MonthApril 2020

Spring Update – Part2

Here’s the additional update we just pushed live:

  • alliance note fix
  • pvp scale issue on fullscreen sorted
  • alliance note for next day reward added
  • video icon won’t show hover now when user already collect daily reward
  • some tweaks with buymax buttons in WZ to work better with sort
  • buy units cap setting for automation in BC increased to 10400 so it will work till e308
  • some additional checks added to hopefully prevent the “double background music” issue
  • some changes to starting missions, to reduce some weird cases
  • BC tutorial improvements not disappearing, removed some needles ones
  • unregistered accounts now properly see note to register on profile
  • fixed some issues with CHQ reward conditions
  • changed revert popup text to be more clear it’s probably NOT user issue
  • changed “video icon”opacity after you claim reward

Spring Update

Hey all!

We’ve just released the biggest update of the year, which focuses on improved balance, better play experience and also improves some of our Country HQ features – which are now worth more than ever to participate in!

Important Note: If you are reading this while already playing for a while, please refresh the game as otherwise some things might stop working with this update.

A few of the major update changes:

  • Video ads are no longer a thing. All of the video rewards have been moved to “Daily activity rewards” in War Zone (icon next to spin the wheel), which have been extended to accommodate for them. Now you will get 24hours of x2 production with a single click!

  • Participating in each alliance fight will give you 3.5 days worth of x2 DPC!
    We’ve added a daily task system to Country HQ features to incentivize more people to do them regularly!

  • Buy max/tier option was added to HQ DPC upgrades

  • New HQ tiers, research upgrades, 2 new goal tiers… and much more!

We hope you enjoy the updates!

P.S.: Don’t forget that until 10th May you can find a special promo code (extra rewards) within the shop – gold section!

Easter Egg Hunt Event started!

Easter is almost here and we have a special holiday-related mission to complete! Easter bunny and his pals are already waiting on your commands, as they heard that you are a great war strategist with great fighting skills!? So, they thought that you might be able to help them finish their mission… But are you capable of taking charge of the funny Easter ‘army’?

We’ve increased the rewards on the rankings of this Event, make sure to reach highest ranks possible, it’s worth it

Easter Egg Hunt War Clicks Game

Easter Egg Hunt War Clicks Game

(Final Standings/ Reward – Boot Camp Production Boost)

  • #1 (30%)
  • #2 (28%)
  • #3 (26%)
  • #4-5 (24%)
  • #6-10 (22%)
  • #11-25 (20%)
  • #26-50 (19%)
  • #51-100 (18%)
  • #101-250 -(17%)
  • #251-500-(15%)
  • #501-1000 (12%)
  • #1001-100000 (10%)

Also, don’t forget to collect extra rewards you can use within the game by sharing the egg-citement to highest countries possible. A player who will egg-cite the highest ranked country will be given a unique Winner Title /the Titles may be found within your profiles

Easter Egg hunt Event ends on Wednesday, April 15th (14.00 GMT).

Have fun and good luck!
Play: Easter Egg Hunt Event on War Clicks

War Clicks Team

Quarantine Power Boosts

This Covid-19 situation is affecting us all over the world, and most of us are now quarantined.

Measures like quarantining seem to be the best to help slow down the spread so medical organizations can keep up, but we realize being “caged” to our apartments can be tough for many of us.

If you haven't yet...This might be a great chance to invite your friends to to start playing War Clicks within your country ;)

If you haven’t yet…This might be a great chance to invite your friends to to start playing War Clicks within your country ;)

So during these times, we want to do our bit to help you all through this period and help keep you occupied and entertained. So we are running the ”longest event ever made on War Clicks” – a 40-day quarantine “event” (ends on 10th May) where you will get a x2 Boot Camp production multiplier and a x2 War Zone DPC multiplier.

We also want to give back to our community and help make these 40 days as exciting for you as possible!

We are giving 40% extra gold on all regular gold packages and a 20% boost on Crazy Gold Drop throughout this duration!

Each day, you will also find a special promo code (with free rewards to claim) within this shop, that you can use only on that day!

We also posted some more details of what updates we will be working on in April – check it out here.

Stay safe 😉

Update plan for April

Hey everyone!

We’re happy to let you know that we intend to do more updates in April than in recent months, here is a quick recap of the main things we will be working on:

– On top of the quarantine boosts, there will be a short event around Easter– We will be removing video ads completely. X2 production boost from video ads will be replaced and now received simply by claiming the day’s activity rewards -> you will get this on top of any existing rewards. Gold & fuel rewards from War Zone ads, will be added to activity rewards as well. Exact details of how activity rewards will be changed we don’t have yet, but you will still receive everything you otherwise received via ads.

 Adding at least some of the following as research upgrades (which ones and how many of them exactly, depends on time available) : WZ HQ upgrades/rank/level multipliers, Let users finish Country Invasions with 1 click, removing fuel overflow on x2/x3 DPC, faster research times…

– re-balance WZ HQ upgrades tiers further (Above e50 cost)- After much deliberation, we will not be doing a “full Country HQ rework”, as changing existing content drastically gets very mixed response from our players. There is no simple solution to various current issues that would satisfy everyone and also be relatively easy/quick to build and something we could afford at this moment. We will instead be looking into several ways to improve the current structure, balance and rewards. We will also look into some potential ways to change/adjust countries. As always, if you have any ideas/thoughts on this, we have a whole discord channel dedicated to this topic here:

– We’ll be looking into some PvP improvements, at the very least some quality of life Continue reading