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Spring is here and so is the Easter!

Easter can be a great time to take a few days off, to enjoy doing what you love the most, surrounded by the people you like, surrounded by games you love and much more…

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Easter Extra 50%

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Happy Easter!

Our road to 300K players!

– Wasn’t easy!
– ‘Newbies’ in game development industry
– Our ‘first game’
– Changing the game concept in the middle of game development
– Listening to player feedback
– Searching/ reading/ playing games in main/competitive niches
– …
– We’ve made it!

War Clicks was started as a smaller side project of Gamex studio back in 2016. Looking back, I must say that 2016 was a year of preparing basic game specifications, searching for the right game core mechanisms, basically just trying to develop a small clicking game for starters. Yeah, we actually had some sort of a strategy prepared for developing even a small game with simple mechanics :)


Back then we were newbies of how to release an independent game. We had no audience, no player base, no testers, and little experience in developing games… But, we were determined to develop a game our players will enjoy to play. Instead of having some crazy fears, we had commitment & passion for developing games, working hard, never stopped believing, never stopped fighting! Our belief gets us where we are nowadays! We developed a game that gets a lot of exposure, a lot of players and most importantly a lovely community our team is very proud of!

But, when first putting War Clicks on the market, we got a completely different feedback as we hoped for. It helped us realize that we won’t get far, if going just with the mechanics we thought would be fun, but according to the feedback wasn’t. We needed to change something,… well not just something, but a lot! We started to search for the best game concept, trying to add a few new features at first. We searched around, read long texts late in the night, played other competitive games and searched for best ways to market the game. But, all that wasn’t enough! We realized we needed to create something new for our existing players.

At that time, we’d already been aware that we’d like to create a game where players would like to continue playing for months, even years. But off the bat, we didn’t have a game that could interest players to play for more than just a few days. It was hard, as any players we managed to get were not finding it entertaining enough to play for longer periods of time, so we were losing them as fast as we were gaining them. We decided to build a completely new world, now known as Boot Camp, to offer our players a game where idle and clicking type of game meets. We were aware that we’ve created something unique in the industry. We knew that success will come soon, but still didn’t get the immediate results we all hoped for.

Biggest achievements of War Clicks in 2016:

  • Launched on 17th March 2016
  • Ranking tables added
  • Referral system implemented
  • Daily Missions
  • New currency added – Gold
  • Shop with new items
  • Country Invasion
  • Tutorials
  • Auto Clicker
  • Completely new world- Boot Camp
  • Partnership


All of those updates resulted in: 18,000 players Total (by the end of the year)
In 2017 we developed:

  • Milestones
  • Daily Tasks
  • Voting System
  • Special Investors
  • Weekly competitions
  • Bribe Army Contractors
  • Buy OCD
  • Starter KIT
  • Break the Line (Country Invasion)
  • Specialized Trainers
  • Press KIT
  • Splash pages
  • Free Gifts
  • Boot Camp Goals – Renown
  • Country Stats

And in December released a completely new version of War Clicks with:
– Complete graphical overhaul
– Army Privatization
– Boss Fights
– PvP battles
– Army setup

Biggest achievement in 2017:
– War Clicks reached the Finals -TOP 100 Indie Games of 2017 on IndieDB (out of 2,204 games competing)
All of those updates resulted in: 84,000 players Total (gained 66,000 new players in 2017)


Launch on ArmorGames…
 Total  300,000 players (on 25th of March, 215,000 new players gained in just a few months)

Those numbers are speaking for themselves, War Clicks now gets a ton of exposure on different worldwide and other specific/niche markets/sites the game deserves.
Our first big release is now far behind us, and we’ve learned a lot from it (in terms of servers, marketing, game progression, improving the game…)

We are proudly stepping in the following months as we’d like to show the game to lots of new players in this year. We have Big goals and are confident our game development team can manage to reach all goals we set for ourselves in 2018!

We’d like to thank all of our players for playing the game, providing us with valuable feedback, as together we can create an awesome game and become one of the most popular idle/clicker games of 2018!


Reaching 300K players wasn’t easy at all, but we believed in the game and its potential and still believe in its massive growth in 2018! If we just compare the game from the year 2016- which started off just as a small project, game was hardly fun to play. Now, the game can be entertaining for ages as so much has improved! 2017- a completely new approach to game development, marketing & more we’ve learned meanwhile, 2018- a year we’re seeing as the most important year for War Clicks – A lot of updates and cool changes are coming this year, so please keep your fingers crossed that we can achieve all of our set goals and make War Clicks even more awesome!

War Clicks upcoming progression/ balance changes

We are glad to have the most pressing issues and bugs resolved (no worries, any known ones are still being worked on!), so the time has finally come to also start work on improving the game in other areas – namely we are finally going to roll out major progression/balance changes!


War Clicks is an ever-adapting game where we want to provide you with the best overall experience possible. And as a lot of that experience revolves around numbers, it is not only a huge task to „get it right“, it is also hard to predict/prepare the proper game play balance for the far distant future of gameplay. On the other hand, as we’ve improved, added and gained feedback on the game throughout the past months we also have to fix the balance, progression and experience for new/mid-game players.

