MonthSeptember 2018

HotKeys + Autoclicker Pause function added

Today we have added various HotKeys to the game to make it a bit more convenient to use various features! With that we also added the option to PAUSE/Unpause the AutoClicker. You can find the list of Hotkeys by going to settings -> Hotkeys. (If you were in the game make sure to refresh to see these changes properly!)

In short these are the Hotkeys:

Q / W… switches to Boot Camp / War Zone
A / S / D… switch support power to Land / Air / Sea
1… Autocliker Start/ Pause (while in War Zone)
2…start Support attacks (while in WarZone)
3…starts 30s double DPC if you have any (while in War Zone)
Esc… closes the last opened popup/window
Tab…opens/close chat from anywhere in game


We hope you enjoy these – unfortunately they can’t be customized, but we tried to set them up in the most convenient fashion!

War Clicks Team

Army Setup – ‘Upgrade to Tier’ added

Today, we have deployed an update that adds “Tiers” to HQ DPC upgrades in War Zone (in Army Setup). These tiers are reached as you upgrade a specific upgrade several times, and when reached add a multiplicator to DPC from that upgrade. This will help keep all type of HQ upgrades usable throughout the late game, and reduce over-dependant on support units.

New Army Setup_DPC Tier added

*As always with such updates we are initially conservative with multiplicators, so that we may adjust/increase them later on – as we will be doing many more balancing changes in the following weeks 😉

Development update 27th September

In this week we have deployed a few important game updates:
– ‘Starting Story’ for new players
– How to get more Gold in-game – new popup added
– New Switch Zone Screen animations
– Rank gained – reward info popup added

And resolved important bugs from the list:

-prevented a super rare bug that could result in resetting support units
– Autoclicker texts improved once showing use Autoclicker instead of cooldown
– Support Power animations not popping up through Free Gold popup, Re-Supply Truck popup, Daily Mission popup anymore
-Time challenge weird sounds resolved
-if not finishing the boss, switching to Boot Camp and going back allows you to attack it now
– can’t close the mission tab after finishing it – RESOLVED
– prevent deploying with 0 contractors in JS issue should be sorted
– AutoClicker animations and sounds now stop when running out of fuel
– AutoClicker stops after opening certain popups (daily mission, army setup)
– Competition popup – stats on details updated added

Hopefully, tomorrow we are releasing HOTKEYS, they are almost done, but will need a few additional checks so that all goes well once deployed. Moreover, we will also be releasing upgrade tiers in Army Setup for HQ DPC upgrades, that will enable us to ensure all sort of upgrades are worth it even in later stages!

Development update – Sep21

We have just deployed a few improvements that should improve your playing experience:

  • AC flash animation on out of fuel fixed
  • Daily mission score proper working now in all cases
  • Fuel rounding issue sorted in open case on JS
  • Sound no longer starts on focus during loading
  • How to get more Gold clarifications added (new popup)

We can’t wait to release new cool stuff that is planned for the next week!

Have fun! 😉

Team War Clicks

Wallpapers’ week!

First time on War Clicks – Wallpapers’ week!
During this special promo, we are lowering the prices for all Wallpapers! Many players are not even aware that you can upgrade the look of your Boot Camp / War Zone to make your experience that bit more immersive and make it that bit more fun for you! You can always change between your owned wallpapers according to your current mood and needs. So, be sure to get some till the end of the promo for quite cheap prices!


Feel the difference and get your playing experience to the next level!

Enjoy your day and all the best in the weekly competitions!

Team War Clicks

500K players!

3 days ago we hit a new Milestone with War Clicks official site – Half a million players!

500,000 players

500,000 players

We are growing fast, the year 2018 is a big step forward for War Clicks, massive improvements and additions have been released this year and we are fully working on new ones. We are happy that our players find the game interesting and amusing, as this is something that is pushing us forward.

We are pushing the game into the new heights, polishing the current version, improving the game characteristics, working on new additions. Hopefully we could soon also focus on a mobile-friendly version,…we also plan to add the game on some new valuable platforms, so it will hit a huge amount of new players this year. We are more and more confident with the game, as we believe it will soon become one of the biggest ‘players’ in the genre.

