Everyone had their converts reset to 1, so even if you used it today already you’ll be able to use it again now today!

The final implementation of how convert works follows the logic already presented here, but here are some final changes we did spot during testing, to make it better:

  • There will now be only 1 daily chance, as there is not much sense to make 2 daily for various reasons
  • Due to this Minimum Battle Stars reward has been changed from 5% to 7%, and Base max reward from 10% to 15%
  • (only for the curios minds :) ) – We’ve segmented the “boost relative to Power points” in “two 10-stage logarithmic segments”, to make it more sensible. A VERY rough simplified explanation of this is, that reaching the first “90% exponents” of the threshold is super quick, and the last 10% are a bit slower, so reaching each of these segments adds a 5% reward (100% total). This way it is both easy to get “the first 50%” of reward and always making convert valuable, where the other 50% incentivize you to get as close/over your last all-time-high.
  • After a lot of consideration we have also decided to change the “extra bonus multiplier” to simply add 10% extra reward for every 10x times you pass the “100 % convert” mark in amount of PP you convert. There was no good way of making this bonus really good/rewarding, without it ruining the experience of convert later down the road, so we opted for this simple solution, so that in case of converting a bit more you will still get a small bonus. But as it moves the next “100% threshold higher” it should in most cases not be worth it to wait for using convert past the 100% reward point.

Some final clarifications/notes/tips on using the convert “in the best way”:
The convert threshold for 100% reward is always set to your max “all time Power points gains”.
As Privatization points will add a sizeable boost to your reward multiplier, on top of trying to get as close to 100% reward every day will help alleviate some pressure/annoyance of that “quick deploy tactic” to farm support units, as the rewards will help you with buying more WZ upgrades.
If you can’t get to the 100% reward every day, do not despair – as even getting 20,30,50,80% of that can now have a huge impact on your WZ upgrades with this reworked formula!

We will also be working on reworked design&explanation of the Convert option, so if anything specific is unclear to you or you’d like to see with that, let us know so we may consider it.