We’re glad to let you know that we’ve almost completely reduced connectivity/server issues with a bunch of optimizations the past week, and are now able to focus on bug fixes, improvements, and progression improvements to the game!

In the last few days we deployed several fixes to a few bigger bugs some of you were experiencing extremely rarely, as well as other, less noticeable improvements:
– In some rare cases users suddenly lost ALL of their support units. This was related to some specific use of the sacrifice function and has been fixed. In case anyone experienced this and still lacks the units lost, please send us an email at info@warclicks.com with your estimate of how many support units you lost, so we can confirm and re-add them.
– Saving issues when activating 30 second Double DPC upgrade during a boss fight. This has been resolved, and the fix also helped us improve saving fallback in some other potential cases!
– In case you somehow „over-click“ (i.e. Via your own autoclicker) the 10clicks/second limit and get progress reset on a PvP battle, the game will now give a descriptive note to make you aware of why any progress was reset.
– Spin The Wheel double click prevention was added on the handle bar, to make sure you can see what you’ve won
– changed the misleading „seconds left“ on support attacks to „attacks left“
– various other massive optimizations of our backend services handling data calculations and storing to further improve our stability and reduce any connectivity or long loading issues to a minimum

We’ve also made some improvements to how our offerwall section is displayed, as well as we’ve worked with our providers to improve the fill and variety of offers for you! So if you want to make some extra gold for free, make sure to check for new offers daily (You’ll find the offers button within the shop.). Not only it helps support your fighting efforts but also continued development of the game :)

The list of known remaining bugs & issues is shortening quickly – again thank you for your patience as we were/are resolving them, as well as for the kindness you all show by reporting them and providing us with more details – it is much appreciated!

The remainder of the week we will keep squashing those bugs, as well as begin preparing major progression/balance changes, to make the game more enjoyable and fun to play throughout!