We’ve just deployed fixes for several annoying bugs:

  • Autoclicker messed up/Froze by opening competition details or some other popups in some cases
  • autoclicker in focus not started if force paused/paused fixed
  • autoclicker if force paused fix on in focus
  • autoclicker cooldown switch to BC and back, text shows cooldown properly now
  • Issue with revert popup some have been getting during TIme Challenge should be fixed, and with it total fuel colelcted and TCs finished achivements should work properly, as they caused the issue.
  • Daily Mission fuel collect task fixed, as in some cases didn’t properly add to completion
  • Double openinig of confirmation popups prevented pretty much everywhere (bribe, deploy, spoil points convert …)
  • More BC upgrades added late game (e200+), as well as a new renown level at e250. Renown levels will be additionally added and further balanced in the following days