalize their experience that fits the gameplay. As lots of players like to see some in-game progress, collecting Gold for visual purposes might help you experience something completely new, giving you extra fun while playing for longer periods of time.

As this is already a huge step of War Clicks of having some cosmetic items, it is just a beginning of new cosmetic features in 2018!…
We are thrilled to let you know that we’re already working on adding new customized profiles, so that players could change their favorite characters…Enough for now, we’ll release more details about it in the upcoming weeks, so stay tuned :)

Have an awesome day 😛

War Clicks Dev Team