Time Warps are now storable!

In the latest update about the Promo codes, we’ve changed some important functioning of Time Warps. As of now, the Time Warps have been triggered immediately after collected from Daily Tasks and Daily Rewards or bought from the Shop section. But, after some consideration and lots of player reports about bad experience, especially on Daily Tasks & Daily Rewards, we’ve changed Time Warps to instead be a consumable!

So, now after you’ve completed your Daily Task, you’ll collect and store the Time Warp, instead of triggering it immediately. The same goes to Daily Rewards!
Within the Shop we are adding the Store option, but keeping the immediate gain possibility, so you can decide what you like: to trigger the boost just after buying the product or keeping it for a later use. It’s all up to you and what you prefer! 😉

Promo Codes are out!

As we announced the Promo codes will go out somewhere this week, we can confirm that we’ve finished the project and proudly present them today!
Promo codes are a great way to get yourself more boosts! To ensure that, you’ll need to insert the code within Activity Rewards popup (in War Zone; icon next to Spin the Wheel; opens when you’ve reached at least battle 13).

Insert promo codes here..

The addition of promo codes will allow us to use them in various ways – the first and the most important for a regular user are Daily Codes, which will be distributed through our social media channels on Facebook & Twitter every day. Feel free to Like & Follow us there as we would appreciate every new follower/share/retweet/share as a small sign of appreciation & support.

an example of a promo code

We want to give players what they most like, so the rewards should be worthwhile, focused towards boosting your progress in Boot Camp & War Zone.

This is not all, we’ll every now and then hide a valid Promo code somewhere inside the game (those types of actions will be announced through in-game announcements). We’ll also be sharing promo codes via email (for players registered and playing from the official website: ), so keep an eye on your registered emails as soon something might appear there.

Enough words already, give me the code now! 😀

valid Daily code which can be received on Facebook and Twitter

valid Today’s Daily code which can be received on Facebook and Twitter

Have fun 😉

War Clicks Team

Development Update – 12th October

Wondering on what’s all coming to War Clicks in the next week?
– The following week should be a great week for our players and for us as a developer of this crazy unique idle clicker game. 😛
Hopefully, the next week we’ll have all ready to go out with the Promo codes -> additional Tools for rewarding purposes should go live at the end of the next week. On top of this update, we’ll try to improve the current collecting/rewarding experience on Daily Tasks. Lots of players have reported the issues, when they were forced to use the reward (ex.: Time Warp) on Daily Tasks immediately once assigned, instead of this we are now working towards the goal to create Time Warps as a storable/ consumable product.

We’ll start working on a huge project of game balancing, as we know that this is something that still needs to be fixed/updated on certain game-points. This project might take us around 2-3 weeks before going live.

Official Press page of the game will be updated in full. We are currently on a half of the road, but counting on finishing the full update in the next week. And there is also the Official Homepage of the game that is currently being re-designed.

Here is a sneak-peak into behind the scenes:


New Design of Official Game Homepage

New Design of Official Game Homepage

Stay tuned for more updates (the next week we are sharing first specifications on CvC feature -it’s going to be awesome, can’t wait)!

Have fun! 😊
War Clicks Team

War Clicks with 1 MILLION PLAYS on Armor Games!

A BIG DAY for War Clicks – a first HUGE MILESTONE reached on one of the biggest worldwide gaming platforms – Armor Games!

Let’s check some facts:
1. War Clicks was our first online game published on Armor Games
2. We didn’t launch the game as smoothly as we would want
3. War Clicks ends the first month as the most played new game on Armor Games
4. Months of consistent game improvements/ smashed bugs / updates
5. 8 months after a release we’ve reached the first million of plays
6. The Game is currently presented in the category of Popular Games on their Homepage
7.  Game-rating is increasing consistently
8. Goals for 2019

1. 1.
We weren’t experienced with releasing games on such platforms, so everything was completely new to us and just prepared the game integration for Armor Games. Every platform has some specifics, that every developer needs to follow. It took us quite a bit of time, but finally we got things ready and a soft launch date set. We were excited and thrilled with high expectations for the release!

We did prepare the servers well, but we couldn’t test the created accounts offline, so our first real test was on Thursday, 14th February (on the day of a Soft launch), where we experienced several issues, such as double-created accounts, which pushed our rating in the first days way lower than the game should deserve – a 62%! (in our humble opinion 😛 )

3.1. Even though some players experienced described issues, we still managed to get to the end of the month as the MOST PLAYED NEW GAME of February 2018.
That gave us new motivation, new ideas on game extensions, improvements and more…
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Development Update – Oct4

A few game improvements have been added to War Clicks in recent days.

