WarClicks Patch 1 – 27th February 2017


Patch NotesHey Soldier!

From now on we will be regularly keeping you up-to-date with Patch Notes – Whenever we make changes to the code – either it be bugfixes, small improvements, statistic or progression changes, basically any sort of improvement/fix to the game, we will be letting you know via regular Patch Notes.

We have a lot of things planned for WarClicks, and various updates to the game might affect your gameplay or strategy, so you can now keep track of any changes we do to the  game!

Feel free to comment or report any unsolved issues that this patch should’ve fixed :)

Latest Patch notes:

  • Made a major update to progression of the game via changing how contractors are gained. There were some issues with Contractors not being gained at the same rate if playing actively or being idle and coming back. This has now been fixed along with the update to the formula that now has a much better progression curve, with a lot more opportunities to deploy in frequent intervals.
  • Small user interface changes – we removed the unclear buttons to Convert option, and Shop in BootCamp and Upgrades and Shop icons in WarZone. Further improvements will be done here.
  • When running out of TimeChallenge options and winning one in SpinThe Wheel, it should now properly reopen the option without need of a refresh.
  • Improved unit icons on WarZone
  • Neater game description on first page




  1. No contractors for 7 hours now or since you pushed this update. which ever happen to be longer.

    • Pending contractors is working again thanks for getting it fixed.

      • Hey,

        Good to hear – after the new changes it might take a few hours for your progress to go above a certain point for the “new formula to take effect” and thereafter it should work properly onwards.

        • Benjamin Miller

          March 1, 2017 at 6:51 pm

          Any chance the profile glitch will be fixed soon. right now if you go to look someone up it jump up the screen and you can only see the bottom of the page. You have to refresh the game cause there is no way to close out the profile box after that.

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