The past week or so we have been trying to dig into the rare “progress revert” issue some are having here and there. After exhaustive testing and trying to consistently replicate the issue on our side (we couldn’t), we resorted to extensive logging and trying to make educated guesses when these issues happened. We are happy to say, that with the data gathered so far, and some fixes applied, we managed to resolve quite a few cases, and already reduced the issue occurrence by over 75% in Boot Camp and over 50% in War Zone. In other words, only about 1% of our players still get some sort of issue (sometimes) in BC, and less than 5% in War Zone.

We deployed some additional improvements last week and hope to bring that further down, but based on all the data it seems very unlikely we’ll be able to completely eradicate this issue, as there’s just scenarios that are unavoidable and would require a full game rework (which just isn’t viable at this point). But these changes will help make it much less common, and we will continue to follow data in hopes we can improve it further :)

We uploaded some small improvements to Research System, to make it a bit more convenient:
– Level of an item is now visible  in inventory
– When combining items, if a boost is improved, it will be marked in blue color. If a boost is dropped when merging, it will be marked with the red color

We’ll now be working on the Research System CHQ technologies and hopefully it all goes well and you could see them implemented soon!

We’re also preparing all the specs/finalizations for the upcoming Event where you’ll be able to test your business skills as a landlord renting properties to your guest! More will be shared next week!

Have fun, guys! 😊
War Clicks Team