Are we ready for the next Milestone – 1 million players?

Buy MaxOCD added!

Yesterday, we added something a lot of you have been waiting for a long time to the game – „Buy MaxOCD option“ in Boot Camp! Having this option selected (part of the „buy X“ button choices), will buy as many units as possible to the highest milestone you can reach with your current Power Points. This makes it extremely especially convenient after deploying or privatizing, when you are shot through the early game and have to buy productions units like crazy!

Buy MaxOCD

On top of that, it saves you a bunch of clicks and time overall :) As we had to rework some core code to add this, we also did major optimizations to how our cost calculations work – so you should also notice a slight performance improvement – or at least have the game consume less RAM and CPU! We have a bunch of other quality of life improvements planned ahead, that will make the repetitive parts of the game less annoying to go through. This week, we also plan to deploy several balance/progression updates as well as other game improvements/bug fixes.

We’ve also uploaded some improvements to War Zone progress saving – where if there was a slight sync issue between frontend and backend, when reaching a PvP battle it would report an issue and revert all progress gained within the last update batch. This has now been fixed and if in any case some small discrepancy still happens (in 99%+ cases this was actually just 1 or 2 clicks differences), it will still save your progress minus that small discrepancy. So it won’t reset you several battles back, but only a few clicks of progress might be lost. Have fun buying huge with satisfying numbers :)

Team War Clicks

Development Update – Sep. 5

We’ve just deployed a few improvements to the game:

– Daily Rewards section, now known as Activity Rewards was finally updated with way better and updated rewards
– Adblock note was added (in cases when the user uses Ad-blocker and trying to complete tasks from one of our Offerwall providers)
– PvP – skip faster (so you don’t have to wait too much time on the Skip function)
– PvP buttons are now disabled and can’t be used within fighting
– Level progress circle is now more accurate, as we improved the functionality of showing the level progress
There are a bunch of interesting small bugs/improvements coming in the following days, so we can’t wait to release all of them to improve the overall experience of the game…

Team War Clicks

The reworked Convert has been deployed live!

Everyone had their converts reset to 1, so even if you used it today already you’ll be able to use it again now today!

The final implementation of how convert works follows the logic already presented here, but here are some final changes we did spot during testing, to make it better:

  • There will now be only 1 daily chance, as there is not much sense to make 2 daily for various reasons
  • Due to this Minimum Battle Stars reward has been changed from 5% to 7%, and Base max reward from 10% to 15%
  • (only for the curios minds :) ) – We’ve segmented the “boost relative to Power points” in “two 10-stage logarithmic segments”, to make it more sensible. A VERY rough simplified explanation of this is, that reaching the first “90% exponents” of the threshold is super quick, and the last 10% are a bit slower, so reaching each of these segments adds a 5% reward (100% total). This way it is both easy to get “the first 50%” of reward and always making convert valuable, where the other 50% incentivize you to get as close/over your last all-time-high.
  • After a lot of consideration we have also decided to change the “extra bonus multiplier” to simply add 10% extra reward for every 10x times you pass the “100 % convert” mark in amount of PP you convert. There was no good way of making this bonus really good/rewarding, without it ruining the experience of convert later down the road, so we opted for this simple solution, so that in case of converting a bit more you will still get a small bonus. But as it moves the next “100% threshold higher” it should in most cases not be worth it to wait for using convert past the 100% reward point.

Some final clarifications/notes/tips on using the convert “in the best way”:
The convert threshold for 100% reward is always set to your max “all time Power points gains”.
As Privatization points will add a sizeable boost to your reward multiplier, on top of trying to get as close to 100% reward every day will help alleviate some pressure/annoyance of that “quick deploy tactic” to farm support units, as the rewards will help you with buying more WZ upgrades.
If you can’t get to the 100% reward every day, do not despair – as even getting 20,30,50,80% of that can now have a huge impact on your WZ upgrades with this reworked formula!

We will also be working on reworked design&explanation of the Convert option, so if anything specific is unclear to you or you’d like to see with that, let us know so we may consider it.