MonthDecember 2017

Special Sale – 25% off

Today & tomorrow we are having a Special Sale on WarClicks, grab the chance and get your best Gold package cheaper!

Special sale

Special sale

80,000 players

Saturday 80,000 after two days almost 81,000 players!! That’s a trend we’d like to focus on in our current marketing efforts on promoting the game. We are currently in touch with some youtubers, meaning that we’ll have even more appealing materials to share around and yeah, it should looks really good with all new graphics and added mechanics.

Lots of new coverage should Warclicks get in December, Big plans with reworked version will finally pop up!

Every player of our great WarClicks community can help us grow! Every post on Facebook, Twitter / Reddit / your preferred forum / comments on blogs / comments on YouTube / are a valuable tools which can help us grow! Don’t forget to use your referral link, so that you’ll receive rewards for doing so!

Can you imagine if every player would send just a few emails to their gaming friends, how much rewards you will get and how your Country will expand and how WarClicks would expand the userbase!?

If you have a few minutes just now, don’t hesitate and go into action immediately. Post your referral link on Facebook with a few words for start and see how much players will join under your name!
If you need texts/pics/videos go to: or find other interesting pics on our official FB page:

Thank you all for supporting us so far and thank you for sharing the word around, as we believe that Warclicks is now in a stage with HUGE potential to grow exponentially! And once more thank you all for any feedbacks on any related bugs within a game, as we try to polish the game as much as we can, so that you guys will really enjoy in the game and all of its features. A lot of optimization processes are still on our to-do lists in the following days/weeks!

Stay tuned 😉


WarClicks has made it into TOP 100 Indie Games of 2017!

We just opened the mail and seen this message:

WarClicks is in the FINALS of Best Indie Games of 2017

WarClicks is in the FINALS of Best Indie Games of 2017

Out of 2,204 games competing for best indie game of 2017 we’ve made it into Top 100!!
A huge success for the game and its potential for a lot of future publicity. We are now one step closer to achieving even greater results with the game!

Now the top 100 games are entering the second 10-day voting round, to determine the top games!
And WarClicks has every chance to make it to the top of the list!  There are some huge games competing now, but with a complete graphical overhaul and added game mechanics never seen in this genre, we have lots of potentials to reach a great result.  As it already turned out, lots of players supported us so far in the first round, thank you!

We now need help of every one of you once more to help us climb towards the top in this final round!

Voting takes just a few seconds:
(We won’t be angry if you share this link with your family and friends 😉 )

Thanks in advance for your support!

Note: Every member from the IndieDB community who votes, has a chance to win a game from IndieDB #modlove collection.
The winning indie teams will be heavily promoted across IndieDB network!

Help section updated

As a result of lots of new functions and changed game mechanics we updated Help section and added more ‘Question boxes’ in the game, so everyone playing Warclicks should get a clearer picture on how a specific feature works. If you still find something that is not described enough or something that you still need more information about, please let us know by leaving a comment below this post.


As we would like to make the game more understandable for new players, we appreciate every tip regarding adding/explaining features in more detail.

We also added a Help button near Settings & Game menu, so you can easily read & get to know a bit more about main mechanics and PvP, Boss Fights, Country Invasion, Army Privatization as well.

Help button added

Help button added

Info on bug fixes and improvements in the past few days

Hey all!

We just wanted to drop some info about the recent improvements/bug fixes in the past few days to help shed some clarity on what’s been sorted and what not, so if there’s some issues you still spot let us know about it and we will resolve them as quickly as possible!

Fixes: – Massive improvements on WarZone progression/state checking (main cause of “reinitiating before PvP battles”). This means that units drops, battle stars, daily tasks, achievements, unit kills, damage done, mission rewards, wheel rewards, tc… basically any warzone related action should now be properly saved. So if you still spot any inconsistencies please do let us know about it so we might investigate further!

  • battle type achievements and units destroyed achievements weren’t being checked properly, so you might notice getting them for “the past”
  • some WZ upgrades were causing small miscalculations with DPC
  • icons showing up/popping up should be properly sorted
  • pvp battle simulation improvements
  • addition of help popups on most confusing/important features
  • help section reworked with new information

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Welcome to a new version of WarClicks!

On Friday we have deployed the massive WarClicks rework – biggest update to date!

The rework pushes the quality and extent of the game far beyond where the old version was, opening us to bigger markets and much bigger potential! Some of the main changes also bring our vision to life, making it the first game in its genre where active and idle play interconnect and affect each other tons more than in other games that touch the same note.
It brings something new to the fast-growing genre, and something we plan to focus a lot of our marketing efforts on. It is one of the main appeals of the game, as well as a “mechanic” in itself, that allows for not only extended gameplay time, but also makes it far more interesting as a multiplayer game as it opens the game up to tons more strategies!

Before we get to the details I’d like to take the opportunity to ask you all to take a few minutes, and vote for us on IndieDB, as it has a voting event, which can help us bring more publicity and help us market the game.

Every vote counts so please take a few seconds and vote for us at:

Vote for War Clicks in the 2017 Indie of the Year Awards

Massive update

Massive update

The rework is a huge upgrade to the game, here is a quick recap of the extent and the main changes:

– Full rework of WarZone code, as well as massive improvements to its core mechanics
-Full User Interface and Design overhaul, that not just increase its overall quality and makes it more modern, but also improves the usability a lot
– Massive frontend optimizations, making the game run smoother on all devices. It also introduces us for some minor adjustments needed for the game to be neatly playable on mobile, as well as ports better into various online platforms
– Massive backend optimizations, making the game more scalable and reliable (better sync of progress – minus initial live issues we have been sorting)
– Massive improvements to how progression works, making the game playable for longer periods and more enjoyable/less repetitive
– Introduction of a “second prestige” to BootCamp, which makes BootCamp playable and interesting on the long-term. On top of it serving as one of the major connections to WarZone as it reenables you to be able to deploy tons of troops to WarZone
– Far more interesting gameplay on WarZone – Boss Battles, several types of upgrades and where you specialize in and unique simulations of PvP battles, that introduces the multiplayer aspect to the player and makes it that much more interesting. It also serves as a great “pause” between all that clicking and something to just enjoy watching!
– We’ve also reworked the concept of getting into the game to increase conversion and enhance guest/player experience. Instead of simply loading the game on first visit, the homepage for non-players is now a landing page, that shows the main appeals of the game – and with a single click of a button you can get to play it! This makes the game much more sharable and easier to promote in any type of channel.

Although the first few days have been a bit rocky, as we were dealing with some Continue reading