The upcoming release of new features

It’s Monday and we are fully busy with all remaining tasks! 😛 The whole team is squeezing heads together, working late hours to fix any remaining bugs left, improving latest details of the upcoming release of new features and setting every small piece into one – ‘giant one’.  :)

The old Country Invasion was a big pain in the ass for a remake… We’ve reworked all the Math behind it, new currencies, new leaderboards, new functions,… And in the meantime, also working on a completely new feature which will now be completely independent. Chat as we-ve all known so far, won’t be just a part of CI anymore, but will be available through the entire game!!

Yeah, we are adding more social elements to War Clicks as our players deserve to have fun playing the game, and if some of you guys find the additional value of the game in a great community– we will be more than happy to see that!

A single image can tell more than 1000 words, so take a look at the first sneak peak of the upcoming Chat, which we are releasing in a day or two:

New chat version

Why is the CI rework taking so much time?
As it doesn’t affect just the newly specified feature – Country Headquarters, but also adding some changes & improvements to some other features as well! On top of us just trying to prepare & test it really well :)

The Chat was built from scratch – you’ll now be able to show off your customized profile, level reached in War Zone, help other – newbies to understand the game better, have some nice chats with other members in the country chat, exchange experiences,…

As shown in the picture above every country will have its own Chat room. In General chat only English will be allowed as everyone will be able to chat there. Users will be able to take part and communicate not just with players from their country, but with others as well. This is the main difference we are now adding! If we compare the old version of the chat, where only Country chats were available, we should see a lot of difference in the new version.
Players from countries that don’t have lots of players will be able to join general chats, and by that engage with other players (that wasn’t possible in the old version).

Also… new battle screen is coming: read more…

Can’t wait that we put everything together as we want – after that it will be your turn to test & play new features! 😉

New Radar – Battle screen

As a part of the Country Invasion rework (now renamed to Country Headquarters as it will feature more functions), we were kind of forced to create a new, more relevant Radar – Battle screen! We decided to start working on the new Battle screen, because of all of its features that haven’t been connected with each other as they needed to be!

Some might say that it is similar to the previous version, but this might be true only in case of a design, but not as much in case of user experience. New players (from the previous version) weren’t aware of the connection of Fuel and Time Challenge, when getting to War Zone for the first time – yet it is one of the core game loops!
Those functions are connected as if you’re out of Fuel, you need to finish a Time challenge to gain more. That’s why we decided to visually connect Fuel and Time Challenge (you’ll now click on the Refuel button to open Time Challenge).

New Radar – Battle Screen

Daily rewards and Spin the Wheel icons are now dressed in new outfits, looking more smooth as they are meant to pop-up mostly once per day.

As lots of new things are coming to Country Headquarters, we decided to give this feature a bigger  importance. Headquarters will soon be more important than Continue reading

Extra Gold

Today (Wednesday,13th June)  is a great chance to stock up your Gold, as we are giving out 30% Extra Gold on all Gold Packages. Time is limited, only a few hours left till the end of this special offer, so get your preferred Gold Packages before it is too late!

Do you find the best value in Investors or in Specialized Trainers? Do you prefer Time Warps over Triple Damage Per Click? It’s up to you how you’ll spend the Gold. Just follow your secret tactics and strategy and try to climb as high as you can on the rankings!

Do you have what it takes to become a leader?

Country Invasion – Sneak Peak

Country Invasion (CI) part of the game is usually important for more-experienced players that find additional value in fighting for their countries! As we believe players need to find a strong reason to play games for longer periods of time, we are sure some of them will find that ‘sparkle/reason’ in upcoming Country Invasion.  We already mentioned all discouraging factors of current CI version (LINK) and plans of what needs to be improved, and we are close now.

Most of graphics have now been created, currently working on programming parts.

Today, we decided to share our first graphics/ sneak peak of new Country Headquarters for all of our curious players! :)


Headquarters are divided into 3 main parts: Invasion, Country vs. Country attacks (CvC – coming in 2nd part of CI development) and Voting part to Vote on what you think is the best for the country.
Let this be all, for now, we’ll let you know more about the functions and different features inside CI in upcoming posts. We believe new CI should be released in about a week from now on (if all the testing goes well); you guys deserve to play the game which includes such features.

June is going to be an awesome month for War Clicks, so stay close! 😉

400,000 players!

We didn’t have any strong marketing campaigns lately, as we were working on game development and specification of upcoming projects, and we still achieved a Milestone of 400,000 players at the beginning of June!

