MonthFebruary 2017

WarClicks Patch 2 – 28th February 2017

Latest patch has been deployed.

Patch changes:

  • some tutorial fixes/improvement
  • cost fix on huge numbers in BootCamp and double checked/fixed on WarZone for future compatibility
  • backgrounds sounds removed from loading screen
  • optimized mouse cursor resulting in far less mouse lag. Unfortunately not supported on Internet Explorer where default system cursor will be used.
  • Some Country invasion bugs fixed

WarClicks Patch 1 – 27th February 2017


Patch NotesHey Soldier!

From now on we will be regularly keeping you up-to-date with Patch Notes – Whenever we make changes to the code – either it be bugfixes, small improvements, statistic or progression changes, basically any sort of improvement/fix to the game, we will be letting you know via regular Patch Notes.

We have a lot of things planned for WarClicks, and various updates to the game might affect your gameplay or strategy, so you can now keep track of any changes we do to the  game!

Feel free to comment or report any unsolved issues that this patch should’ve fixed :)

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Details about upcoming game reset

How will reset of the game be implemented? To make sure everyone understands what will happen with the upcoming game reset/upgrade, we wanted to share a bit more details about it.

So, what will happen with those of you who have/are playing WarClicks before the upcoming reset?

  • All achievements, battles, units, dpc, bs, country invasion progress, ranks, levels,… will be cleared
  • Only gold will  remain untouched (it means that you will start over with the gold you have PLUS any you have previously bought, plundered, earned and even spent on game upgrades – it will all be returned to your gold pile)
Early adopter

Early adopter

All players who played our first version will also receive a special “Early Adopter “ badge as a gift from WarClicks, which you will find in your profile, that you can show off to others as well!

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Game restart

Hey Soldiers,

We have exciting news for you!

The army’s been working hard on making sure you have the best conditions to train your army and fight your opponents. Sometime next week (6th – 12th February) we will be making a move to deploy an update for the whole game. You will get access to the Training camp, where you will be able to train your troops even while away from the game. Vast improvements will be done to the active part WarZone to make sure you can fight as efficiently as possible.

Game restart

Game restart

Restructuring the whole battlefield will come at a cost of resetting your war Continue reading