Easter is almost here and we have a special holiday-related mission to complete! Easter bunny and his pals are already waiting on your commands, as they heard that you are a great war strategist with great fighting skills!? So, they thought that you might be able to help them finish their mission… But are you capable of taking charge of the funny Easter ‘army’?

We’ve increased the rewards on the rankings of this Event, make sure to reach highest ranks possible, it’s worth it

Easter Egg Hunt War Clicks Game

Easter Egg Hunt War Clicks Game

(Final Standings/ Reward – Boot Camp Production Boost)

  • #1 (30%)
  • #2 (28%)
  • #3 (26%)
  • #4-5 (24%)
  • #6-10 (22%)
  • #11-25 (20%)
  • #26-50 (19%)
  • #51-100 (18%)
  • #101-250 -(17%)
  • #251-500-(15%)
  • #501-1000 (12%)
  • #1001-100000 (10%)

Also, don’t forget to collect extra rewards you can use within the game by sharing the egg-citement to highest countries possible. A player who will egg-cite the highest ranked country will be given a unique Winner Title /the Titles may be found within your profiles

Easter Egg hunt Event ends on Wednesday, April 15th (14.00 GMT).

Have fun and good luck!
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War Clicks Team