MonthJanuary 2019

Game dev update: January 29

We’ve just deployed fixes for several annoying bugs:

  • Autoclicker messed up/Froze by opening competition details or some other popups in some cases
  • autoclicker in focus not started if force paused/paused fixed
  • autoclicker if force paused fix on in focus
  • autoclicker cooldown switch to BC and back, text shows cooldown properly now
  • Issue with revert popup some have been getting during TIme Challenge should be fixed, and with it total fuel colelcted and TCs finished achivements should work properly, as they caused the issue.
  • Daily Mission fuel collect task fixed, as in some cases didn’t properly add to completion
  • Double openinig of confirmation popups prevented pretty much everywhere (bribe, deploy, spoil points convert …)
  • More BC upgrades added late game (e200+), as well as a new renown level at e250. Renown levels will be additionally added and further balanced in the following days

Update January 28th – significant progression update

More and more of you are completing the main goal of the event – capturing all 195 countries and Conquering the world, which is great to see! There’s less than 2 days left before the Event ends, so if you haven’t reached that goal yet, you can still make it!

Tip: If you’re a late starter we’ve further reduced the cost of Event Multipliers, to improve its relative value to event time left. Or you can also use it to gain a few more tier rankings for better rewards.

We have also just released a balance update, that improves the early/mid game experience (under e30), but also significantly improves late game Boot Camp (e110+) progression:

Firstly, after a lot of feedback  and testing the early game user experience, we have decided to lower the first privatization requirement from 1e40 to 1e30. The grind to 1e40 was too slow, and the first privatization boost was not exciting enough to make up for it. So this should make it a much better experience now!
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Game dev updates/ Last week

The report from the last week/ what’s been improved/resolved within the game:

  • Resolved an issue in WZ with a reverting bug, where running in-game Autoclicker and going off focus, and then coming back would sometimes result in those clicks to be all reverted
  • Improved performance of Time Challenge clicking, which seemed to lag for some
  • Fixed a bug in Event, where clicking on tutorial icon could freeze the screen
  • BC convert popup show- now properly show current reward % above 100%
  • in general chat room additional signs were added as allowed,
  • in leaderboard you can also check other tiers and their stats also your country is clearly marked
  • deploy button design fix
  • alliance ticket has been redesigned

NEW EVENT: Conquer the world!

We have just released a new Event on War Clicks: Conquer the World!

Your goal is to capture ALL 195 countries that get in your way while fighting – act fast as there is limited time available to complete the mission. The player who captures the most countries wins the Event, but there are also different Tiers where you can compete within. Try to get into the highest Tiers as possible to guarantee yourself the biggest boosts & badges!

Conquer the World Event ends on Wednesday (January 30th, 15:00 GMT)… so let’s not wait any longer an play it now!

Do you have the skills to complete the mission?

Gamedev UPDATE: January 21st

Hey soldiers,

Awesome week ahead of us!
To start off, we are running a Wallpapers’ week – where we are giving you a HUGE 40% discount on ALL Wallpapers – make your playing experience  a bit different and get your favorite wallpapers.
*Wallpapers are visual only and do not add any game bonuses as of now.

Wallpaper's Week

Wallpaper’s Week

Next thing: We are starting a new Event this Wednesday, January 23rd (15:00 / GMT) – so make sure to participate and earn yourself some awesome rewards & badges! 😉 We added some requested features/improvements to it, so it should be even better than the previous ones!

Also don’t forget to earn yourself an Entrance ticket for the upcoming Alliance fights which will take part this Saturday & Sunday (Jan 27+28).

This year we will be further improving the game a lot, so we’d love to hear from you – we’ve prepared a really short anonymous survey, where you can leave your valuable opinion on the game – results will be taken into account while planning our further development focus, and help us make a better game!

Here’s the survey: LINK

Thanks in advance!
Have fun! 😉

Current development focus

As we have recently released two HUGE features (Events and CvC(+Alliance Fights)) we now want to focus on some issues and updates we had to put on the side during the development of those.

First some major bugfixes & improvements will be sorted, then we will also do some major balancing updates (more on that below) that will make the game pace more exciting, especially in late game.

While we will be chipping through most of the full bug/improvements/ideas lists, we will be prioritizing these bugfixes/improvements in the following weeks to get as many sorted as possible:

  • Remaining War Zone progress revert issues, and clarification of such, to prevent issue snowballing if user has no idea of what caused it (i.e. 3rd party autoclickers causing overclicking)
  • Resolving any issues with completion and collection of Daily Tasks and Missions
  • Resolve various autoclicker bugs (in-out of focus bugs where it freezes, more consistent clicking speed…)
  • Improve our 10 clicks/s limit handling so it does not happen that AC delivers less clicks than it should, and also try to covney this info to user more clearly
  • Daily Mission with clicks as a task have take into account 2x/3x DPC upgrades
  • Try to improve our timer handling, as off focus currently halts them and they don’t „make up“ when you get, making their information out of date
  • Look into any issues with shortcuts firing when they shouldn’t (i.e. On certain popups)
  • Chat needs to get some love with bugfixes and improvements (text disappearing, invisible messages, …)
  • More improvements to the in-game autoclicker – while we allow use of 3rd party autoclickers (as there’s a 10 CPS limit anyway), we don’t want you to have to go to resort to them (if the in-game one was working well enough)
  • Look into some performance improvements
  • Various smaller bugs (total GPS sometimes disappearing…)

