Rankings – quick update

We are taking forums, blogs, social media and other channels very seriously, and the efforts are paying off as the traffic to our site is growing and so is the active player base. Checkout the rankings below:

TOP rankings

Source: http://warclicks.com

Share the word about the game to contribute to your country’s community and climb up to the top on our various game rankings.

We are getting traffic and new players from all over the world, America is for now the country with the most players, Germany is struggling to keep up. On the other side of the rankings we have some tough players, who by themselves boost their countries’ rankings and beat all opposition almost single-handedly. At the time of writing this article, the player Agency is the leader of the game by having the most score! Congrats for the successful playing and beating down the competition!


Can you bring your army to beat the current champs?? We challenge you to do so!


More news about other game updates will follow soon,


Team WarClicks.com


  1. What happened to some scores? i’ve accidentally got to 1st place, but i couldn’t find that venezuelan player’s score in the top 100. Venezuela’s score fell down to around -1.5 billion!

  2. There was some missed bug in the re-based score that was improperly handling numbers over 2^32, and caused the negative numbers. The issue has been fixed and scores restored for all affected players.

    The top scores should show the proper stats within 24 hours as they are cached, so need to get overwritten as players climb the ranks.

    We will be keeping an eye to make sure there are no further issues, but if anyone still spots anything, please let us know. And we really apologize for any inconvenience caused – in current circumstances we were forced to do this update live, but we’ll have a dev environment setup next time we do any major changes like this to the core mechanics/code.

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