Most of our biggest projects should come out in June and this will surely be supported by different marketing campaigns. This will result in an increased player-base.

We are also considering having a referral competition at the end of June, rules and rewards will be given out when we finally decide if we’d like to go with that kind of event.

We are sure War Clicks will become one of the most recognized games of 2018 in idle/clicker niche with all of its features and upcoming improvements. As we are confident with the current number of 400,000 players, we believe that number will go massively up in the following months.

Do you wonder how we are going to achieve this goal?

– new features coming out in June
– improved Help section
– small changes that should results that players would better understand the game
– going on a new platform – Kongregate
– strong marketing strategy for the end of the June
– referral events
– …more

We are fully prepared and looking forward to reaching our next huge Milestone -half of million of players!
Our strategy for the end of 2018 is in place and we are aiming to reach our first million of players by the end of it!. We know that it won’t be easy to reach all of our goals, but in case everything is set up as it should be, we believe we won’t have issues reaching the goals.

Development Updates- 30th May

For anyone interested in latest game developments, feel free to check this article a bit, to see what’s coming to War Clicks and what things we improved lately. We’d like to expose the fact that we’re thrilled to develop the game for which we get lots of positive feedback, players just love the game, like to stay around, come back and play, or just enjoy the game and the playing experience as they feel like it.

There are lots of different types of players mixed in the game. Some of them are inclined to compete with others, some just like the single-player elements of the game, and others are just curious where the game can take them to!

We are always searching for best ways to optimize the game, working towards the importance of the features and their deadlines, and still love to hear from you guys about some specific feature improvements, or parts of the game, which you don’t understand clearly. Feel free to let us know anytime!


What’s new/coming:

working on new chat implementation

(new chat main difference: you will be able to communicate with all of your countrymates through the entire game, not just inside Country Invasion part; separate rooms are coming – General chat & Country chat)

CI rework – programming part

(working on programming part of the game, implementing all designed menus, and working on feature connectivity at the moment – more about this topic will be shared soon)

working on Help section updates

(as we’ve added some features during our work on War Clicks development, we didn’t update all features inside the Help section – so, Help will be updated in a few days from now on)

researching Gold and its distribution– preparing reward distribution optimizations

working on specifications of new products, (for example) longer Time Warps, let some other stay a secret for now, will let you know more about it in some of our upcoming posts

updating our Privacy policy and Terms of service – we’ve already sent emails to all of our War Clicks’ players – if you still didn’t confirm your email, please do, as otherwise we won’t be able to send you any updates about some huge game improvements, events and such… (we do not spam with emails, as we don’t like spam either!; so all emails you are receiving have a greater purpose)…


We believe June will be one of the most hard-working months for us, but should result in greater enjoyability of the game itself (..second part is on you- players will decide if they like the updates or not 😛 )


Wish you all a great time playing the game and don’t forget to join the current competitions- you still have around 4 days and some hours to beat some soldiers!


HAVE FUN as we do while working on the upcoming updates 😉


War Clicks Team

Deploy Troops vs. Bribe Army Contractors

In the upcoming weeks, we’ll be working on some UX and UI improvements, with the goal to ensure our players can understand and use some features better. Let’s just give a real example of Deploy Troops feature.
According to some of our analyses, we’ve been aware that Deploy Troops feature offers a terrible experience when you get there for the first time.

Previous Version of Deploy Troops mode

Previous Version of Deploy Troops mode


In general: way too much of texts on the left and lots of different numbers on the right side that causes a complete mess in the players head. We believe we owe our players to create a way better experience on those function as we find it one of the most important features in Boot Camp. Players that haven’t experienced the value of Deploy Troops or Bribe function are not playing the best experience War Clicks can surely offer. That’s why we decided to make it clearer and that’s the result of our remake.

 New version of Deploy Troops Mode

New version of Deploy Troops Mode

To give a bit more explanation behind the story of Army Contractors/ Investors and Bribe vs. Deploy mode and to ensure you understand the game and its features better…read below…

Army Contractors – are ‘’produced’’ when you progress through the Boot Camp. They don’t give you any value until you claim them. Once claimed they grant you a huge production boost, so you are progressing way faster – producing more units and so on.
Real example (based on the numbers from the picture above):
Let’s assume that you’ve claimed Army Contractors by :

using Deploy Troops mode
3.105B Army Contractors will be added to your account immediately
1.814T Production boost will be added to your current boost of 85.887M
You’ll send all of your currently produced units to War Zone where they will become a part of your Support Power and DPC
You’ll reset units, upgrades, trainers, trainer upgrades and Power points

Small Hint: Check your Gold balance and if you find enough Gold, spend it for Investors to gain additional Boosts on every Army Contractor!

