MonthNovember 2017

WarClicks Rework Going Live Tomorrow

Hey everyone!


We are excited to confirm that tomorrow, we will be deploying the biggest update/rework of WarClicks to date!

Due to the extent of the changes on the technical side, and some partial resets required, the maintenance will not be the shortest – we expect the transition to last 4-6 hours, starting at 9:00 Server Time (9am GMT/UTC).

We’ve prepared as much as possible for this to go smooth and have done various tests today to ensure the estimation is as accurate as possible, but if we do tend to run into any hiccups we will keep you updated.

Moreover, we apologize we haven’t been able to keep in touch with you as much the past week, as we’ve really had to focus our full energy into getting this sorted on-time!

We promise we’ll get back to you guys about everything next week and work on several things after the rework that will make a lot things more enjoyable for you guys :)

Thank you for your continued support!

Army Privatization- ”Second Prestige”

…introducing a valuable feature for all experienced players of WarClicks. As a part of our rework we’ll introduce another and deepest function of prestiging (deploy-like function)  :

Your country is on the lookout for well-established BootCamps to help grow its strength faster, and it’s offering you special privileges in exchange for your BootCamp progress and all the work you’ve put into it – Army privatization. Pfftt… why would you want to do that? Well, given that status you’ll be getting huge benefits that will help you rebuild faster and becoming even stronger!

Second Prestige

Second Prestige

So, how can this function help you progress faster and when does it appear?

As we improved our game concept by connecting both worlds more tightly, connecting training units with fighting units in WarZone, we decided to offer players another option of sacrificing progress for long-termed boosts via a “Second prestige”. This function works pretty similar to Deploy Troops but on a higher level (sacrifice your current game state for much faster overall progress).

What does Second Prestige?

– resets all BootCamp progress (Units, Power Points, Trainers, Upgrades, Contractors)

– Yes – Army contractors are reset as well with it!

–  Investors remain.

– In turn it gives you a HUGE boost that allows you to speed up through the game faster than ever! Remember when you used Deploy for the first time? Well, this will give that extra rush back to you at higher stages of the game! … Plus it will all connect well with the way BootCamp and WarZone will be connected, and giving you a chance to be able to deploy more troops, more often again!

Second Prestige can be used once you reach 10^30 total Power Points.

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WarClicks Rework deploy date and more info

We’re excited to let you know that the massive update/rework of WarClicks is scheduled to be released end of next week!

A lot of information has already been released in our blog and Reddit about various changes, improvements and additions, but today we want to share more info on why and how we will transition everyone’s progress to the reworked version.

One of the main goals (besides improving optimization, design and smoothness of the game) was to make the game more competitive by introducing mechanics that allow for different strategies, get rid of the linearity and just make the game a whole lot more fun to play!

Due to several technical issues of old game implementation (especially in WarZone), as well as making sure both existing and new players get a great experience of the game, we will be doing some changes (read: partial reset) to the current game stat of existing players.

We have taken great consideration of all the time and work you guys have invested into the game already, and have come to several solutions that will work really well with the rework – ensuring your past work and time is valued, but at the same making sure existing players’ experience morphs neatly into the new game!


Let’s get to the main changes:

1) Score: To make scoring more interesting it will now be a mix of damage done inWarZone and a multiplier based on your total Power Points produced in BootCamp.

2) Following point one, existing score and basically all of WarZone state as is will be reset. As neither are workable with the new improved progression, competitions, some technical restrictions and just in general how WarZone will now work and how more it will now tie to BootCamp.


What does this mean exactly for existing players:

– any badges and DPC boosts gained before the rework will be merged into one or two new badges, which will give you massive boosts (relative to your current power of boosts, but not exactly the same) that will help you speed up through the early game much faster. But to ensure the game remains competitive with new players, these badges will be temporary and valid untill the end of 2017.

– Any Gold you spent in WarZone will be refunded and added to your account IN FULL!

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Competitions & new mechanics

Competitions after rework will work a bit differently. To make things more interesting we are changing some fundamental mechanics of how score is calculated. From now on, score will represent some sort of combined progress of both WarZone AND BootCamp. Damage done in WarZone will still remain as basis of the score, that will be multiplied by a certain factor based on your BootCamp progress. This change will go well in hand with the overall improved connection between the two worlds and make the competition between players a lot more interesting, as it won’t be as linear anymore!



To help us get rid of some scaling and performance issues down the road, we will also be limiting display of past results of competition to last two. We will see if we can in some better way display all past competition results later on, but in the current implementation it is simply not a workable way as it could cause us a lot of issues down the road.

