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Referral Contest – current standings

– you still have a few days to join and win yourself some nice Gold rewards!

Everyone can join the Referral competition -there are no special requirements to join & simply no special skills needed to contribute in the current competition that will ends in 2 days – on 31st of January!

Simply use your referral link and send it to your friends, when they join the game through your link, you get yourself more chances to receive some nice rewards.

For everyone, that would like to share the link, but don’t know how or haven’t got enough experience – here is a link to get some simple promoting tips:

Current Standings:

90,000 players!

Our playerbase is constantly growing – we’ve reached a new milestone – 90,000 players! This time it took us around 20 days to reach a new milestone. We’re now closer than ever before to 100,000 players that we plan to reach faster than reaching previous milestones!

We’ve set up important campaigns to attract new players to try the game and join our unique community. With recently released new features, such as Unlocks/Autoclicker we are aiming higher and at this point we invite all our players to send us feedback/opinions on the game. What you’d like to see improved, added, Continue reading

Patches and bugfixes – 23rd Dec – 24th Jan

We’ve been doing a lot of consistent improvements and updates to the game in the last 30 days – some of the main features have received their own posts with more information, but here’s a quick recap of various small fixes, improvements and updates that were added:

  • Improved loading screen handling
  • Sorted some remaining bugs when putting game out of focus and back in that caused some display issues
  • SPW properly reducing chances if respin is won
  • New Splash pages added for you to use, along with prettified refer-a-friend section

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Unlocks & AutoClicker

Go to WarZone, open Army setup and you’ll find a new category we just added: Unlocks!

A completely new section that will add additional value to your accounts. Currently, we have five different Unlocks, four of them can be unlocked simply by progression in WarZone (Levels/Ranks) and the last one can unlocked via Gold – because it’s a kind of unlimited product, that allows the Auto Clicker unlock to run on it’s own indefinitely without a cooldown period.

UPDATED: Upgrades & Unlocks (Command Center)

UPDATED: Upgrades & Unlocks (Command Center)

Important things to understand:

By unlocking AutoClicker to your arsenal, it will help you destroy units in WarZone with less effort and ensure your mouse stays intact and you don’t get a carpal tunnel syndrome!

Autoclicker item

Autoclicker item

‘Unlock’  new products improve firing time before it overheats, reduce cooldown, firing rate. For new players we suggest to unlock products and their upgrades quickly, Continue reading


Promoting WarClicks can be worthwhile! We’re running a Referral contest starting tomorrow (17th Jan) with a big Prize Pool : 50,000 Gold (more details below).

Soon, we’ll have a list of TOP promoters of WarClicks. Who is going to be on the list?

Would you like to take part in the contest, but don’t have any experience in game promotions?

No problem, we are here to help you with some simple tips anyone can use to get started!
How to get the most out of promoting WarClicks – simple rules to follow!

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Join us on DISCORD – chat and talk with us and other WarClicks players directly!

What is Discord?
Discord is a proprietary freeware VoIP application designed for gaming communities.
It runs on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, and in a web browser.

(As of December 2017, there were about 87 million unique users of the software.)



Join us on Discord to talk about the game & hang out with your gaming friends; here is a link to our Discord server:

If you’re already a Discord user, invite your friends on our server and let them know about WarClicks. We are happy to see new members there!

We’ll still be looking into ways of improving/adding in-game chat, and we’ll see if we can integrate it with Discord or some other option.

WarClicks Team

Big progression improvement update!

We’ve just rolled out a big progression update to WarClicks, that will improve your gameplay experience and make playing a lot funner again!


While most of the changes touch the „late game“ progression, some traces of it will be found by everyone. With this change we have also remove the „reset rewards“ badges, that gave temporary boosts to players who joined WarClicks before 1st December 2017. We’re happy to say that the progression updates take the boost reduction for old players into account and for the most part you will maintain a similar level of progression getting back into the game – on top of progression/upgrades above you helping you out far better! Specifically WarZone DPC boosts were massive, so if you’re an old player that had a massive boost there you will note a significant drop in DPC there. But the battles and bosses toughness have been properly adjusted for that.

These changes mean that your progress/speed of gain in-game will possibly be a lot different than last time you checked – in some cases lowered, in some raised, depending on where in game you were. Make sure to check out both BootCamp and WarZone (especially HQ and support power upgrade in WZ!) upgrades, as you’ll likely be able to buy a ton of them from the get to if you’re at a higher stage in the game!


If you’re interested about the details (as well as some info on things we will still touch/improve) you will find them at the very bottom, but here’s a quick recap of the major progression changes – we touched as many areas of the game as possible and improved upon them.

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End of Competition Round #6 – Who is leading?

Participate in competitions for bragging rights and win cool badges with powerful boosts!

Check your standings here: competitions

Wondering how taking part in competitions can get you some extra life-time boosts? Check: competition rewards

Congratulations to all winners of latest Competition Round! Getting into TOP 1000 players gives you nice rewards – why not try and get there yourself?

Competition Round #6

Competition Round #6

Latest competition was won by mbipbux (best player by Score), liberdeus won the category of Best player by PowerPoints and the Top country by Score was Venezuela, Italy in a close second and United States on the third place!


We wish you all a lot of great strategies, new colleagues joining your country to make it stronger, but in general a lot of fun playing current #7 Competition Round!

85,000 players!

On the last day of 2017, we reached a Total number of 85,000 players! That’s a huge number our development team is really proud of!

As we started 2018, we decided to take a look into the future, our plans and so on! A giant leap we took from the year 2016 to 2017 was a huge thing for us. We’ve seen a concrete growth, we’ve reached around 70,000 players this year, which makes up the majority of all WarClicks players so far. If we expect the same percentage growth as in latest year, we would at the end of this year have around 425,000 players, but our plans are bigger – we want to reach 500,000 players till the end of 2018! Would you like to be a part of WarClicks growing community?

We already have plans and tools how to reach this goal, it won’t be easy for us to take the game to such a high level, but with your feedback and support we are thrilled for making such plans and challenges ourselves as we wanted to create a game players would love to play!

More details will follow in next game update posts,

Wish you a lot of fun,

WarClicks Team

Temporary badges extended whilst we work on major progression update

Hey everyone,

First off, we’d like to wish everyone of you a Happy New Year! May it be a healthy one and where you achieve anything you strive for!

We’ve decided to extend the temporary badges boost (that old players received before the massive rework on 1st of December 2017) until around 10th of January, as the removal will be escorted by major changes to progression both in BootCamp and WarZone, to ensure a great experience for everyone!


As the boosts were quite significant, removing them without properly improving progression, would result in a boring/stale experience for you until it would be sorted. So we’ve decided we want to invest ample time into making sure that late game progression for both new, and existing players will be fun and exciting, and that it will supplement the removal of the temporary boosts.

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