We’d like to announce that War Clicks has been added to some of the biggest sites that list the top games for our niche – idle incremental games. To highlight some of them – almostidle.com is a great source of finding and ranking incremental and idle games, and where you can now also find War Clicks to play/ rate /check the review.

Top rated AlmostIdle

Source: http://almostidle.com/top-rated-idle-games/list.html

We also welcome you to vote for the game to make it even more appealing for other players to check out, play and join our community and make it more competitive as well as more interesting to play!

Another great source of finding cool incremental games is Incrementalgame.com where War Clicks are getting tons of votes every day and climbing the ladder nicely. At the time of writing this article, War Clicks is on the 3rd place!


This is only for a taste and to get a quick update on how War Clicks is progressing and how well it’s expanding all over the incremental game community.  Don’t be surprised getting notified about the game in your existing channels. If you have any other suggestions of additional channels where you’d like to see War Clicks please contact us using Twitter or Facebook.

A good day to you all and don’t forget to spread the word about the game, and make your country’s army stronger!

Team Warclicks.com