Daily missions and Daily Tasks

As part of the rework we’ve decided to improve how the Daily Missions work, and how they are distributed in the first place. Via the release of the new version, you’ll have a chance to pick one out of two available Daily missions that suits you best.  Strategic elements are included in this feature, so you will now have a chance to set your best tactics to climb the rankings using Daily missions. It will be all up to you -which mission you’ll choose and how much Gold you’ll receive for completing it. It really affects your predictions on your ability to complete a specific mission. So, if you for example decide to go for a harder Mission to get more Gold that day and you won’t be able to complete it, then you might not be able to complete it and receive rewards. Be smart!

Daily Missions

Daily Missions

We’ve also prepared several new missions, which we’ll add in near future updates, to avoid any unneeded delays to get the main reworked version out. But don’t worry, it should be much more interesting in the future to see more versions of Daily Missions and what you can do inside the game.

All Daily missions will now have different names, some examples: Exterminator, Trigger man, Revenger, Artillerist, and so on… and all affect different types of fighting.

Daily Tasks will have renovated graphics as well, but no huge changes were needed here. There are a few tasks less now and different rewards to make it more manageable, because of changed mechanics and some features that will not be available anymore in the upcoming version of the game.

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