Saturday 80,000 after two days almost 81,000 players!! That’s a trend we’d like to focus on in our current marketing efforts on promoting the game. We are currently in touch with some youtubers, meaning that we’ll have even more appealing materials to share around and yeah, it should looks really good with all new graphics and added mechanics.

Lots of new coverage should Warclicks get in December, Big plans with reworked version will finally pop up!

Every player of our great WarClicks community can help us grow! Every post on Facebook, Twitter / Reddit / your preferred forum / comments on blogs / comments on YouTube / are a valuable tools which can help us grow! Don’t forget to use your referral link, so that you’ll receive rewards for doing so!

Can you imagine if every player would send just a few emails to their gaming friends, how much rewards you will get and how your Country will expand and how WarClicks would expand the userbase!?

If you have a few minutes just now, don’t hesitate and go into action immediately. Post your referral link on Facebook with a few words for start and see how much players will join under your name!
If you need texts/pics/videos go to: or find other interesting pics on our official FB page:

Thank you all for supporting us so far and thank you for sharing the word around, as we believe that Warclicks is now in a stage with HUGE potential to grow exponentially! And once more thank you all for any feedbacks on any related bugs within a game, as we try to polish the game as much as we can, so that you guys will really enjoy in the game and all of its features. A lot of optimization processes are still on our to-do lists in the following days/weeks!

Stay tuned 😉