– using Bribe mode –
3.105B Army Contractors will be added to your account immediately
1.814T Production boost will be added to your current boost of 85.887M
You will not reset your current progress
You will not send units to War Zone

How to progress through the Boot Camp faster?
1. Claim as many army contractors as you can
2. Increase your Boost per every Army Contractor you own

Open Trainers & Investors menu

Open Trainers & Investors menu


Ensure you buy as many Investors as you can

Ensure you buy as many Investors as you can

What is the difference between Deploy Troops vs. Bribe Army Contractors?

Deploy Troops

Bribe Army Contractors

RESET units, upgrades, trainers, trainer upgrades, Power points



Send currently produced Boot Camp units to War Zone



Free to use



Army Contractors joins immediately after use



Gain Production boost




Competitions are LIVE!

On Monday, we’ve deployed an update that changes a bit how weekly competitions work to make them more engaging an fun! Shortly put, now they’ll only take into account active registered users, and their GAINS during a competition week.

Compete and collect great rewards

You will also notice that rankings widget is now separate from the competitions button, to make things more clear and easily accessible!

We are still resolving some minor display issues also considering some additional changes/ improvements to the country score competition. For more info feel free to check our previous post:

Stay tuned 😉

Competition Rework coming next Monday!

The next two months we have A LOT of important and cools updates planned for War Clicks, to improve your experience by making it more fun, engaging and smooth!


One of the first ones to come is related to some changes of how weekly competitions work, as there are currently some issues that keep competitions too stagnant/ boring/ results not changing and the way they are implemented also create massive implementation and performance issues on the backend, that simply are not prepared for scaling of our game’s user base, especially with the growth plans we have for the future!


So we are making some core changes to how competitions work, to make them more attractive and resolve the scaling issues they were/are causing:

1) So far competitions were available to & rewarding all players, registered or „guests“. And as registered users tend to play more actively, a large chunk of rewards were given to „guests“ who would likely stop playing much sooner and their rewards go to waste basically (instead of more active players getting them).


So that is the first change we will be doing – all competitions will from the update onwards be available and rewarding ONLY registered users. (A registered user is considered someone who registered on or is a logged in ArmorGames player)


2) Besides the Weekly Levels gained and Contractors % Increase competitions, all the rest were looking at „fixed values“ instead of what a user gained DURING the competition. This caused a huge issue, where (i.e. For score competition) top users would constantly be getting the same rewards – even if they were inactive during the competition, simply because they clung to their place during it! The idea behind weekly competitions is to stimulate and reward activity during a week, hence why we will be changing all 5 existing competition types to rank off “gain” instead of just fixed/total value.


  • We will be also improving the clarity of the competitions AND the “your ranking“ widget. These will now be separate buttons – competition results will now be visible fully within the game without opening a new tab for you. Much more useful to see how and where you rank! A lot more people will be paying attention to the competition results now, so make sure to customize a bad-ass character in your profile, so people remember you when they see you in the top rankings!

Continue reading

Customize your War Clicks’ character!

The day has come to release our latest developed feature – customized profiles!
We added some new elements of customization to the game, to give you the best playing experience.

Characterization is divided into 6 different categories: Gender & Skin, Face, Hair, Outfit, Face markings and Other. You’ll now find a lot of different possibilities to create the most cool or bad-ass character, one that you best identify with!

Set your best character

Set your best character

Customize your profile, select your face shape, define your gender, choose your skin type, pick your eye color, choose your preferred hairstyle, set your army uniform – outfit, unlock some face markings/ covers, or add some other elements…

There are already lots of elements to choose from, and we will be adding more in the future!
Not all features are available from the start, as you’ll need to reach a certain Rank to unlock some of the elements. Others (Premiums) can be purchased by Gold.

Wondering why to create your character?
*  When your opponents will be checking your profile, they’ll find your personalized character
*  To feel better/ unique as your character will be ‘watching on you’ in the top left corner of the game
*  Your Character image will be also shown in PvP battles when attacking or being attacked
*  Your character will have a great role in upcoming Country Invasion as well… 😉

Find yourself some elements you LOVE, set up your character and what’s the most important to us – HAVE FUN playing War Clicks!