Hey everyone!

We felt like we need to give you a proper update and explanation of the past few weeks’ delays in our responses and mainly about some development delays we have been facing – slow bugfixes, lack of updates/patches and setbacks in working on additional game features and just generally making the game even funner to play.

First of, we have had some availability issues with our main project programmer, which resulted in lack of urgent bugfixes and work on new features and improvements pretty much stalled due to this. In the meantime, to keep the game and development from completely stalling, I have picked up on any urgent bugfixes and worked on updating the game as much as I could myself. This not only slowed down the pace of development but also caused a lack of progress on some other areas we want to improve and focus on in April – being more in touch with the community, improving game progression and work together with the team to discuss future updates to the game thoroughly, and give you a proper idea of where we want to head with future development.

Then the past week, I’ve also gotten sick and unable to work on anything till today. And Murphy’s law in effect it was in the middle of when some additional issues arose – invasion bug for some countries and some server issues caused the main havoc, and we left it unattended for days. While we’re happy to say that the issues have now been fixed, it still left a bad experience for many of you, for which we truly apologize! Furthermore, there are a few pending „less priority“ bugs some of you still experience at occassions and have finally reached front on our to-fix list this past week (WZ optimization, and any game saving state issues in both BC and WZ), which obviously we couldn’t get to yet either.

We want for you to have the best experience playing the game, and the response time & bug fixing time we portrayed this week is simply unacceptable to us, and something we always put a high priority on.

Having said that, we are already bringing a new project programmer up to speed, who will take over the project fully in the following weeks. We want to bring the project back into full, and better development, to ensure we can deal with any issues quickly, and bring out new updates to the game regularly! Additionally we will also be optimizing a few work processes, to give you the best game we possibly can, by bringing as many new ideas and plans to life as possible!

We realize many of you have had a bruised experience, especially this past week. If you feel you have lost some significant progress as a direct result of these issues (i.e. Invasion bug, unable to play/complete a specific part of the game), we will be happy to try and find some realistic compensation to put you back on track – simply send us an email at info@warclicks.com with explanation of your issue, and we will deal with it as fast as possible.
*Please note that this will require manual intervention, in limited time, so give us time to get back to you properly.

Additionally we want to give you a heads up, that I will be unavailable from tomorrow onwards, till second of May. That unfortunately means that any additional bugs that popup, or specific account issues we might not be able to solve until then.

Our new programmer, will be able to help deal with some issues and keep an eye on the game while I am gone, but anything he can not yet sort will have to wait for me to get back.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support – even while going through these issues. It is much appreciated and a community like you guys is something we hold dearly. We promise you to give our best in resolving these issues quickly and getting the game to a new level – we owe that to you!

Sincerely Yours,
WarClicks team