We are excited to release this update!

This feature will replace the buggy, unbalanced, repetitive, grindy feel of “Daily Tasks” And “Daily Missions”, which are no longer available from this update forwards.

Missions & Goals feature more intuitive small missions and goals for you to complete every day, and receive various useful rewards for it! It also gives you some goals to strive for at any stage of the game, and finally makes missions completable for late game players (adjusted requirements where needed based on your game progress). Most importantly, it makes it much friendlier to new users and introduce them better to the game mechanics (replacing some overdone tutorials), which is extremely important to get more players to the more in depth & late-game stages of the game :)

Preview_career goals

Preview_career goals

Onto the details:

Onboarding Mission
Every player (including existing ones) will first go through 20 “onboarding missions”, which will introduce various mechanics of the game to the user, and reward them for completing them. To make sure even late game players can complete these, some requirements are capped for these (i.e. Renown, trainers bought…) – so if you’re a late game player, you should enjoy the post-update rush of tons of mini-missions to complete and get a bunch of quick rewards!

Dynamic missions
After the onboarding missions, you will get “dynamic missions”, which are chosen randomly from an array (currently 9) different type of missions. Where needed (battles, destroyed) the difficulty of these is adjusted for late game players, to ensure they are completable.

You will always get a different mission type, until you go through all of them, when every mission type will become available again. If possible, missions will be selected in an order that allows you to complete them by the end of the day, otherwise you can simply finish them next day. That is right – no more mission resets every day!

This also means that after completing a mission you will get a new one immediately after collecting your reward – up to 5 missions every day!

The rewards
Ever thought Daily Task & mission rewards were insignificant, or not exactly what you wanted at that time? Well, with dynamic mission rewards, you will now get 2 rewards available to choose from every mission! Don’t want more Gold? Well – here’s some fuel for you!

The amount of rewards received not only combines what daily tasks & missions before gave, but further increases them! Besides Gold, Research Points and Time Warps, you will now also receive additional Fuel, Time Challenges, 30s double DPC and Spin The Wheel chance rewards!

Skipping Missions
Can’t complete or can’t bother completing a specific mission today – just use a Mission Skip! This will instantly replace the mission and its rewards. It will not count towards missions completed today, but it WILL remove this mission type from your current rotation of missions :)

You’ve gained a bunch of ranks, done a ton of deploys, Span The Wheel a hundred times and felt like you should at least get some sort of reward and recognition for that – or at the very least have some direction of what else in the game to achieve?Well – Goals will make sure to give you some recognition for all of that, as well as additional DPC multipliers to rain even more damage upon your enemies!

**Anything else?**We plan to add a smaller, but very useful update for especially newer players to this feature – a clear representation of what more there is to unlock in the gameAdding more Goal tiers, with some ridiculous requirements for you to complete & grind for!

Our update focus
This feature was an extremely important update for the game, helping us improve the game for new users, as well as fix some of the very annoying issues with Daily Tasks and Missions which have been plaging you for years.

We will now be focusing our development time towards remaining bugfixes and general game improvements, to mention just a few: Research system bugs, CHQ balance/improvements, performance improvements (BC choppines, loading of popups – specifically SHQ…), chat report/mute bugs, and also considering some updates, that most of you will probably love:replacing current repetitive video ad rewards, with a simple “claim once per day” option, removing needless “wait timers”,… and many more!