After a complete rework of the new Spin the Wheel and great feedback from our players, we decided to improve playing experience also on Daily rewards, and completely rework it.

How does the current rewarding work?
The current system was built around the Battle Stars & its rewarding system and has never been updated to the reworked version in December 2017. We were giving Battle Stars as a reward of daily activities to our players, but the rewards soon became irrelevant and not giving as many Battle Stars as needed on most game stages.

We decided to improve the experience with Battle stars with the upcoming new Convert formula. So, much more Battle Stars will be soon gained directly by using this function.
But, if we get back to Daily Rewards: Battle Stars will not be a part of Daily Rewards anymore, as we found other valuable products that should replace them well. The first type is Gold and the other Time Warps.
Everyone is fighting to receive more Gold within the game and we have promised that we will add new ways of gaining more Gold soon. So, tomorrow we are adding new ways of collecting Gold!
Other rewards for active players will be Time Warps, that will help you boost Production in Boot Camp;  we are willing to show wider-range of players the powers of Time Warps, so we included them as permanent rewards.

And there is still the mystery-box, where you won’t know what you are going to get! Let it be a surprise for now, as you will soon discover it!

Daily rewards_new

Daily rewards_new

One of the last & important changes is collecting rewards. In the previous system, we have been ‘punishing’ our players if they didn’t get back into the game, as they needed a consecutive day of playing/collecting rewards in order to receive higher rewards. But, we decided to let this system go. We don’t want our players to feel bad at any time, so we decided to reward players for every day of playing and not punishing them anymore.

As you might already see in the picture above, we’ll also be preparing something more in Activity Rewards section, as we believe Daily Codes will be a fun & great addition of collecting rewards through the game.

Have fun and come back soon to see the changes within the game!

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