Hey all!

We hope you are all safe during this CoVid-19 outbreak – luckily for us, we can continue working from home, so we will continue delivering updates in these times – we hope War Clicks can help you keep your mind off the tough situation a bit :)

Based on our recent survey, we were thrilled to see close to 90% support from you all of our proposed updates, and today, we just released the first of them – you can find a quick recap below.

Production MX for Boot Camp from badges is now capped at 20k X, WarZone DPC mx has no cap. Once a player reaches it, they will no longer receive badges for Score or Levels gained competition, but instead 1000 gold for every of these. They will also be featured in a special “Veterans” tab in the weekly competitions! This will allow others to get the top badges/boosts, and balance out competitions better.

You can now see your multipliers from badges in your profile easily! Make sure to check it out, as display of badges is a LOT clearer now as well :)

New! Player Badges popup

War Zone HQ upgrade tiers have been HEAVILY improved – up to the e50 cost, with an up to 1e7x DPC increase for HQ upgrades. This will help them scale better with current over-reliance on support units.


Many more updates are coming in April/ upcoming updates:

– we are still monitoring activity of some potential over-script abusers in Boot Camp, and considering solutions to improve/limit that.

– While WZ tiers have been rebalanced, at the very late stages even this ~xe7 increased in their DPC is outdwarfed by support units DPC. The tiers will further be rebalanced up to the e100 costs, as well in April we intend to release an update that will further reduce the over-reliance on support units. This will likely be in the form of research upgrades, which will give big multipliers to base DPC from Ranks, Levels and HQ upgrades!

– For the time being we are not yet increasing new competition badge rewards, but will consider doing that in the coming weeks, as proposed in our previous update.

By the end of March we will present you with a more comprehensive plan for updates in April, the above ones are just some of those we will be doing :)

War Clicks team