In November we are focusing our updates on improving existing content – getting rid of annoying things, bugs, optimizations….

To start off, we’ve just deployed this set of updates:
Automation changes:

-Credit Cost for Buying units and upgrades reduced from 5 to 2.

-Credit cost for deploying reduced from 50 to 10

– Improved some case where automation revert was a false negative trigger

– Increased automation credits giveaway – some increases were done on the early upgrades, and a bunch of them added to the very very late game. All of these apply already, but if you’ve reached the 4th+ Boot Camp, make sure to check for a few new ones!

Daily Mission changes:

-Skips increased from 1 to 3 daily <- this will help you get rid of a few annoying missions for you, but allow us to keep all mission types and expand to new ones and keep variety!

-Skips also renamed to “change” as it was confusing for some

-Added a note about how many dynamic missions you completed today

– Daily reset will now ALWAYS grant 1 Spin The Wheel chance and 5 Time Challenge chances if you visit the game that day. Before, you wouldn’t get SPW if you had any, and only got your TCs refreshed up to 5 available.

Added a new research upgrade – Faster Time Challenge Clicks!

This is a super cheap upgrade, with which you essentially remove the repeatability/click madness of completing time challenges. This feature might be fun a few times, but just becomes a grind/torture, so now you can cheaply upgrade TC to be completable even with a single click!

-Fixed a bug where automation panel could sometimes show up/remain visible in War Zone

-Fixed a bug where getting TC chances from promo codes or daily missions would not properly refresh the button if you’ve already used up all of your chances, giving you appearance of it not being added.

-Made several optimizations to various Country HQ calculations, that should help improve loading times of opening Country HQ and its sub screens.

Tomorrow we will try to deploy another smaller update:

– Find & fix a bug where research items sometimes disappear, without refunding research points

– Changing unused automation credits to (indefinitely) rollover to the next day