We are glad to have the most pressing issues and bugs resolved (no worries, any known ones are still being worked on!), so the time has finally come to also start work on improving the game in other areas – namely we are finally going to roll out major progression/balance changes!


War Clicks is an ever-adapting game where we want to provide you with the best overall experience possible. And as a lot of that experience revolves around numbers, it is not only a huge task to „get it right“, it is also hard to predict/prepare the proper game play balance for the far distant future of gameplay. On the other hand, as we’ve improved, added and gained feedback on the game throughout the past months we also have to fix the balance, progression and experience for new/mid-game players.

So we have to take a proper look at game balance/progression every now and then, and after getting through the most pressing bugs and improvements we’re happy to say that we will soon be rolling out a set of major progression changes (this or next week), that will improve the general game play at all levels, but most noticeably enhance the experience for new players as well as mid/late game players (currently that’s where there is the most stall/boring experience). So without going into too many details yet, here’s the mention of main areas we will be improving (there’s other smaller details/parts of the game we will be adapting as well, but they are not as significant):

Boot Camp


  • Currently early game start of Boot Camp doesn’t convey the best experience – shortly put, it shoots the game into the sky too fast, especially once privatization is reached. So we will be adjusting the early progression by removing some upgrades, increasing cycling times. You’re a mid/late game player? No worries, everything we remove early on will be re-added later in the game, so you shouldn’t even see a noticeable difference of what you currently gain and what you would immediately post update. The same applies to any other similar areas of removing/reducing numbers from early game (it will be replaced/added at mid/late game to make up for it). On top of this late game upgrades/content will be extended to avoid a stale late-game experience.
  • Voting bonuses are way too big, and the game progression currently relies too much on them. Plus they’re an annoying experience when it doesn’t work. So voting bonuses will be severely reduced, as well as some of the sites possibly removed, as currently they’re an annoying experience you have to „rely on“. To compensate we will likely double the rewarded video boost, and compensate the rest with upgrades late game.


War Zone


  • The battle strength and boss battle strength is way too inconsistent throughout War Zone progression (i.e. way too easy early on, super hard late game). We will be generalizing the experience – making it slower/less crazy early game, and improve it late game. We will be doing this via various changes – via increasing/reducing health/strength of battles, prices/multipliers of upgrades…
  • We will be adding another effect to PvP upgrades – permanent DPC % bonuses, that will help keep late game progression in line relative to your DPC, and generally make PvP battles feel more rewarding and have a deeper connection with the game.
  • We will also be looking at changing spin the wheel, daily rewards, ranks, levels and achievements to be more in-tune with game progression as well as provide more meaningful rewards.
  • Rework/make Convert option more meaningful throughout the game
  • We will be reducing the drop rate and max reward of fuel and gold drops from units, as they are too random and can often ruin the experience and progression of the game, making it far less fun and detrimental to your experience


Other changes

  • Weekly Competitions – we are looking into changing the way competitions work slightly – They are a bit confusing and do not always best related to actually active players (i.e. one of the top players if inactive could be receiving certain rewards for months still)
  • Country Invasion (CI) – potential rework. CI is overdue for not only better balancing (rewards, finishing battles…) but also a potential rework to make it more fun and exciting throughout! We want the CI rewards to always be meaningful to EVERY player, we want progress/experience of every battle to be meaningful, regardless of how many players or how strong these players are in a country. For example, we don’t want CI to come to “1 player contributes to 99% of damage, and the other 500 contribute the rest of 1% amongst them only.


Lastly we are also considering finally adding a “voting system” (i.e. helps avoid the inactive leader problem as well as adds some cool new features) and a “Country vs. Country” mechanic. We have some cool ideas in mind and are still debating what we go for in the end, so any feedback/ideas regarding country invasion are extremely welcome!

Let us know what you like in CI, what you dislike, what you’d like to see, what you’d like to do, would you like to fight against other countries, and how? We are happy to hear to any feedback/ideas that might help us create a really awesome experience here :)


As there is a LOT of things we want to improve with game experience/progression, we will likely end up rolling these changes in a set of separate updates over the following two weeks, starting with some BootCamp changes first end of this week! As these updates can be delicate we want to ensure to roll them out well-tested and without changing anything drastically too quickly and potentially ruin your existing experience. We will let you know of the details of each set of changes as we release them.



By the end of this week we will also be releasing the start of a little something we wanted to add to the game since the beginning to make it more fun and a bit more personalized – Can’t wait for your feedback and looking at ideas of how to expand it in the future!We’ll reveal more info soon in an upcoming post :)