During the past few days we were resolving several bugs and issues, mostly related to performance, slow loading times and connection errors – all of these resulted in more random issues/bugs/rare occasions popping up and were crucial to get sorted and improved. So most of the notes here might be a bit boring for some of you as they are more of a technical nature, but we fell it’s important to realize the scale of the „backend updates“ we are resolving and why some bugfixes and improvements had to be put on hold slightly:

  • vastly improved loading/server response time within the game. All those pretty stats and leaderboards started taking a huge toll on the performance of the game and needed some rework of how it’s all handled.
  • Invasion minigame could take several seconds to open for some countries, now it should be super quick!
  • We have resolved the issue with weekly competitions not giving out all badges to users in some cases -> this will now work properly starting with the next competition (Monday 19th onwards)
  • as Part of competitions optimization, we have also made a change where country competition badges will only be given to players within that country who participated/played in that competition week. Giving badges to all (even players no longer playing) was not only a bit silly, but also caused a huge toll on our servers. 
  • We will be doing some further changes to competitions in the following weeks – not just to make things more scalable but also potentially change how they work slightly to make them even more interesting and „fair“!

Other improvements and changes:

  • Improved login/register procedure, that will now keep you in the game instead of redirecting you to the subpage!
  • Several smaller bugs and display issues resolved
  • Today we uploaded a change where rewarded videos from a certain ad provider require to be watched fully for you to be credited. We want to give you the best experience here, so we also credited rewards in case of errors (and with that in case of closing an ad prematurely) so far. But as quite some players were exploiting closing the ads too early way too much it caused us some problems with ad availability, so we had to change this and therefore can’t credit unless an ad is watched fully. Note that in most case of actual errors with the videos you will still be credited the reward, but this change might cause a few cases where you won’t be as we can’t distinguish between an error or „closing too soon“.

Ads help support our continued development and we have to take some middle ground to deliver quality ads :) We’re also working with our ad providers to find ways to make this experience 100% proof – but for the time being please understand if you experience an issue with this here and there.


We were also looking into resolving several other bugs you guys reported and just making the game experience cleaner for you, on top of improving game progression in many areas -Next week will definitely be colorful with more updates!