The latest week we’ve been working on Shop rework scatches/preparing new graphics to provide a much nicer experience while spending your Gold in exchange for some valuable products.

So, today we’ve given the shop a much-needed remake. You will now be able to find your favorite products and boosts much more easily, as well as quickly see what the best deals are at any given time!

New Shop

New Shop

New Shop – Gold Packages

We’ve created a new Gold Package/product for all players that haven’t bought any Gold Package yet, cutting the Price by -50%! We’d like our players to get the best possible experience playing the game and having the chance to try valuable products that can generate great boosts fighting in War Zone and Boot Camp as well!
…So make sure to check it out :) And while you are at it, we’d like to remind you that our offerwall section has been optimized and should provide far more options for you to earn some extra gold for FREE! Just click on the ‘’free gold’’ icon within the shop to access it.

We are constantly working on further improving the game – the following weeks will be packed with bugfixes, balance and progression improvements and other cool new updates! Stay tuned J

Have a great day!

War Clicks Team