We just started Santa’s Revenge Event, go play it on War Clicks now, it is available to play until this Sunday, December 27th (14:00 GMT). Good luck and have fun!

->> https://warclicks.com/

Santa's revenge

Santa’s revenge

Story of the Event
Santa is trying to De-Christmasize as many territories as possible, so he won’t have to do as much work anymore. He wants YOU to be in charge of managing his resources and seeing his evil plan become a reality! 😊

We are giving away 8-25% Production boosters to participants, additional Gold rewards/research points & Time Warps for completing missions within the Event + Extra TITLES to TOP 10 PLAYERS of the EVENT!! Get your title, compete for rewards and have fun! 😊

We are also running our first 3-days straight Sale, where you can get 50% EXTRA GOLD on all our Regular packages, + 25% EXTRA on our biggest package – Crazy Gold Drop! Stuck up with the Gold, now it is one of the best chances to do so! 😉

We wish you all a Merry Christmas!
– War Clicks Team