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Player vs. Player (PvP) battles – examples

How to get the most out of your PvP battle experience?

After implementing a completely new feature never seen in this genre before, we find it important to show it also on specific examples.

What are PvP battles and how they works?


Every 10th battle is a PvP battle that pits you against other players. In other words, it’s a simulation battle against other players’ statistics and their current progress based on calculations of Support Units*

*All Trained units deployed/sent from BootCamp into WarZone; Support units are divided into 3 different groups – Land Units (Assault Vehicle, Infantry Fighting vehicle, Main battle tank, Self propelled artillery, Mobile rocker launcher), Air Units (Attack helicopter, Fighter, Super bomber) and Sea Units (Nuclear attack submarine, Massive battle cruiser) ).
PvP battles are played in WarZone!

How to start a PvP battle?

Whenever player Deploys Troops from BootCamp to Warzone, more Support Units are added and with that player immediately more has power when fighting battles, the same stands for PvP battles – by having more Support Units your power goes up.

Deploy Troops to gain more power in WarZone

Deploy Troops to gain more power in WarZone

Go to WarZone and check your power

Go to WarZone and check your power


Entering a PvP Battle…
System is looking for your opponents…

Entering PvP battles

Entering PvP battles

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Boss fights – what losses are you willing to take?

When it comes to the upcoming rework, one of the final pieces of the puzzle are Boss Fights. They are not being added for the sake of just improving WarZone, but also introduce some new mechanics, an extra connection with BootCamp and expand the arsenal of progression strategies.

The one thing the current version is really missing, are “stepping stones” or progression obstacles to make WarZone feel much less linear. Making it feel more fun and make users think how to tackle these big challenges was one of our main goals here. We initially wanted to achieve this with our defense mechanic, but it simply doesn’t work as we wanted to, as it’s really tricky to handle progression/rewards with it and it doesn’t really fit well into our core game loop.

Boss fights

Boss fights

So with the rework, defense will be removed, and Boss Battles are (sort of) taking its place, but in a much cooler way!

Boss Battles will be extra tough enemies (appear every 5 battles –  note that every Continue reading

PvP battles – all is fair in love and war

Today we want to introduce you to one of the things we’re looking most forward to as part of the rework – PvP (player vs player) battles!

This rework is a perfect time for us to add to the game something that has not been done to an extent we wanted to – a bigger feel of competitiveness and strategy, as well as making the core of WarZone less repetitive and more exciting.

We have been looking at tons of options to achieve that and have after careful consideration narrowed it down to something we feel will integrate extremely well into the core experience.

WarZone is a dangerous and competitive place – not only do you fight to proceed through battles and increase your power, now every 10th battle will also be a test of your strength and how well you fair against other players.

PvP battles - choose your opponent

PvP battles – choose your opponent

In PvP battles you will get a chance to fight with one of several opponents, who will be similar to you in strength – who you choose to fight is up to you as you might have strengths over someone. To aid you in your choice basic information about the Continue reading