So we have to take a proper look at game balance/progression every now and then, and after getting through the most pressing bugs and improvements we’re happy to say that we will soon be rolling out a set of major progression changes (this or next week), that will improve the general game play at all levels, but most noticeably enhance the experience for new players as well as mid/late game players (currently that’s where there is the most stall/boring experience). So without going into too many details yet, here’s the mention of main areas we will be improving (there’s other smaller details/parts of the game we will be adapting as well, but they are not as significant):

Boot Camp


  • Currently early game start of Boot Camp doesn’t convey the best experience – shortly put, it shoots the game into the sky too fast, especially once privatization is reached. So we will be adjusting the early progression by removing some upgrades, increasing cycling times. You’re a mid/late game player? No worries, everything we remove early on will be re-added later in the game, so you shouldn’t even see a noticeable difference of what you currently gain and what you would immediately post update. The same applies to any other similar areas of removing/reducing numbers from early game (it will be replaced/added at mid/late game to make up for it). On top of this late game upgrades/content will be extended to avoid a stale late-game experience.
  • Voting bonuses are way too big, and the game progression currently relies too much on them. Plus they’re an annoying experience when it doesn’t work. So voting bonuses will be severely reduced, as well as some of the sites possibly removed, as currently they’re an annoying experience you have to „rely on“. To compensate we will likely double the rewarded video boost, and compensate the rest with upgrades late game.

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Shop Rework

The latest week we’ve been working on Shop rework scatches/preparing new graphics to provide a much nicer experience while spending your Gold in exchange for some valuable products.

So, today we’ve given the shop a much-needed remake. You will now be able to find your favorite products and boosts much more easily, as well as quickly see what the best deals are at any given time!

New Shop

New Shop

New Shop – Gold Packages

We’ve created a new Gold Package/product for all players that haven’t bought any Gold Package yet, cutting the Price by -50%! We’d like our players to get the best possible experience playing the game and having the chance to try valuable products that can generate great boosts fighting in War Zone and Boot Camp as well!
…So make sure to check it out :) And while you are at it, we’d like to remind you that our offerwall section has been optimized and should provide far more options for you to earn some extra gold for FREE! Just click on the ‘’free gold’’ icon within the shop to access it.

We are constantly working on further improving the game – the following weeks will be packed with bugfixes, balance and progression improvements and other cool new updates! Stay tuned J

Have a great day!

War Clicks Team

Updates 16th-20th March

We’re glad to let you know that we’ve almost completely reduced connectivity/server issues with a bunch of optimizations the past week, and are now able to focus on bug fixes, improvements, and progression improvements to the game!

In the last few days we deployed several fixes to a few bigger bugs some of you were experiencing extremely rarely, as well as other, less noticeable improvements:
– In some rare cases users suddenly lost ALL of their support units. This was related to some specific use of the sacrifice function and has been fixed. In case anyone experienced this and still lacks the units lost, please send us an email at with your estimate of how many support units you lost, so we can confirm and re-add them.
– Saving issues when activating 30 second Double DPC upgrade during a boss fight. This has been resolved, and the fix also helped us improve saving fallback in some other potential cases!
– In case you somehow „over-click“ (i.e. Via your own autoclicker) the 10clicks/second limit and get progress reset on a PvP battle, the game will now give a descriptive note to make you aware of why any progress was reset.
– Spin The Wheel double click prevention was added on the handle bar, to make sure you can see what you’ve won
– changed the misleading „seconds left“ on support attacks to „attacks left“
– various other massive optimizations of our backend services handling data calculations and storing to further improve our stability and reduce any connectivity or long loading issues to a minimum

We’ve also made some improvements to how our offerwall section is displayed, as well as we’ve worked with our providers to improve the fill and variety of offers for you! So if you want to make some extra gold for free, make sure to check for new offers daily (You’ll find the offers button within the shop.). Not only it helps support your fighting efforts but also continued development of the game :)

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Updates 13th-16th March

During the past few days we were resolving several bugs and issues, mostly related to performance, slow loading times and connection errors – all of these resulted in more random issues/bugs/rare occasions popping up and were crucial to get sorted and improved. So most of the notes here might be a bit boring for some of you as they are more of a technical nature, but we fell it’s important to realize the scale of the „backend updates“ we are resolving and why some bugfixes and improvements had to be put on hold slightly:

  • vastly improved loading/server response time within the game. All those pretty stats and leaderboards started taking a huge toll on the performance of the game and needed some rework of how it’s all handled.
  • Invasion minigame could take several seconds to open for some countries, now it should be super quick!
  • We have resolved the issue with weekly competitions not giving out all badges to users in some cases -> this will now work properly starting with the next competition (Monday 19th onwards)
  • as Part of competitions optimization, we have also made a change where country competition badges will only be given to players within that country who participated/played in that competition week. Giving badges to all (even players no longer playing) was not only a bit silly, but also caused a huge toll on our servers.  Continue reading

Bugfixes and improvements – 13th March 2018

  • Loading time when switching zones is no longer fixed – it will now last as long as the request lasts, in most cases under 0.5 sec
  • Improved several issues with in/out of focus and other issues related to “game init” – less blank screens when switching, and no freezing of tents or making WZ unit unclickable.
  • Fixed issue when getting back in focus and clicking on buy unit would reset that unit buy – issue was that first click triggered game re-init. Now the first click action is simply not registered as an action, thus preventing this occurrence.
  • Changed colors on competition tab to make it more visible
  • Fixed “All achievements completed” bug when they were not actually finished
  • Daily mission issue of getting ‘2 same missions to chose from’ resolved
  • Daily mission widget issues with closing fixed


We expect to deploy a lot more additional bug fixes and improvements throughout this week for improved experience. We will also be working on several updates for improved progression and feel of the game in the coming weeks!