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Hey soldiers!

The Cupid’s Mission Event is over – feel free to check the results within the game and see where you ended at compared to others. Congratulations to all winners! 😉

Tier rewards

Tier rewards

New Event is coming in March, but meanwhile feel free to participate in Country battles to guarantee yourself an Alliance ticket for the weekend fights!

We’ve lowered the waiting times between Invasion attempts from 30 to 10 minutes, so more players will now be able to use all of their 3 Free daily chances to fight Invasions! (Use all chances today)

P.S.: New round of Weekly Competitions started yesterday (Trophy icon in left low-corner) and will end on Sunday – Do you have the power to outperform other players there??

Good luck & Have FUN! :)

War Clicks Team

GameDev update – Feb 15

  • Wait time between invasion attempts reduced from 30 to 10 minutes
  • Fixed “Baloon” spelling in Event
  • Fixed a bunch of random bugs with claiming SPW or promo codes rewards related to Time Challenge, or time challenge unlock.
  • Spin The Wheel chances immediately deduct visually and added some multi click prevention if you ran out of spins
  • Added some additional checks to War Zone progress verification/saving, that presumably might have increased the chance of causing any “negative/positive signs” for revertions
  • Prevention of double offerwall confirmation popup, adding gold twice and causing issues from them
  • Fixed (presumably) any issues with showing Event or Competition rewards popups

Update January 28th – significant progression update

More and more of you are completing the main goal of the event – capturing all 195 countries and Conquering the world, which is great to see! There’s less than 2 days left before the Event ends, so if you haven’t reached that goal yet, you can still make it!

Tip: If you’re a late starter we’ve further reduced the cost of Event Multipliers, to improve its relative value to event time left. Or you can also use it to gain a few more tier rankings for better rewards.

We have also just released a balance update, that improves the early/mid game experience (under e30), but also significantly improves late game Boot Camp (e110+) progression:

Firstly, after a lot of feedback  and testing the early game user experience, we have decided to lower the first privatization requirement from 1e40 to 1e30. The grind to 1e40 was too slow, and the first privatization boost was not exciting enough to make up for it. So this should make it a much better experience now!
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Gamedev UPDATE: January 21st

Hey soldiers,

Awesome week ahead of us!
To start off, we are running a Wallpapers’ week – where we are giving you a HUGE 40% discount on ALL Wallpapers – make your playing experience  a bit different and get your favorite wallpapers.
*Wallpapers are visual only and do not add any game bonuses as of now.

Wallpaper's Week

Wallpaper’s Week

Next thing: We are starting a new Event this Wednesday, January 23rd (15:00 / GMT) – so make sure to participate and earn yourself some awesome rewards & badges! 😉 We added some requested features/improvements to it, so it should be even better than the previous ones!

Also don’t forget to earn yourself an Entrance ticket for the upcoming Alliance fights which will take part this Saturday & Sunday (Jan 27+28).

This year we will be further improving the game a lot, so we’d love to hear from you – we’ve prepared a really short anonymous survey, where you can leave your valuable opinion on the game – results will be taken into account while planning our further development focus, and help us make a better game!

Here’s the survey: LINK

Thanks in advance!
Have fun! 😉