MonthDecember 2017

New BootCamp & Army Privatization – Video

Feel free to check out new video of Jman37X and get to know more about BootCamp and its features to understand the game better and to gain more benefits against your opponents!

If there are still more questions about some features not described enough, please let us know and we’ll try to explain you in more details!

Enjoy watching the video 😉

Year’s at an end – make the final days count!

As the year is coming to a close, we wanted to give you a quick recap of what’s going on with WarClicks and how we’ll be starting off in January!

WarClicks Cover

WarClicks Cover

In the 1st week of January we will be adding many new upgrades and balance changes to both WarZone and BootCamp, to ensure late game progression remains dynamic and fun! Get ready to purchase those upgrades before your opponents do!

As our the biggest update to game this December was a bit bumpy (many bugs and issues we were still resolving) we realize it might have made the game much less fun to play – but we’re happy to say that we’ve continuously worked to get rid of the issues as fast as possible and have cleaned the game up, and it now provides a much better experience to play! We’re working on making it even better with several updates coming shortly that will improve various parts of the game that haven’t had much attention lately.

Lastly, we will be having a massive sale during New Year’s, so if you want to stock up one some cheap gold keep an eye on the shop during the final days of the year!
We hope you’re having lovely holidays and wish you the best in the year to come 😉

WarClicks team

Player vs. Player (PvP) battles – examples

How to get the most out of your PvP battle experience?

After implementing a completely new feature never seen in this genre before, we find it important to show it also on specific examples.

What are PvP battles and how they works?


Every 10th battle is a PvP battle that pits you against other players. In other words, it’s a simulation battle against other players’ statistics and their current progress based on calculations of Support Units*

*All Trained units deployed/sent from BootCamp into WarZone; Support units are divided into 3 different groups – Land Units (Assault Vehicle, Infantry Fighting vehicle, Main battle tank, Self propelled artillery, Mobile rocker launcher), Air Units (Attack helicopter, Fighter, Super bomber) and Sea Units (Nuclear attack submarine, Massive battle cruiser) ).
PvP battles are played in WarZone!

How to start a PvP battle?

Whenever player Deploys Troops from BootCamp to Warzone, more Support Units are added and with that player immediately more has power when fighting battles, the same stands for PvP battles – by having more Support Units your power goes up.

Deploy Troops to gain more power in WarZone

Deploy Troops to gain more power in WarZone

Go to WarZone and check your power

Go to WarZone and check your power


Entering a PvP Battle…
System is looking for your opponents…

Entering PvP battles

Entering PvP battles

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Merry Christmas!

As holidays are near, WarClicks is generous as well! We are giving you a 40% off on ALL Gold Packages (Valid on 24th and 25th of December). Now you have the chance to get them a lot cheaper, so why not taking this advantage!?

We wish you all a Marry, Marry Christmas!

Sale - 24th & 25th of December

Sale – 24th & 25th of December

Patches and bugfixes – 7th – 22nd December

WarClicks Patch notes

WarClicks Patch notes

The past 14 days we’ve been consistently improving the game – bugfixes, optimizations and various other improvements.

  • Spin the Wheel gold collect bug fixed
  • Removed score from achievements as it resulted in weird scenarios/Experience as it’s now changed in both worlds
  • Press page overhaul

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TOP 50 Game development blogs

Founder of Feedspot just contacted us to congratulate us that our Game development blog about WarClicks made the cut for TOP 50 Game Development Blogs, as selected by their panelist. You might find one of the biggest players in gaming industry there such as Gamasutra, Reddit-r/gaming, Kongregate, GDC, …. And WarClicks currently on 22nd position!!

Woov, what a day! :)

We’ve also been awarded a badge we are showing here for the first time:

WarClicks badge - TOP 50 Game dev blogs

WarClicks badge – TOP 50 Game dev blogs

As the badge means that we are doing something right, we are now even more motivated to give you guys even better content on game development topics.
We are proud on being recognized as one of the uprising studios in the game industry, so we decided from now on to show the badge on the left side of the blog!

We’re happy to receive such credit – but without all of you, the players and other readers of our blog, we wouldn’t make it to the TOP. Thank you all for supporting us and we hope to give you back some quality articles in the future!

WarClicks Trailer

A complete graphical overhaul pushed us to update our Trailer we want to share with all indie game lovers.
Feel free to check it out and share it with your friends and let them know what you’re playing!

Special Sale – 25% off

Today & tomorrow we are having a Special Sale on WarClicks, grab the chance and get your best Gold package cheaper!

Special sale

Special sale

80,000 players

Saturday 80,000 after two days almost 81,000 players!! That’s a trend we’d like to focus on in our current marketing efforts on promoting the game. We are currently in touch with some youtubers, meaning that we’ll have even more appealing materials to share around and yeah, it should looks really good with all new graphics and added mechanics.

Lots of new coverage should Warclicks get in December, Big plans with reworked version will finally pop up!

Every player of our great WarClicks community can help us grow! Every post on Facebook, Twitter / Reddit / your preferred forum / comments on blogs / comments on YouTube / are a valuable tools which can help us grow! Don’t forget to use your referral link, so that you’ll receive rewards for doing so!

Can you imagine if every player would send just a few emails to their gaming friends, how much rewards you will get and how your Country will expand and how WarClicks would expand the userbase!?

If you have a few minutes just now, don’t hesitate and go into action immediately. Post your referral link on Facebook with a few words for start and see how much players will join under your name!
If you need texts/pics/videos go to: or find other interesting pics on our official FB page:

Thank you all for supporting us so far and thank you for sharing the word around, as we believe that Warclicks is now in a stage with HUGE potential to grow exponentially! And once more thank you all for any feedbacks on any related bugs within a game, as we try to polish the game as much as we can, so that you guys will really enjoy in the game and all of its features. A lot of optimization processes are still on our to-do lists in the following days/weeks!

Stay tuned 😉


WarClicks has made it into TOP 100 Indie Games of 2017!

We just opened the mail and seen this message:

WarClicks is in the FINALS of Best Indie Games of 2017

WarClicks is in the FINALS of Best Indie Games of 2017

Out of 2,204 games competing for best indie game of 2017 we’ve made it into Top 100!!
A huge success for the game and its potential for a lot of future publicity. We are now one step closer to achieving even greater results with the game!

Now the top 100 games are entering the second 10-day voting round, to determine the top games!
And WarClicks has every chance to make it to the top of the list!  There are some huge games competing now, but with a complete graphical overhaul and added game mechanics never seen in this genre, we have lots of potentials to reach a great result.  As it already turned out, lots of players supported us so far in the first round, thank you!

We now need help of every one of you once more to help us climb towards the top in this final round!

Voting takes just a few seconds:
(We won’t be angry if you share this link with your family and friends 😉 )

Thanks in advance for your support!

Note: Every member from the IndieDB community who votes, has a chance to win a game from IndieDB #modlove collection.
The winning indie teams will be heavily promoted across IndieDB network!