MonthApril 2016

Follow your progress and climb the rankings

We are happy to let you know, that in our most recent update we have added various new rankings and created a page dedicated specifically to showing you various rankings of players and countries. This gives you much better insight into how you and your friends are progressing the game and what it will take to beat them and climb to the top of the rankings yourself!

clicker winner

Check the full stats at

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War Clicks on sites such as AlmostIdle and Incremental games!

We’d like to announce that War Clicks has been added to some of the biggest sites that list the top games for our niche – idle incremental games. To highlight some of them – is a great source of finding and ranking incremental and idle games, and where you can now also find War Clicks to play/ rate /check the review.

Top rated AlmostIdle


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Rankings – quick update

We are taking forums, blogs, social media and other channels very seriously, and the efforts are paying off as the traffic to our site is growing and so is the active player base. Checkout the rankings below:

TOP rankings


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Refer a friend

It’s a war out there soldier and we need every single new recruit we can find. Help us spread the word to get new recruits and you will be rewarded for every single one of them who helps out! Let’s help out our country and make it the strongest as it will benefit all of us!

How referring system actually works?

Simply send your referral link to your friends – share it on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn, Instagram or any other social sites you are using and we will give you rewards to claim as the user plays.

Be sure to use your referral link, as only in that case we can link that player to you and give reward you properly for your efforts!

Referrals - share

What is a referral link?

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How War Clicks actually works?

Clicking system is based on special mechanic, which limits player’s active clicking time to make the game more intriguing – by using fuel which is needed for attacking. Once you run out of fuel, you have different possibilities of gaining more and continue playing:

  1. Start defending your country to avoid your country being overrun by enemies deducting a part of your score on the next day (if your country is not successfully defended during the day, your overall score will get lowered by a small portion).
  2. Once your troops are rested, you can complete Time Challenges, to refuel your forces and continue fighting. Each day players can refuel via Time Challenges 5 times – but more opportunities can be gathered via various other in-game features.
  3. By buying fuel via upgrades – in the upgrade section players have the possibility to buy additional fuel barrels using BattleStars (BS) to continue attacking.
  4. Enemies also can randomly drop additional fuel barrels that will refuel a portion of your fuel – but you need to be quick to collect them or else they will disappear!

War Clicks Time Challenge

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