Training Camp – Part II.

As we promised, we are giving out further updates about new upcoming elements of the game…

As you gain  power points, our prestige system  “deploy troops”  will be introduced. Deploying troops will reset the idle game progress for you, but you will gain army contractors in return, that will contract your military base and give you huge boosts to your production. This will enable you to re-climb to your previous point-in-game much faster, and let you progress beyond of what you simply could not without these bonuses. For those of you unfamiliar with such mechanics, it is what makes the game very re-playable and makes players want to keep pushing for that “upper limit” and seeing how far they can climb. The main allure of all this is that you keep unlocking new units, upgrades and features – it really becomes addicting and interesting for far



longer gameplay periods that you’d first imagine :)

To make sure you gain the most from your army contractors, you might want to consider attracting investors to support them and boost their effectiveness. Now these guys only fall prey to one thing – gold. So it won’t be cheap, but that is where the active part of the game comes into play.

By leaving the comforts of the Training Camp and heading  out to the War Zone, you will have to fight off masses of unending waves of enemy forces. Travelling and fighting your way through these enemies, is a drain on your (fuel)tanks though. Your supplies will be limited so battle will count and you need to make sure to make the most of it, before your progress is halted. But fear not as there are ways to refill your supplies on the battlefield. Either by being proactive about it, or simply waiting for your supply convoys to arrive the next day.


  1. What is the redeem time of deploying troops or can you just do it once every 24 hours?

    • Wow, I can’t believe how we missed replying to this. Sincere apologies about that.

      There is not time limit on how many times you can deploy – it is merely limited that you need to have at least some pendign contractors you can deploy. Those are “created” based on your overall PP gathered, and can take anywhere from a few hours to even days after your last deploy. It depends how well you optimize/progress, but it’s also something we will improve progression off to provide more constant chance to deploy.

  2. The last 3 times i’ve tried to deploy troops my actual numbers don’t increase. Idle progress is reset but the troops are never deployed and bonuses not applied.

    • Hey,

      Sorry for the incredibly late reply – But we’ve made some patches in the last couple of weeks that should vastly improve that and should have fixed it.

      Or are you by any chance still having the same issue?

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