The further you progress the more gold you will be able to plunder. This will not only help you attract those desired investors for your Training Camp, but will also give you ways of to purchase your way to various tools to help improve your further fighting efforts. All of this will help you grow your military rank and make your name known across the globe!

Unfortunately our commanders have given us clear instructions, that we may not yet give out the secrets of the War Zone. As without Training Zones near the battlefield we could compromise their position.

There is another function hidden that will make the interconnectivity between the two “worlds” even far more compelling and open everyone up to several different strategies to use. More on that in a future update.

Let’s finish with a short overview of the game build progress:
– idle game graphics were done and already implemented
– the biggest early part of the build is very close to being done -> making the game handle switching between the worlds properly, while maintaining it as light as possible (from DB, to bandwidth, to server calls…)

– A full game progress simulation program has been prepared, to give us an easy tool to play around with the Math and progression of the game, as this will be the key of making the game attractive both to new users, increase player retention and make it playable for months! All key factors in making sure we can properly monetize it.

– We’re in the process of narrowing down the “final first” numbers for all progression mechanics. These are done in parallel with programmer’s/designer’s work (management’s task)

– The programmer is munching up all the extent of the mechanics and progression to properly understand them, and also be able to reuse/build around a lot code prepared for the simulation program, to speed up the build severely. First thing this week is starting to work on the cycling animations, automation and gain of the units.

– We will work with our designer on updating and improving some of the existing War Zone graphics, to make that part a lot more interesting for longer periods, and also finalizing/improving some Training Camp graphics if we will have some time left.