MonthApril 2017

Development Status update

Hey everyone!

We felt like we need to give you a proper update and explanation of the past few weeks’ delays in our responses and mainly about some development delays we have been facing – slow bugfixes, lack of updates/patches and setbacks in working on additional game features and just generally making the game even funner to play.

First of, we have had some availability issues with our main project programmer, which resulted in lack of urgent bugfixes and work on new features and improvements pretty much stalled due to this. In the meantime, to keep the game and development from completely stalling, I have picked up on any urgent bugfixes and worked on updating the game as much as I could myself. This not only slowed down the pace of development but also caused a lack of progress on some other areas we want to improve and focus on in April – being more in touch with the community, improving game progression and work together with the team to discuss future updates to the game thoroughly, and give you a proper idea of where we want to head with future development.

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Take advantage by using Daily Tasks!

What are Daily Tasks and why you should take advantage of them?
Every fighting day you will get an option to complete daily tasks. It is up to you if you’ll take the rewards or not. Tasks are not something mandatory, but can get you a nice advantage in fighting for the first rank in your country!

More details:
New feature consists of 6 different tasks, that change day by day. It is a feature that

Daily Tasks

Daily Tasks

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Server Issues resolved

You might have noticed that we had several server issues in about the past 24 hours, that caused super slow loading of the game and issue with server requests timing out.

This resulted in several what looked like bugs, issues with saving, loss of progress as it was all caused by the inability for your progress to be saved and checked properly on the server all the time and generally caused a horrible/unreliable gameplay experience as the game is dependent on server updates due to its competitive/multiplayer nature.

The issues were caused by some attacks by a user that exploited a temporary Continue reading