More and more of you are completing the main goal of the event – capturing all 195 countries and Conquering the world, which is great to see! There’s less than 2 days left before the Event ends, so if you haven’t reached that goal yet, you can still make it!

Tip: If you’re a late starter we’ve further reduced the cost of Event Multipliers, to improve its relative value to event time left. Or you can also use it to gain a few more tier rankings for better rewards.

We have also just released a balance update, that improves the early/mid game experience (under e30), but also significantly improves late game Boot Camp (e110+) progression:

Firstly, after a lot of feedback  and testing the early game user experience, we have decided to lower the first privatization requirement from 1e40 to 1e30. The grind to 1e40 was too slow, and the first privatization boost was not exciting enough to make up for it. So this should make it a much better experience now!

Secondly, we have boosted a few Boot Camp upgrades in the 1e110-1e140 range, as some of those stages were too uneventful. And beyond 1e140, we have boosted and expanded upgrades a whole lot! NOTE: If you are above 1e110 in Power Points in Boot Camp we suggest to refresh the game to ensure all upgrades are visible properly for you. Above e140, you might also notice some of your recent upgrades were “shifted” by new upgrades we added before them (that you already own now), and might have to re-buy your most recently bought upgrades shortly when you get back in the game.

By the end of this week we will be releasing more balancing improvements for both War Zone and Boot Camp, as well as a lot of bugfixes and other improvements, so stay tuned 😉