Player vs. Player (PvP) battles – examples

How to get the most out of your PvP battle experience?

After implementing a completely new feature never seen in this genre before, we find it important to show it also on specific examples.

What are PvP battles and how they works?


Every 10th battle is a PvP battle that pits you against other players. In other words, it’s a simulation battle against other players’ statistics and their current progress based on calculations of Support Units*

*All Trained units deployed/sent from BootCamp into WarZone; Support units are divided into 3 different groups – Land Units (Assault Vehicle, Infantry Fighting vehicle, Main battle tank, Self propelled artillery, Mobile rocker launcher), Air Units (Attack helicopter, Fighter, Super bomber) and Sea Units (Nuclear attack submarine, Massive battle cruiser) ).
PvP battles are played in WarZone!

How to start a PvP battle?

Whenever player Deploys Troops from BootCamp to Warzone, more Support Units are added and with that player immediately more has power when fighting battles, the same stands for PvP battles – by having more Support Units your power goes up.

Deploy Troops to gain more power in WarZone

Deploy Troops to gain more power in WarZone

Go to WarZone and check your power

Go to WarZone and check your power


Entering a PvP Battle…
System is looking for your opponents…

Entering PvP battles

Entering PvP battles

603 – A sum of all Land Units Deployed to WarZone

603 – A sum of all Land Units Deployed to WarZone

Choose one of three opponents that best suits your power and attacking abilities and then Fight PvP battle. Note: Choosing only opponents that are far beyond your power will results in getting less Score, than beating stronger opponents. However, stronger opponents are harder to beat, check their statistics and find a strategy that best suits your attacking power and your fighting style.

Choosing opponents...

Choosing opponents…


System chooses Battle type randomly… Is it going to be an Air / Land or Sea Battle?
Random battles are something you can not predict, it depends on your strategy of fighting… Will you focus on upgrading only one Battle type or will you distribute the power between all of them equally?

Preparing for battle

Preparing for battle


You are fighting in waves (one unit type fights at a time) until one of the players loses power of all units.
What does Fire icon on specific unit mean?
We call it berserk mode – on every single wave/unit there is a 30% chance to get this special power,  Berserk mode multiplies power of specific unit in that wave by 2x.

Battle waves

Battle waves and Berserk mode

Total_unit_power = $playerLevel  + (unit_count  * supportUnitsBasePvpPower  * $pvpUnitUpgradeMX); Multiplied further by 1.1x if user is attacker. Multiplied further by 2x if berserk mode on wave (30% chance) – applicable only in current wave.

How is Unit’s power/hp determined?


Land Units/basic power:
Assault Vehicle /0.1
Infantry Fighting vehicle /0.15
Main battle tank /0.2
Self-propelled artillery /0.25
Mobile rocker launcher /0.3

Air Units /basic power:
Attack helicopter /0.35
Fighter /0.4
Super bomber /0.45

Sea Units /basic power:
Nuclear attack submarine /0.5
Massive battle cruiser /0.55

Every specific Unit has its own multiplicators, such as PvP unit upgrades, which multiply Specific unit’s power by 1.05! ($pvpUnitUpgradeMx = 1.05^countofPvpUpgradesForUnit)
At the end of the battle player loses some units (max. of 5% of overall of each unit per wave, percentage based on relative strength of wave compared to opponents) in numbers and if won, can also receive up to 10 % of Score depending on the power of chosen opponent!

PvP battle results

PvP battle results


Completing a PvP battle (regardless of result) will result in getting a special PvP point, which you can later use in PvP upgrades (Army Setup) to make your Units stronger in upcoming PvP battles.

PvP upgrades

PvP upgrades


  1. A few other things to consider:

    1) The harder the opponent you choose, there is higher probability that you might lose the fight, in this case you get 0 score. If you are planning to move on the rankings, better keep working on your own power before playing the fights. If you cannot increase your power soon enough, play the easiest opponent you can find. You could by lucky waves / small advantage win; better something than nothing.

    2) If you lose the battle or choose a hard opponent, you will probably lose an outstanding amount of units no matter you win or lose…. and the DPC drop will be considerable.

    Depending on your strategy, make sure to plan ahead what is worth more, attempt to rise your score a lot or mantain your units for another try later.

    3) Keep your privatize until you are able to get the most out of it. If you are just gonna use them to get a higher boost on Boot Camp, you are doing it wrong… (partially).

    • Well put!

      Especially the last part about privatizing can be an extremely important part for optimized strategy.

      We will be doing some updates in the next two weeks that will improve PvP and progression in general and make it more fun to play!

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