MonthNovember 2016

Training Camp – Part III.

The further you progress the more gold you will be able to plunder. This will not only help you attract those desired investors for your Training Camp, but will also give you ways of to purchase your way to various tools to help improve your further fighting efforts. All of this will help you grow your military rank and make your name known across the globe!

Unfortunately our commanders have given us clear instructions, that we may not yet give out the secrets of the War Zone. As without Training Zones near the battlefield we could compromise their position.

There is another function hidden that will make the interconnectivity between the two “worlds” even far more compelling and open everyone up to several different Continue reading

Training Camp – Part II.

As we promised, we are giving out further updates about new upcoming elements of the game…

As you gain  power points, our prestige system  “deploy troops”  will be introduced. Deploying troops will reset the idle game progress for you, but you will gain army contractors in return, that will contract your military base and give you huge boosts to your production. This will enable you to re-climb to your previous point-in-game much faster, and let you progress beyond of what you simply could not without these bonuses. For those of you unfamiliar with such mechanics, it is what makes the game very re-playable and makes players want to keep pushing for that “upper limit” and seeing how far they can climb. The main allure of all this is that you keep unlocking new units, upgrades and features – it really becomes addicting and interesting for far



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Training camp

Welcome to the Training camp soldier!  Your objective here is to train units that will produce the idle game’s currency “power points”. You will use this currency for training more units and as you gain enough you will be able to unlock more powerful units. To make sure production keeps ticking (even without your constant presence) the army has assembled a ton of very strict (but expensive) managers that will automate production and training for you.

Managers and Investors

Managers and Investors

Still, no matter how many units you train, an out-teched army simply will not be able Continue reading