After some delays I’m happy to report that we’re finally working on finishing the complete rework of the Convert option in Boot Camp to make it always rewarding, relevant to War Zone at any point, and also, we’ve found a few ways to make it additionally more relevant game feature. There were a lot of options to consider in order to ensure it will be „always relevant“.

We want to keep the feature easy to use/understand in-game and just always make it impactful to use. But as we understand a lot of you are very keen on strategy optimizations we feel we should share the underlying changes and how it might affect strategy (because a lot of you will certainly be asking for specifics), and well… also show how in depth we have to think about updates, especially ones revolving about balance/progression – hence why sometimes they might take a bit longer to get out. And that it’s sometimes also really hard to explain these in-game without complicating things 😀

TLDR – we hope to finish implementation tomorrow, where we might adjust some final numbers based on account testing, but the fundamentals of the calculations will remain. In case it requires a bit more testing and fine-tuning, it will be released on Monday. At the bottom of this post there is also a quick recap of other balancing/progression updates we are focusing on after this.

And since these bigger changes/considerations are not really visible to you as players until done, we think it might help fill the gap a bit while waiting on it to be finished, and give you a proper brief (yes it’s actually brief haha!) overview of how sometimes a “simple function” has to be thought about from several ends to make it worthwhile.

First, a few key notes we feel are important to consider with Convert:
it has to be meaningful and impactful on your War Zone progress at ALL stages
Both rewards options ( Battle Stars and/or Score) have to be relevant, and down to what you prefer – short/longer term impact.
It has to feel fun, and not useless!
We want it to also be one of the first steps towards incentivizing longer deploys/privatization. We have other, bigger plans for improving this, but Convert will help make the first step towards this.
For a few reasons we are also making some final decisions regarding the availability of the option. We might make it available once daily, or open it up completely, as the scaling of it will handle itself/give you a choice how you might want to use it.

For example sake, we will show how BS rewards will be calculated. Score will work similarly. Note that final numbers might still be subject to change (i.e. Depending on availability decision).

1) The BS reward will be based off the sum of the next „DPC HQ upgrades you already have unlocked“, similarly as Convert spoil in CHQ is based off. This helps it always make relevant to War Zone. Let’s call 100% of this value „upgradesValue“
2) Minimum reward will be 5% of upgradesValue. This ensure regardless of when using it, it will help boost your WZ at least a little.
3) Base max reward = 10% . This extra reward value ensures the reward can scale off several factors, and is the „average reward“ over all stages we want to pay out.
PrivatizationPoints(PP) boost = Total_PP * 0.2 / 100 + 1
I.e. At 40 PP, the boost will be +8%, at 500 PP (~e100 range) + 100%
This boost ensures BS bonus gets bigger the later in the game you are, as BS upgrades also start contributing less to your overall DPC/Support power, so this helps compensate that a bit, and can make reaching for high PP a sizable portion of your WZ BS collection.

5a) Boost relative to „higher Power point gained or Power Points last converted“ – will help ensure that longer deploy times are encouraged, and that at least before using the Convert option you will have to go „higher than before“ in order to get the most from Convert. You may use convert at any point, but its boost will be „penalized“ if you do.
For each convert, you will have to reach your „2x previous all-time high“ in order to get 100% of this boost. Converting before this, will reward you with increments of 10%-100%, relative to your previous all-time high. At e10 this means for each e1 extra power points at time of converting you will unlock 10% of this bonus – up to a 100%.

  • The 2x is there to ensure that „convert doesn’t get farmed“, and that it gradually keeps increasing and remaining relevant.

5b) There will also be an extra bonus multiplier given for reaching past the previous convert point. The max extra reward here will be 50%, unlocked in 5-10 „steps“. I.e. Each step being 2x higher past the previous convert/extra reward point. Based on additional testing we will decide if reaching for this extra reward will not penalize you with also not lifting the next „all-time high“ fully to this point.
6) The final reward will therefore be calculated as:
BS_reward = minimum_reward + base_max_reward PP_boost (5a+5b)

Min BS reward = 5% + 10% (0.1+0) = 6%
Max BS reward (based on 100e/500 privatization points) = 5% + 10% (1 + 0.5) = 35%

  • these numbers are based on if we keep 2 convert options per day, will be changed if we decide differently on how many convert options there are.

Hopefully, this has been interesting for some of you, and has helped explain of what we want to achieve with convert and how. Final numbers will be posted when the feature is released.
We also will be giving Convert a bit of a graphical rework to make it clearer, but that might follow after this change is added to the game, as we don’t want to delay it further.

To end with a quick shout-out also to some of the rest important changes we are focusing on, impacting gold giveaway and balancing we are prioritizing:

  • Daily rewards in War Zone complete rework (no more BS rewards – literally!)
  • regular battles’ units battle stars reward multiplier increase every 100 battles, to help with scaling and keeping them viable along Boss Battle rewards.
  • Boot Camp progress speedups via stronger upgrades/multipliers, especially late game
  • War Zone Boss, battle units and general progression updates to keep experience more consistent (bosses don’t become indestructible, units aren’t boss-like tough, better army setup upgrades scaling, looking at support unit losses capping,…
    Longer privatization/deploys incentivization via most likely somehow putting Privatization Points into the mix in War Zone.

Feel free to share any thoughts below :)