– New Switch Zone buttons added
– Total Gain Per Second (GPS) function added in Boot Camp (settable from the settings menu)

Total Gain Per Second (GPS)

New Switch Zone buttons

We have also smashed some annoying bugs that popped up on different places:
– hotkeys now do not interfere with chat anymore
– announcement popups can now be closed with hotkeys (Esc)
– daily mission rank options bug fixed
– hotkeys legend texts changed
– numpad operational for hotkeys
– deploy troops animation fixed

In the following days we are focusing on chat improvements, and some other important smaller updates from the list.
We already started to work on one of the biggest updates so far, a completely new feature called Countries vs. Countries (CvC). We can’t wait to share more about it, probably in a few days, or lastly when we determined first final specifications of the project.

HotKeys + Autoclicker Pause function added

Today we have added various HotKeys to the game to make it a bit more convenient to use various features! With that we also added the option to PAUSE/Unpause the AutoClicker. You can find the list of Hotkeys by going to settings -> Hotkeys. (If you were in the game make sure to refresh to see these changes properly!)

In short these are the Hotkeys:

Q / W… switches to Boot Camp / War Zone
A / S / D… switch support power to Land / Air / Sea
1… Autocliker Start/ Pause (while in War Zone)
2…start Support attacks (while in WarZone)
3…starts 30s double DPC if you have any (while in War Zone)
Esc… closes the last opened popup/window
Tab…opens/close chat from anywhere in game


We hope you enjoy these – unfortunately they can’t be customized, but we tried to set them up in the most convenient fashion!

War Clicks Team

Army Setup – ‘Upgrade to Tier’ added

Today, we have deployed an update that adds “Tiers” to HQ DPC upgrades in War Zone (in Army Setup). These tiers are reached as you upgrade a specific upgrade several times, and when reached add a multiplicator to DPC from that upgrade. This will help keep all type of HQ upgrades usable throughout the late game, and reduce over-dependant on support units.

New Army Setup_DPC Tier added

*As always with such updates we are initially conservative with multiplicators, so that we may adjust/increase them later on – as we will be doing many more balancing changes in the following weeks 😉

Development update 27th September

In this week we have deployed a few important game updates:
– ‘Starting Story’ for new players
– How to get more Gold in-game – new popup added
– New Switch Zone Screen animations
– Rank gained – reward info popup added

And resolved important bugs from the list:

-prevented a super rare bug that could result in resetting support units
– Autoclicker texts improved once showing use Autoclicker instead of cooldown
– Support Power animations not popping up through Free Gold popup, Re-Supply Truck popup, Daily Mission popup anymore
-Time challenge weird sounds resolved
-if not finishing the boss, switching to Boot Camp and going back allows you to attack it now
– can’t close the mission tab after finishing it – RESOLVED
– prevent deploying with 0 contractors in JS issue should be sorted
– AutoClicker animations and sounds now stop when running out of fuel
– AutoClicker stops after opening certain popups (daily mission, army setup)
– Competition popup – stats on details updated added

Hopefully, tomorrow we are releasing HOTKEYS, they are almost done, but will need a few additional checks so that all goes well once deployed. Moreover, we will also be releasing upgrade tiers in Army Setup for HQ DPC upgrades, that will enable us to ensure all sort of upgrades are worth it even in later stages!

Development update – Sep21

We have just deployed a few improvements that should improve your playing experience:

  • AC flash animation on out of fuel fixed
  • Daily mission score proper working now in all cases
  • Fuel rounding issue sorted in open case on JS
  • Sound no longer starts on focus during loading
  • How to get more Gold clarifications added (new popup)

We can’t wait to release new cool stuff that is planned for the next week!

Have fun! 😉

Team War Clicks

Wallpapers’ week!

First time on War Clicks – Wallpapers’ week!
During this special promo, we are lowering the prices for all Wallpapers! Many players are not even aware that you can upgrade the look of your Boot Camp / War Zone to make your experience that bit more immersive and make it that bit more fun for you! You can always change between your owned wallpapers according to your current mood and needs. So, be sure to get some till the end of the promo for quite cheap prices!


Feel the difference and get your playing experience to the next level!

Enjoy your day and all the best in the weekly competitions!

Team War Clicks