We also want to look into the following:

  • Improving the usage of 2x/3x DPC upgrades, Bribe option, AutoClicker), PvP simulations improvements/balance
  • Some QoL features (buy all units, more various usefull settings, deploy aura)

CvC/Alliance fights will also be getting some continued improvements and better balancing. Some of the Country HQ features and Country Invasion fights will also be getting some improvements and better balancing.

As there is a new Event coming (23rd January) we will also be working on some Continue reading

Game Dev update – Jan15

Improved Boot Camp saving that should now prevent annoying saving issues (i.e. Some units, upgrades disappearing due to some unit cycles being neglected in weird conditions).  Also if now something doesn’t save (for weird potential rare reasons) the game will now return this information to user in a popup, and reset game’s state properly. This means that progress should now be reset for max 30 seconds and not „snowball“ into a big issues. Similar system will be added to WZ now, to remove any confusion about click speed limits and prevent revertion in those rare cases as well.

In the past few weeks we have also got rid of a lot of random issues with CvC results, which were hard to replicate on local servers and issues were revealed on live data. There were several issues with wrong  result calculations, display bugs, reward distribution issues… These were now fixed and CvC should be working properly now.

Today we’ve just deployed the Boot Camp game re-init in case of issues with saving, that should resolve and clarify any rare issues users still might have with that.

We’ve also fixed the issue with today’s CvC results and recalculated them to Continue reading

Alliance Fights RELEASED!

We’ve released a completely new addition to Country vs. Country battles – ALLIANCE FIGHTS!

Alliance fights

Alliance fights

Hopefully, you’ve managed to complete the requirements during the week and will participate in the first Alliance fights starting today and continuing tomorrow (January 12th & 13th)! If you’ve missed it, do your best during the upcoming week and fight in the next ones, as Alliance fights are here to stay on War Clicks and will commence every weekend! 😉 And during the weekdays it’s CvC as usual!

We’ve added new chat rooms for both groups of alliance players, which will be open during the weekend. If you’re eligible to fight you’ll see your group tab added in the chat popup. So, make sure to get to know your teammates and try to prepare the best fighting formations with your new Alliance team members to win the fights!

Have fun!
War Clicks Team

Alliance Fights coming on War Clicks this Saturday!

There are just a few days left until we release the Alliance Fights within the Country Vs. Country feature (CvC)!

We’d like you to join the 1st fights this Saturday & Sunday– so we are here sharing important requirements that you need to meet to be able to participate in battles during the weekend! (Alliance fights will replace CvC fights during weekends)

How to earn yourself an ENTRANCE TICKET for the ALLIANCE Fights?
– There are 2 ways of how you can earn the right to fight in Alliance Fights:

1. All Council Members qualify for the Alliance fights (so, try to get into your Country’s council – TOP 20 members of your Country based on Voting Power)

2. Earn it by actively playing (you just need to participate in Country Vs. Country battles 3x during the week of the fight). It’s really simple and you are also helping your country by doing that, so this should be easy as pie!

Alliance Fights

Alliance Fights

For each alliance fight rewards will be distributed amongst participants (Spoil Points and Alliance Stars which grant DPC boosts) , which is another reason for you to earn yourself an Entrance ticket as soon as possible!

Have fun & see you in the 1st Alliance fight on War Clicks this Saturday!

Development update: January 8th

– Fixed some issues with calculating final front positions based on user choices
– Fixed an issue where Attack/def progressive bonus wouldn’t reset to 0, if it was under 20 and country won all those fronts
– added reinforcement inbound “timer” to replays to make it more clear how much time attacker has to destroy the HQ
– some various CvC bugfixes/improvements, such as replays returning you back to yesterday’s results
– Balanced CvC fights for HQ to have more significant health, as before a tank getting through would almost 100% destroy the HQ, and defender had no chance to defend. This makes the replays more sensible and allows for more variety than just 0 or 100% bonus rewards
– Various CvC replay bugs fixed, where i.e. tank would roll over turrets, or replay wouldn’t start
– Added prevention of keyboard shortcuts used/fired while on various popups (profile, donate, login popup, activity rewards)
– Fixed an issue where Daily activity rewards wouldn’t properly refresh while in WZ during a daily reset, and you needed to first go to BC and back.
– Fixed an issue where there was a chance that your daily supplies wouldn’t reset if you were online in War Zone during it