What is in the current considered as “score”, will now basically become damage done in WarZone. So still a relevant statistic, but the new overall score will now represent the overall progress of a player much more better,, as it connects both worlds and makes up for a much more interesting competition!

Minor recent updates + new upgrades added

Hey everyone!

Although we are focusing on the rework (which is coming together on-time, and we should have the final ETA early next week), we have done a couple of smaller changes recently:

  • We’ve added an array of new late-game upgrades to BootCamp, to speed up late progression. Players in the 1065+ range might notice a few of their old upgrades gone, as they were replaced by new upgrades added before them – but you should be able to rebuy them pretty much instantly in most cases, as well as have more new ones placed ahead.
  • We’ve done some improvements to progress saving on BootCamp, specifically regarding Converting and deploying, which were causing occasional issues with some upgrades not saving
  • some other optimizations to timeouts handling in Bootcamp, which should cram up your browser ram a bit less (optimizations with the rework will be far far more noticeable though :))
  • We’ve limited the past stats of weekly competitions to last 2 (+ current) competition, as the amount of data we were regularly recalculating has been spiraling out of control – and most of the past ones, it not many were interested in anyway. We will likely re-add a history of past competitions at a later date though.

PayPal issues RESOLVED!

As some of you might noticed PayPal was unavailable for the last 12 days due to some issues we were resolving, so we’re  glad to say that it is working properly again!
Due to the long off-time we decided to lower prices for all Gold packages for today and tomorrow, for everyone missing this payment processor in those days.

Sale 15.11. & 16.11.

Sale 15.11. & 16.11.

Recently, we’ve added Paysafecard as alternative to Paypal, so for everyone who was looking to use PaySafeCard, now you have a chance for doing so.

Thanks to everyone for your patience and understanding during these last weeks!

WarClicks is growing – 75,000 players!

WarClicks’ playerbase is growing! We’ve reached a new milestone – 75,000 players!
As you all might already know, we have BIG plans for further development – a reworked version (completely revamped graphics, complete WarZone overhaul, and overall improvements and optimizations) is coming soon (within weeks!), with a lot of new players joining WarClicks in the following months as well.

75,000 players

75,000 players

What does this mean for all of our current players?
More new players will help you progress through Country Invasion – more bases destroyed, the more rewards you all will get! New players also mean new competition – so stay active and keep fighting if you are to keep your position.

In the following days we will release more updates about the current development and all the changes coming to WarClicks with this major update. To see what is changing and better understand the updates make sure to check them out regularly as we’re posting new images and updates every few days!

WarClicks Team

Boss fights – what losses are you willing to take?

When it comes to the upcoming rework, one of the final pieces of the puzzle are Boss Fights. They are not being added for the sake of just improving WarZone, but also introduce some new mechanics, an extra connection with BootCamp and expand the arsenal of progression strategies.

The one thing the current version is really missing, are “stepping stones” or progression obstacles to make WarZone feel much less linear. Making it feel more fun and make users think how to tackle these big challenges was one of our main goals here. We initially wanted to achieve this with our defense mechanic, but it simply doesn’t work as we wanted to, as it’s really tricky to handle progression/rewards with it and it doesn’t really fit well into our core game loop.

Boss fights

Boss fights

So with the rework, defense will be removed, and Boss Battles are (sort of) taking its place, but in a much cooler way!

Boss Battles will be extra tough enemies (appear every 5 battles –  note that every Continue reading

Paysafecard in Gaming industry

What is Paysafecard?

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Neither a bank account nor a credit card is needed.
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Paysafe cards can be bought in physical places, such as different types of stores.
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Paying with Paysafecard PINs

If you are wondering how you can use the remaining amounts left on multiple Paysafecard PINs – It’s simple. Just enter each PIN (one at a time) when using a paying form to use their combined value. It’s the simplest way to use up any remaining Continue reading

Daily missions and Daily Tasks

As part of the rework we’ve decided to improve how the Daily Missions work, and how they are distributed in the first place. Via the release of the new version, you’ll have a chance to pick one out of two available Daily missions that suits you best.  Strategic elements are included in this feature, so you will now have a chance to set your best tactics to climb the rankings using Daily missions. It will be all up to you -which mission you’ll choose and how much Gold you’ll receive for completing it. It really affects your predictions on your ability to complete a specific mission. So, if you for example decide to go for a harder Mission to get more Gold that day and you won’t be able to complete it, then you might not be able to complete it and receive rewards. Be smart!

Daily Missions

Daily Missions

We’ve also prepared several new missions, which we’ll add in near future updates, to avoid any unneeded delays to get the main reworked version out. But don’t worry, it Continue reading