MonthJuly 2019

Rarity boosts added and some BC improvements!

We just deployed the first set of many updates to come in the following days!

Rarity boosts have been added to Command Center technologies
When you now research new technologies which are not common, they will also come with a random “rarity boost”. This boost will be one of possible ones to have for a technology (i.e. for BC techs, it can be production MX, Air production MX…). The boost amount will depend on item rarity (Uncommon 1-5%, Rare 6-10%, Very Rare 11-15%, Epic 16-25%).
The rarity boost will be applied ONLY to any matching rarity boosts the technology has (it is not not an overall boost.

When combining techs, the higher percent rarity boost will be applied, if those are the same, then the rarity boost type of the “TO item” will be combined.

This update gives more meaning to rarity, and gives you reasons to collect and store specific technologies, and not just randomly combining items.

There  are many more Command Center updates coming this week, but we wanted to roll this one out quickly, so you can start getting these rarity boosts! 😉

Command Center updates

Command Center updates

This update also improves how Boot Camp handles times when opened. Before cycling could be up to 25% slower (in most cases 1-5% slower) when Boot Camp was opened compared to when you’d have the game closed/off focus. This now makes it near 100% accurate even on slower computers – let us know if anyone still experiences these issues owe  can further optimize.
The update also fixes a frontend cost calculation mistake, that happened when one had 0 units, and bought with OCD/MaxOCD. We also plan to fix a calculation difference, that happens with the OCD options when buying on 1 to “closest milestone amount” unit amounts. These could in various cases cause the infamous progress revert, so thanks again to the user q1k for helping us clearly debug this issue so we can now resolve it :)

Latest bugfixes and new activities coming up!

The past week or so we have been trying to dig into the rare “progress revert” issue some are having here and there. After exhaustive testing and trying to consistently replicate the issue on our side (we couldn’t), we resorted to extensive logging and trying to make educated guesses when these issues happened. We are happy to say, that with the data gathered so far, and some fixes applied, we managed to resolve quite a few cases, and already reduced the issue occurrence by over 75% in Boot Camp and over 50% in War Zone. In other words, only about 1% of our players still get some sort of issue (sometimes) in BC, and less than 5% in War Zone.

We deployed some additional improvements last week and hope to bring that further down, but based on all the data it seems very unlikely we’ll be able to completely eradicate this issue, as there’s just scenarios that are unavoidable and would require a full game rework (which just isn’t viable at this point). But these changes will help make it much less common, and we will continue to follow data in hopes we can improve it further :)

We uploaded some small improvements to Research System, to make it a bit more convenient:
– Level of an item is now visible  in inventory
– When combining items, if a boost is improved, it will be marked in blue color. If a boost is dropped when merging, it will be marked with the red color

We’ll now be working on the Research System CHQ technologies and hopefully it all goes well and you could see them implemented soon!

We’re also preparing all the specs/finalizations for the upcoming Event where you’ll be able to test your business skills as a landlord renting properties to your guest! More will be shared next week!

Have fun, guys! 😊
War Clicks Team

First Quality of life(QoL) stuff added for Boot Camp in settings

We’ve just uploaded some fixes and Qol improvements, which you can now find within Settings -> Boot Camp (Show optional buy all buttons; Buy all upgrades MAX amount).

More about it:
– Autoclicker minor bugs fixed + notification that you are out of fuel added when you try to start AC on an empty tank

– optional buy all managers/upgrades buttons added in settings,

– you can now set the maximum number of upgrades to purchases with buy all upgrades options

War Clicks birthday special title in profiles/titles added (when you are staying on War Clicks for more than a year, you’ll now receive a Special User Trophy/ Title as a special reward)

Yesterday & today we’ve also done some behind the scenes updates, that should resolve some of the progress saving issues in Boot Camp, and potentially some in War Zone. We’ve also added a bunch of logging, that’ll help us hopefully get to the bottom of some remaining issues. As we gather enough data and try do some more improvements, we should have a proper status update on those by Monday.

It’s Time to Travel the World! EVENT is LIVE!

Travel the World Event is all about the money, customers and traveling of course… All that 3 factors are closely connected. Without establishing a great proportion between all those you won’t be able to travel the world and see more countries, cultures, statues, bars or whatever you are searching for when exploring the world.

War Clicks idle game event

War Clicks idle game event

There are a bunch of unusual business in front of you, which you are about to take over to start producing some really unusual stuff you never thought it could ever be sold. But, as the products are a bit unusual, the customers are also a bit different. You’ll need to find the right type of a customer to every product you are producing. By finding customers you’ll generate money for your travel needs and wishes! Find enough costumers, build strong business to be able to travel the whole globe (visit all 195 countries)!

Travel game event

Travel game event

There is plenty of different type of Businesses and Customers waiting to be able to use your products, so it’s just up to you to make the most of it!
General MasterClicker reported that the first few countries would be cheap to travel as you have some money left on your account, so this won’t burn lots of your cash…. But as you continue you might be met with some resistance and more expensive flight tickets. You’ll need to upgrade, act fast, produce more resources, sell the excess for cash to be able to see the world! Good luck on your path of becoming an Appreciated Explorer! 😉
Note: You are managing your resources from a distance so both Customers and Businesses will continue buying/ selling/ working/ producing forward even while you are away!
As you travel the whole country around, you will also receive various rewards and Travel Points (TP), which you will be able to use for some huge bonuses down the line.
Last but not least, General MasterClicker asked a ton of other excited travelers to help him on this Travel the whole Globe mission, you are not alone. Those who manage to get through the last countries will be given huge rewards at the end of the event. So make sure to check out the Event rankings and see how you are doing compared to other players and try to outperform them – we know you can!
The Winner of the Event (player who reaches the highest country) will be given a special User Trophy – A Title of the Winner of Travel the Globe Event! That Title will stay on their profiles forever!

Ketchup time!

We’ve just deployed an update that ensures to catch up various in-game timers, if you were playing off focus, and display them properly when you get back in focus.

Some examples are: Event Timer, daily reset, Time Challenge, Research…
There’s a few timers in Country HQ that won’t catch up yet, but we should get those improved soon as well.

After repeated reports of potential issue with War Zone drops, we managed to give it a second proper look and indeed found an issue, that caused drops to not appear. This issue was introduced with one of the previous updates, and has now been fixed.

Note that it might take until new server reset for this fix to affect you, AND that this doesn’t guarantee drops tomorrow, just fixes the issue that made it impossible to get it in the past few weeks.
P.S.: Fixing this bug we also found a promo code “golddrop” that you can use until this Sunday (July, 14th).

Tomorrow we are finishing preparations for the upcoming Event that starts this coming Monday, and then continuing to work on these priorities:
Fixing progress revert issues, QoL/automation, and potentially also some simple, but long-awaited chat improvements, such as a mute/report button.

You should definitely see a bunch of updates regarding those next week :)

Research system Bugs resolved

Yesterday and today we uploaded some fixes & improvements to Research System, which in some cases of moving items around caused a few weird bugs, and even broke inventories for some.

We’ve resolved a bunch of issues there and also re-added some items that disappeared for some users after combining. To make sure these changes are working for you, please refresh the game if seeing this message while playing :)

We are still looking into some other potential issues, but they seem much less common and hard to replicate, so should work much better already! We also fixed a bug that prevented you from buying “sacrifice loss” upgrade with research points.
The past month has been a bit slow with general updates, due to some vacations and unavailability of our team, but July should be fruitful with a lot of bugfixes, research system improvements, QoL/automation updates! :)