Free Gifts

Some of you maybe noticed that we’ve added ‘’Free Gifts’’ on WarClicks. We decided to give away some of our products FOR FREE in exchange for active playing. We will reward all active users that are playing the game regularly, so this might be a great deal for you to beat others!

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60,000 players – THANK YOU!

We made a forecast/goal a short while ago (LINK) that we’re gonna get 5000 players in less than a month. Well, we’re happy to say that we’ve overshot it and reached that goal in just 14 days!!

The growth from 55,000 to 60,000 was crazy, using different channels of promotion including YouTube – 11k+ views on a single video uploaded by Serbian guy Simi, participating and growing our involvement on  Reddit and some other channels we Continue reading

BootCamp Goals Released

As you can see, we’ve uploaded a new feature to BootCamp yesterday.  With it, you are now able to check your current Total Power Points (PP) gained so far and your next goal and title that comes with it. We’ve decided to award you with different rewards when reaching a new title in BootCamp. You’ll be able to get Gold or x amount of PP every time you get a new title! Sounds good?

As the game is changing by its functions and upcoming updates, we will now have two different worlds with TOP leaders in one or another world – by picking different Continue reading

Important change to Country Invasion

After the new invasion being out for about 2 weeks now, we have done various adjusting already, and overall the rework has been a success!

But we’ve noticed that Break The Lines have kept some countries back a bit too much, especially because it seems that most leaders/countries are NOT deciding to use the Air strike option to skip these, even though in a lot of cases that would be the best for their country progression.

So before we get to the change we have made today, we’d like to again reiterate the potential importance in using the Air Strike option, as using it “properly” can improve your country’s experience/progression so much! While currently this is down to the sole decision of the leader – we urge you to try to convince & talk with the leader to use it if you deem it the best choice.


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Development update

Just a short sum of what we are currently working on… Our programming team is working on optimizing new goals that will be represented in the following days, which will give you a clearer overview of boot camp numbers and also be able to collect rewards by reaching goals on your road to becoming the most powerful soldier in WarClicks!

On the other side, we are going fully in promoting the game, creating a Press-Kit page so that we have a tool for all journalist around that are willing to spread the word Continue reading

Country Stats RELEASED

Are you wondering in which position you are currently in your Country?

Between all ranking tables that we’ve implemented so far, you still didn’t have a chance to check one of the most interesting ones – your current position within your country!
For that reason, we’ve added this feature, so you can now check where you’re at by Total Score and Power Points gained.

County Stats

County Stats

It’s a feature that can surely help you out, when you have some real vision and goals to beat your Country Leader or some of your friends.

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A new video on WarClicks

We’re happy to cooperate with Jman37x – a really nice person working hard on getting new subscribers and more views to his Youtube channel, willing to help WarClicks by making those great videos!

His latest video is about recent updates, explaining some features, giving you more ideas on how to play WarClicks, explaining Country Invasion, Competitions, Trainers, Daily Tasks – so if you have doubts about some feature, you can try to get some explanations in more convenient mode 😉

Check the video here: LINK

However, the video might also be a great tool for all players that want to achieve more rewards (+ Spin the Wheel chances, + More FREE Gold).

How can you use videos to progress faster??
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55,000 players!

By being active on our official channels and by getting traffic from some new sources, we’ve reached a new MILESTONE: 55.000 players! A shootout as well to all the players who are proactive themselves and are helping spread the game using our referral system, and collect additional rewards for their efforts! As well as a a huge THANKS to every single soldier that supports us on social media channels/forums and so on, it’s been a pleasure to see you guys enjoying the game and sharing your experiences with others. That encourages us to improve the game to its fullest potential!

Next Milestone is already set: 60.000 players in 30 days! Do you think we can reach it even faster?
We’re actively trying to reach this milestone by promoting the game and implementing our marketing strategies via new channels and also putting a greater impact on some existing channels which we are already active in!

Just a quick overview of our social media channels (at the moment of writing):

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Patch Notes – bug smashed


I’m happy to say that the illusive bug that’s been getting away every-time after being stomped, has finally been finished with a bug spray!

I’m talking about the sync/saving issue on BootCamp where users lost progress/PP/units bought. Thanks to several players who helped us pinpoint the issue with their feedback we managed to track it down to deploying troops – where indeed was some issue.


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Presenting STARTER Kit!

We’ve decided to create a new package to give all new players (existing players will not be left out of this deal either!) a new ONE-TIME Package called STARTER KIT. This special package can be bought ONE-TIME only!



– Gold Helmet –  gain 3000 Gold and 5000 Battle Stars extra (Gold Package Price is lowered by 60%!)
+ FREE Product: 2X Double Damage per Click (DPC) valid for 2 days (350 Gold value)
+ FREE Additional Product: 100 pack – Autoclicker (600 Gold value)
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