MonthNovember 2018

Major progression improvements/rebalance – part 1

Yesterday we’ve uploaded the first set of progression changes, that will affect (increase) your Boot Camp gains.

Specifically what was changed:

Privatization point boost multiplier has been reduced to 1.025 from 1.03 (or from 1.05 in some user cases).

Boot Camp upgrades were vastly increased at almost all stages of the game (Starting mainly from e20+) and made more impactful (before it was mainly just 2x, now you’ll fine even up to x50 multipliers!). Progress at e110+ was slightly increased, and upgrades post e150+ have also been added.

Progression improvements

Progression improvements

Before you might think that reduced privatization points multiplier will reduce your overall gain – fear not, as the increased upgrades more than make up for that loss, and will at least maintain your previous production – for most users at most points it will actually be significantly increased!

If you haven’t read it yet, the reasoning for the above was explained in more detail in our previous post found here, but in short: Over the past year or so we have ended up segregating users into 2-3 groups with slightly different upgrade or privatization boosts for various reasons. Via this we also learned that progression based more on upgrades makes for a much more exciting and strategic experience (as there’s more to do constantly and your upgrade choices have more weight), on top of also making it a mess for us to make regular balance improvements easily due to the “3 user groups”. So unifying this via the same privatization boost and same set of upgrades make it much easier to manage.

This also means that users from different groups, might also be affected differently at specific stages – but they will now all follow the exactly same progression curve.

As it’s hard to give exact changes of all the upgrade multipliers etc. that were done, (and most users do not bother with it), we won’t bore you with the details, but are willing to provide more specific details of the exact changes/Differences at different points, just let us know in this post 😉

In the following days/up to two weeks, we’ll be releasing sets of other balance changes to make your experience even better – the followups will mainly address various things in War Zone. There are also some balance backups we’ll have ready with the release of Country vs Country, that will touch a few other progression issues in the game.

We hope you enjoy the new gained boosts 😉

War Clicks team

Coming out this week…

Hey everyone,

This week we have one of the most anticipated and needed set of updates coming up – major balance and progression improvements! These will address many issues where users are not getting a great experience, as the game is too slow, or feels imbalanced, and just simply the numbers don’t seem as fine tuned as they could be.

In short, we will mainly be addressing privatization boosts, upgrades in Boot Camp, unit strengths in War Zone, War Zone upgrade costs, achievement/level/rank rewards and some other tid bits.

As the game is live with thousands of players it is imperative to us that we do these changes in such a manner that it doesn’t ruin your experience at any point, for anyone – i.e. That you’d have significantly slower progression after the update. So worry not about that, as one of the reasons why this is taking so long is due to us preparing tons of test accounts at various points, to ensure we don’t degrade the experience, but improve it!

The updates will be rolled out in a few sets, starting with privatization boost changes and/or vast upgrades’ multipliers improvements and addition of new in Boot Camp, especially at late game – this first set will be rolled out on Tuesday this week! While we will publish more specific changes as they are rolled out, here is a quick summary Continue reading