MonthOctober 2019

Pumpkin Field Invasion Event (Oct 29th – Nov 1st)

Pumpkin Field Invasion Event is here with all of its Halloween Crew along – Mr. Skeleton, Lucifer itself, Immortal Vampires,… – they will help you invade the nearby pumpkin fields. But wait, not everyone is aware that all this is just a Halloween Prank!…

Pumpkin Field Invasion Event is all about taking additional pumpkins from the nearby pumpkin fields, getting extra Halloween members to help you out complete the Halloween mission and provide enough resources needed for Invasion! But wait, not everyone is aware that all this is just a Halloween Prank!

Halloween Game Event - Pumpkin Field Invasion

Halloween Game Event – Pumpkin Field Invasion

Maybe it seems easy at first glance, but what if we tell you that the farmers don’t get the joke and are protecting their fields with all of their resources and powers. So, you’ll need to get a smart Halloween crew that will be skilfull and capable of distracting the farmers, so they will get ”free” pumpkins!

You’ve found out that you may establish another business than will help you lower the costs of running a Halloween secret night invasions to a minimum, and eliminate the enormous costs of all the Crew needs. So, you decided to start a sideway business that will directly provide the resources for every specific Halloween ”creature” needs.

There are a bunch of the crew wishes to fulfill, which you will need to complete economically. So, producing direct resources for the whole Halloween crew might be Continue reading

A big day ahead of us!

Tomorrow (Tuesday, Oct29th) we’ll be running a Halloween Event called Pumpkin Field Invasion, starting at 13:00 GMT – you don’t want to miss it out, so set a reminder to be there when it starts or as soon as you’ll be available to play. Some great rewards are waiting for you to claim, we’ll also give out a Winner Title to the best player of the Event – so make sure you set everything you need for the start.
We’ll share more details about the Event tomorrow around the release…

One more big news for you all: War Clicks just got a completely fresh video Trailer that should help our marketing team to work on the community expansion, new players coming into the game.

Watch New War Clicks Trailer >> LINK

War Clicks Trailer Image

War Clicks Trailer Preview

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Appreciate it, thank you all! 😉

Missions & Goals update is live

We are excited to release this update!

This feature will replace the buggy, unbalanced, repetitive, grindy feel of “Daily Tasks” And “Daily Missions”, which are no longer available from this update forwards.

Missions & Goals feature more intuitive small missions and goals for you to complete every day, and receive various useful rewards for it! It also gives you some goals to strive for at any stage of the game, and finally makes missions completable for late game players (adjusted requirements where needed based on your game progress). Most importantly, it makes it much friendlier to new users and introduce them better to the game mechanics (replacing some overdone tutorials), which is extremely important to get more players to the more in depth & late-game stages of the game :)

Preview_career goals

Preview_career goals

Onto the details:

Onboarding Mission
Every player (including existing ones) will first go through 20 “onboarding missions”, which will introduce various mechanics of the game to the user, and reward them for completing them. To make sure even late game players can complete these, some requirements are capped for these (i.e. Renown, trainers bought…) – so if you’re a late game player, you should enjoy the post-update rush of tons of mini-missions to complete and get a bunch of quick rewards!

Dynamic missions
After the onboarding missions, you will get “dynamic missions”, which are chosen randomly from an array (currently 9) different type of missions. Where needed (battles, destroyed) the difficulty of these is adjusted for late game players, to ensure they are completable.

You will always get a different mission type, until you go through all of them, when every mission type will become available again. If possible, missions will be selected in an order that allows you to complete them by the end of the day, otherwise you can Continue reading

October Update: What’s coming up!?

We’re almost in the middle of October and it felt right to share some great details on what’s coming up on War Clicks this month!

Do you think you’ve completed everything on War Clicks until now?
Hmmm… we’re sure that there is still a lot to accomplish and complete. For better understanding of further goals we’ll add an interesting feature that will connect all goals and small tasks together. This month we will be replacing 2 old/obsolete & badly designed features: Daily Missions and Daily Tasks! But don’t worry, instead of playing nearly same tasks/missions every day we’ll introduce more fun elements you’d probably love to play and complete!

Let this be enough details for now, we’ll further inform you on that in the next week, but for those that are already curious about the new feature – here is a design sketch/sneak-peek of new/upcoming Goals:

Goals_Design Sketch

Goals_Design Sketch

Also, this week we’ll be running crazy discounts on all Wallpapers, so here’s a great chance for those that’d like to change the background of the game (visual change), but for those that are more into getting the boosters all around – we discounted all Cursors in this week (Shop-> 3rd tab from the left side menu to open).

Tomorrow (Tuesday, October 8th), we are also running a special sale, so in case you’d like to buy stronger Investors, this may be a great opportunity to get some Gold extra and to get them faster.

P.S.: Hopefully, we manage to prepare a surprise for you guys at the end of this month – can’t promise, but will do our best to release it then!

Have a great day 😉