Hey all!

We’ve just released the biggest update of the year, which focuses on improved balance, better play experience and also improves some of our Country HQ features – which are now worth more than ever to participate in!

Important Note: If you are reading this while already playing for a while, please refresh the game as otherwise some things might stop working with this update.

A few of the major update changes:

  • Video ads are no longer a thing. All of the video rewards have been moved to “Daily activity rewards” in War Zone (icon next to spin the wheel), which have been extended to accommodate for them. Now you will get 24hours of x2 production with a single click!

  • Participating in each alliance fight will give you 3.5 days worth of x2 DPC!
    We’ve added a daily task system to Country HQ features to incentivize more people to do them regularly!

  • Buy max/tier option was added to HQ DPC upgrades

  • New HQ tiers, research upgrades, 2 new goal tiers… and much more!

We hope you enjoy the updates!

P.S.: Don’t forget that until 10th May you can find a special promo code (extra rewards) within the shop – gold section!