Hey everyone,

This week we have one of the most anticipated and needed set of updates coming up – major balance and progression improvements! These will address many issues where users are not getting a great experience, as the game is too slow, or feels imbalanced, and just simply the numbers don’t seem as fine tuned as they could be.

In short, we will mainly be addressing privatization boosts, upgrades in Boot Camp, unit strengths in War Zone, War Zone upgrade costs, achievement/level/rank rewards and some other tid bits.

As the game is live with thousands of players it is imperative to us that we do these changes in such a manner that it doesn’t ruin your experience at any point, for anyone – i.e. That you’d have significantly slower progression after the update. So worry not about that, as one of the reasons why this is taking so long is due to us preparing tons of test accounts at various points, to ensure we don’t degrade the experience, but improve it!

The updates will be rolled out in a few sets, starting with privatization boost changes and/or vast upgrades’ multipliers improvements and addition of new in Boot Camp, especially at late game – this first set will be rolled out on Tuesday this week! While we will publish more specific changes as they are rolled out, here is a quick summary of what we’ll be doing and why:

As War Clicks has been out for almost 2 years and had some major reworks in the past, we on the way came to face some issues with making some balance changes for newer users and also ran some tests of what feels best to most players. This process unfortunately resulted in some numbers/multiplicators being different for a few sets of players (specifically a different privatization multiplier on warclicks.com and for example different set of BC upgrades on Kongregate). And whilst these differences had their pros and cons and overall kept things quite similar between the „versions“, it still caused some offsets between different users. Which not only made things slightly different for some users, it also ended up making balance changes A LOT harder for us, as we always had to consider 2-3 groups of different users and ensure that any progression changes didn’t affect any group negatively.

So we wanted to properly take time for this balancing and take the best from all these differences to not only give EVERYONE (on all platforms/versions) the best experience but also ensure that we can do any future balancing much more quickly and better!

The most clear example of this issue is the privatization multiplier, which varies from 1.02 to 1.05 between a few sets of users/platforms. Note that these are currently offset with higher upgrade multipliers in cases of a lower privatization MX, which we found out creates a much better, more enjoyable and a more controllable progression curve (giving us the option to keep the experience great at all game stages).

This will be one of the main changes, as we will be unifying privatization multiplier to 1.025 for everyone! Specifically for Kongregate users this means that privatizations will give a bigger punch, especially at late game, while for WarClicks/ArmorGames users this means that their privatization multiplier will take a big hit. HOWEVER, Kongregate’s much better set of upgrades will be joined over to WC/AG , which will make up for the loss in privatization multiplier.

Moreover, additional upgrade multipliers will be added, as well as new upgrades at later stages of the game, extending exciting and fun progression further into the game FOR EVERYONE! In short, everyone will now have the same progression and upgrades, and most importantly – progression speed will be increased for all at the most stagnant game points!

This privatization MX and BC upgrades improvement and unification is one of the biggest challenges we had to face, and once done it will set up a baseline for all following balance changes, which will be deployed in days following this update!

So starting Monday/Tuesday expect your production to increase in Boot Camp and those players at the top of the curve expect a ton of new upgrades to be added 😉
*Note: For a very small player sample it is possible that immediately after the update will be deployed you might see a slightly slower production speed, but after buying a few upgrades (more or less immediately as some upgrade order will be switched at late game) your production will definitely be higher than before.

Following Tuesday, we will be then rolling out other various balancing changes in the following days, mainly regarding War Zone. These will mostly be increases in speed and improvements in experience at later stages of War Zone.

On top of all these balancing improvements, once our Country vs Country feature is complete (estimated at end of November) it will tie into progression of both Boot Camp and War Zone and help resolve some of the major issues the game currently has: not being able to produce enough support losses to keep up, making “long deploys” and privatization more valuable, losing less units in PvPs/Boss fights.

So don’t expect the balance updates in the following 2 weeks to resolve every single thing – they will be the backbone of the progression improvements, but there’s a bigger picture we have to have in mind with upcoming CvC that will tie awesomely into some of the remaining Boot Camp and War Zone issues 😉