How will reset of the game be implemented? To make sure everyone understands what will happen with the upcoming game reset/upgrade, we wanted to share a bit more details about it.

So, what will happen with those of you who have/are playing WarClicks before the upcoming reset?

  • All achievements, battles, units, dpc, bs, country invasion progress, ranks, levels,… will be cleared
  • Only gold will  remain untouched (it means that you will start over with the gold you have PLUS any you have previously bought, plundered, earned and even spent on game upgrades – it will all be returned to your gold pile)
Early adopter

Early adopter

All players who played our first version will also receive a special “Early Adopter “ badge as a gift from WarClicks, which you will find in your profile, that you can show off to others as well!

We would like to thank all the players for playing and promoting the game so far, as it’s helped us to continue working on the game and now finally bringing you this major update! Release of the game update is going to happen really soon, hopefully in the end of this week. Prepare yourself for a tough competition, as we’re preparing strong marketing campaigns via the release of new content, so make sure to participate in the first day of release to get best results and rank high between all of new players coming 😉