Hey Soldiers,

We have exciting news for you!

The army’s been working hard on making sure you have the best conditions to train your army and fight your opponents. Sometime next week (6th – 12th February) we will be making a move to deploy an update for the whole game. You will get access to the Training camp, where you will be able to train your troops even while away from the game. Vast improvements will be done to the active part WarZone to make sure you can fight as efficiently as possible.

Game restart

Game restart

Restructuring the whole battlefield will come at a cost of resetting your war progress, but we will make sure to reward your commitment in the fights so far by leaving you with all the Gold you bought, plundered, received or even  spent on game upgrades! There’s also a special reward in store for all who have fought so far :)

So keep fighting as when we reset the progress for the restructure you will keep all of your Gold to give you a head start :)


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